Weekly Letter: Chinuch Devoid of Jewish Spirit and Pride

Living in the foreign culture of the Mitzrayim of today – being overwhelmed with the raging waters of the Nile and its secular environment – we present a letter where the Rebbe addresses the question of “Kindness of nations is sin.” Explaining it as it relates to Jews of today being fooled into exposing their children and daughters to a chinuch devoid of Jewish spirit and pride.

Information To Be Menachem Avel The Greenstein Family

The Greenstein family will be sitting Shiva following the passing of their mother, Mrs. Penina Chava Greenstein OBM, at 478 Malbone St. Apt 3. Times in extended article.

Chassidus Contest Goes Creative

MyLife: Chassidus Applied is launching a new creativity track alongside its flagship essay contest this year. In the six years since the contest’s inception, thousands of applicants have submitted essays translating the teachings of Chassidus into real-life solutions, with a winning prize of $1,000.