Information To Be Menachem Avel Rabbi Nochum Kaplan

Rabbi Nachum Kaplan will be sitting Shiva for his mother at 815 Montgomery Street, Brooklyn New York 11213. Times in extended article.

JEM: How To Prepare For Yud Shvat

In the days before Yud Shevat, the day when the Previous Rebbe passed away and the Rebbe assumed leadership, many people search for appropriate ways to prepare themselves, or for fitting resolutions to take upon themselves. In these talks, the Rebbe clearly lays out the best way to honor the day, making for a meaningful Yud Shevat for the individual and their family.

Video of the Day

Watch as New York Council Member Kalman Yeger calls out fellow lawmakers who enable bigotry against Orthodox Jews clearly, and without holding back.

Puerto Rico Chabad Earthquake Relief Underway After Devastation

Puerto Rico’s Chabad-Lubavitch representatives have been called into action once again as disaster relief providers and are reaching out to others for help after two devastating earthquakes rocked the island nation, killing one and triggering an appeal by the government for an immediate $130 million in aid.

New Shluchim to Silicon Valley

In honor of Rabbi Tzemach Cunin, a”h, 43 new shluchim will be moving to communities throughout California within the year of his passing to find the neshama that has not yet been lit up. In Silicon Valley, where the tech industry has attracted tens of thousands of Jews, Rabbi Mendel and Mussi Weinfeld will be moving down to open up a Chabad House in Almaden Valley.