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8:00pm: Gimmel Tammuz – 25 Years: What Does It Mean?

The topics in this week’s 266th episode of the highly acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: Gimmel Tammuz – 25 Years: What Does It Mean? Why Isn’t Calling the Rebbe Nosi Ha’Dor Self-Serving? How Can We Describe the Rebbe with Torah Verses Referring to G-d? Why Is it Called a Pidyon Nefesh? How Can We Understand Our Personal Expressions Regarding the Rebbe in Maaneh Loshon? Chof Ches Sivan and Korach; Is There a Connection Between the Different Events in History That Happened on Gimmel Tammuz?

2000-Year-Old Road to the Temple Unveiled

After six years of extensive archaeological excavations led by the Israel Antiquities Authority, a 350-meter-long section of the Pilgrimage Road was unveiled at a festive ceremony in the City of David. The project was funded by the City of David Foundation who plan to open up the site to the general public in the near future.

Yoni Katz, Unite the Beards, and the Bklyner

It all started with a fight over bike lanes. Rabbi Yoni Katz, 40, almost 10 years ago noticed “tension” between “hipsters” and Hasidic people in Williamsburg centered around them. “They had their bike lanes running through Bedford Avenue, and when they used to drive their bikes through the heart of the Hasidic neighborhood, it was a big cultural shock for them,” Katz, who was born in Israel and raised in Pittsburgh, explained in a small library on Kingston Ave. where he begins his tours of Hasidic Crown Heights.

Video of the Day

This video of a retired El Al Boeing 747 aircraft being demolished brings up some sad emotions. Perhaps its the grandeur being ripped apart, or the history being wiped away. What does this video make you feel?