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Each One, Beseech One To Reach One And [T]each One

Say there was a place that nurtured and inspired EACH ONE of your children to be the best they could be. Say that place, due to its essential need, was packed beyond capacity. And say that place had the opportunity to purchase the space next door. Would not EACH ONE help that place in any way he or she can? Would not EACH ONE give a few dollars to help that place purchase the adjacent building?

50,000 Kits For “Let’s Chalk Shabbos”

Exactly one year ago, 50,000 newly designed Shabbos candle boxes were delivered to Lubavitch Youth Org. Each Shabbos candle box was ready to find a home to illuminate and in less than a year the 50,000 special and unique neshek kits found their home around the globe. Now, there are 50,000 new pattern beautiful Shabbos candle gift boxes with gold stamping and embossing that have just arrived, and are ready to find their home.

Honda Announces Odyssey Recall

Honda has announced a recall for perhaps one of the most common vehicles used in the Jewish community nationwide, the Honda Odyssey minivan. The recall is over a wiring harness running to a third-row power outlet that may have been pinched and damaged during manufacturing, creating the risk of a fire.