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It Takes a LifeTown: N.J. Project, a Model for Inclusive Community-Building

On the morning that the 53,000 square foot LifeTown center first opened its doors in Livingston, N.J., in December 2018, Jason Campbell, its therapy director, found himself in the complex’s manicured indoor park. He watched as a dozen or so children with special needs played together with their volunteer teen buddies. “This is the best therapy,” he observed. “It is even better because there are no therapists working with the kids. It’s just real life.”

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IDF Neutralizes Explosive Device Near Shechem

Earlier today, IDF troops located an explosive device that was placed on a road near Elon Moreh, northeast of Shechem. Additional troops arrived at the scene and blocked the road as police sappers neutralized the explosive device.

A Yarchei Kallah in Honor of the Rebbe’s Father

Marking the seventy-fifth yahrzeit of the Rebbe’s father, hundreds of Rabbonim, Chassidim, Anash and Jews from all communities joined the 9th annual Yarchei Kallah in the Chabad Beis Menachem Shul of Tannersville, New York. A seudas mitzvah was served, and participants listened to the Divrei Torah of the Rabbonim, as well as a powerful message from the Bostoner Rebbe.

Gan Yisroel Parksville Has Fun Filled Final Week

The week started off in the Turkey basketball where campers prepared to leave camp due to numerous code violations, when in fact it was a breakout for color war! Teams Tevia and the winning team of Kmoso battled it out through the plays and skits, from MBP to cheering, from the beginning this was a hard fought battle. The fun filled week included a visit to the Ohel, and the sad moment when the campers had to say goodbye.

Terrorists Who Murdered Rina Shnerb Captured

Israeli security forces have captured the terrorists responsible for the bomb attack Friday which killed an Israeli teen and injured her father and brother. IDF forces working with the Shin Bet internal security agency captured the terrorists in a pre-dawn operation Monday morning.