Fifth Installment of Maanos is Released

As the thousands of Shluchim from around the world come to unite together for the annual Kinus HaShluchim, another installment of the Rebbe’s answers and guidance had been released. This new booklets contains a fascinating collection of over 350 documented answers of the Rebbe from the year 5748-1988.

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Weekly Letter: The “Secret” Behind The Hatzlocho Which Chabad Enjoys

In honor of the Kinus Ha’shluchim this week –  We share a letter of the Rebbe, acknowledging the good wishes to him on the occasion of his birthday and stating that these good wishes are a tribute to the entire Lubavitch movement. The Rebbe then explains the “secret” behind the hatzlocho which Chabad enjoys in their world wide activities with all Jews.

Chabad Counts Over 130 New Emissary Couples Since Last Year’s Conference

The thirty-first annual International Conference of Shluchim (or simply, the Kinus) is taking place this weekend in Brooklyn, New York. Among the 5,800 directors and lay leaders of Chabad centers in 100 countries who are expected to attend, over 130 of them will be attending the conference for the first time as new emissaries.

Illinois Welcomes 50th Chabad Center

The classic Chicago greystones and quirky bars lining stately Logan Boulevard in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood are home these days to young, upwardly mobile professionals. So Mitch Trachtenberg did a double-take when he spotted black-hatted and bearded Rabbi Avremi Raichik strolling the boulevard this summer. Along with his wife, Rivky, and their young children, the rabbi had just moved to the neighborhood to direct the newly formed Chabad of Logan Square. For the past few months, the Raichiks have been knocking on doors, fielding phone calls from neighborhood residents and getting the word out that they are open for business.

Picture of the Day

The entire Bais Rivkah’s Campus Chomesh on Lefferts Ave found themselves lining the street around 10:30am Thursday morning for a fire drill. The surrounding streets were blocked off by the NYPD with the help of Shomrim as a safety precaution.

Shabbat Project with Chabad of Brooklyn Heights

This past Shabbat was the Shabbat Project all over the world. Millions of Jewish families participated in celebrating Shabbat and bringing light into the world. Congregation B’nai Avraham and Chabad of Brooklyn Heights participated in the project as well and invited many families and women to join this worldwide initiative.

Gutnick Family to Welcome New Sefer Torah

The Crown Heights community has been invited to join the Gutnick family in welcoming a new Sefer Torah. The Sefer Torah was written in memory of Rabbi Sholom Dov Ber Gutnick, OBM, a senior Chabad Rabbi in Australia who was instrumental in building and leading the community’s institutions.

Chabad Teens Create Blankets For The Needy

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Jewish teens from across the Orange County gathered to create beautiful fleece blankets for a local shelter. The event was dedicated to Adi Wolff, of Monroe, who had been a member of the CTeen group and passed two years ago.

Shabbat Meals for 6,000 in Ancient City of Hebron

On the very site where the Jewish patriarch Abraham offered food and drink to wayfarers from an open tent in the hot desert sun— standing as the picture through the ages of unstinting hospitality—Chabad of Hebron will do its best to live up to his example when it hosts a record crowd of 6,000 at its annual Shabbat Chayei Sarah mega-gathering beginning Friday at sundown.

Here’s My Story: A Teacher’s Prayer

For forty-six years, Rabbi Shneur Zalman Gafne headed the Ohr Temimim yeshivah in Kfar Chabad, Israel, and also served as a spiritual leader of the Chabad community in Bnei Brak. Presently, he resides with his family in Tzfat, where he was interviewed in November of 2018.