California Chabad House Damaged in Fire

At the Chabad of Pleasanton California was severely damaged last night after a fire broke out in the rear of the building, engulfing nearly the entire exterior. The interior was miraculously nearly untouched, and no foul play is suspected.

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Weekly Story: Reb Hillel Paritcher

As this Monday, the eleventh of Menachem Av is the yahrzeit of Reb Hillel Halevi Paritcher, I decided to post a story about him, that I plan to include in the expanded edition of my book on him.

Argentina Synagogue Overrun by Squatters Redeemed

A Buenos Aires synagogue inaugurated in 1907, one of the first in Argentina, was recovered after 20 years of being overrun with squatters. City police and security cleared the building of squatters this week following orders from the Justice Ministry and a lawsuit filed by a Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi working in the La Boca area.

Muslim Holiday Closes Meoras Hamachpelah to Jews On Tisha B’Av

Due to the Muslim holiday of Eid al Adha, the Ma’aras HaMachpela will be closed to Jews on Tisha B’av this year. Eid al Adha is a four day Muslim holiday that begins this year on Sunday, August 11th, the date when Tisha B’Av will be commemorated by Jews around the world as the mourning is being pushed off until after Shabbos.