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Weekly Letter: The Rebbe’s Campaign for “A Moment of Silence”

In light of the recent renewed interest in the Rebbe’s campaign for “a moment of silence” in the Public Schools – we share a letter about the subject. The Rebbe had often spoken and written about this vital topic, within the general framework of education – so as to inculcate children with a sense of respect for a Higher Authority thereby cultivating good traits and behavior- and ultimately avoiding delinquency and lawlessness.

JEM: Your Shavuos Moment

Find your Shavuos moment with the Rebbe from 10 updated collections and receive it in time for Shavuos! The Living Archive presents ten updated collections of Kos Shel Bracha from Motzaei Shavuos throughout the years. Look through these collections for family and friends, and send them a gift of their moment with the Rebbe in time for Matan Torah.

IDF Completes Destruction of Main Hezbollah Attack Tunnel

The IDF, in an effort led by the Northern Command and the 91st Division, completed the destruction of an attack tunnel that was dug by the Hezbollah terror organization, crossing into Israeli territory from Lebanon. The attack tunnel was dug from the Shi’ite village of Ramiyeh and was exposed by the IDF last January as part of Operation “Northern Shield”.

Video of the Day

Jew in the City profiled Yehudah Sabiner in a video sponsored by Kamin Health. Yehudah, the first Chassidic man to go to Med School in Israel, opened the door for the nearly 35 others to follow in his footsteps.

Picture of the Day

Judge Elena Baron, a present Manhattan civil court judge running for surrogate Judge in Kings County, visited the WLCC Communications Room in 770. She was accompanied by Crown Heights activist Rabbi Yaakov Behrman, and was given a tour by Rabbi Mendel Eisenbach. The elections for Surrogate Judge will take place on June 25th.