JEM: After Successful Pilot, Precious Souls Launches

Precious Souls, a new project by JEM, was rolled out for a trial run in honor of Yud Shevat, the 70th year of the Rebbe’s leadership. This unique multimedia event, presented by each Shliach in their own setting, presented an engaging experience teaching the Rebbe’s love for every Jew, and belief in the power of every individual.

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Amid Tornado’s Devastation, Nashville Chabad Couple Consoles Victims

As Nashville residents began to dig out from the rubble of the EF3 tornado that killed at least 24 people, hospitalized more than 150, and wrecked 140 structures, leaving hundreds homeless, Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yitzchok and Esther Tiechtel visited with area residents, many of whom had lost everything.

Picture of the Day

The Aliyah Shul on East New York Ave in Crown Heights has seen extensive renovations this year. One of the upgrades happens to be the front doorway, which for the second time, is sponsored in memory of Schabse Noach, by Crown Heights businessman Shaya Gordon and his wife Chanie.

‘Soul Care’ and Friendship for Thousands at Annual CTeen Shabbaton

Participants from nearly 500 cities worldwide spent their time in New York this past weekend reconnecting with friends and making new ones, attending workshops and taking in some of the famous city’s sights at CTeens Annual Shabbaton.