Weekly Letter: The Purpose of Man

The first parsha in the Torah – Bereishis – describes the creation of the world and everything within and without it and lays the foundation for the purpose of creation: MAN. In this week’s letter the Rebbe clearly and simply explains what this purpose is, what it is that man was created to do, thereby fulfilling the purpose and destiny of the entire creation.

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Video of the Day

In another routine and barely newsworthy event, a Crown Heights home was again targeted by a porch pirate who made off with a package. The theft occurred on Lincoln Pl, in the confines of the 77th police precinct.

12 Hours in the Heart of the Hood

Members of 10 Atlanta Chabad centers met at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport for a six a.m. flight last Wednesday. The 83 travelers, ranging in age from four months to their mid-70s, took off into the sunrise for 12 hours of Soul travel. Destination: Crown Heights.

Picture of the Day

Conservative political commentator, public speaker, author, and lawyer Ben Shapiro was followed around Israel on Social media over Sukkos. Following Yom Tov, he set up for his podcast overlooking the kotel, making for a beautiful backdrop.