Video of the Day

In another routine and barely newsworthy event, a Crown Heights home was again targeted by a porch pirate who made off with a package. The theft occurred on Lincoln Pl, in the confines of the 77th police precinct.

Porch pirates and package thieves have become a plague on the community, with many offenders being caught, released, and rearrested just to be released again.

If you have had a theft or break in, please sent the footage to, or whatsapp it to our number at 718-285-8000.

The following are just some of the incidents of Package thefts in Crown Heights in 2019:

Eastern Parkway Package Thief
Recidivist Crown Heights Package Thief Caught and Arrested
Another Porch Pirate
Porch Pirate Arrested, Another Stopped in the Act in Busy Night for Crown Heights Shomrim
Lefferts Ave Porch Pirate
Package Thief Again Breaks into Building, Steals Packages
Package Thief Arrested in Crown Heights Thanks to Shomrim
Caught On Camera: Porch Thief, At it Again
Shomrim Catches Porch Pirate in the Act
Porch Pirate Epidemic in Crown Heights
Carroll St Porch Pirate
Caught on Camera: Porch Pirate