Picture of the Day

Following Crown Heights Hatzalah’s Fast and professional response to yesterdays police involved accident, the 71st precinct tweeted out a thanks to the volunteers of the amazing organization. See here for full accident story.

William Barr Releases Mueller Report, No Collusion

US Attorney General William Barr released a redacted version of the Mueller report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election Thursday morning. Speaking at a press conference, Barr said that he would provide copies of the public version of the report to the ranking members of the Senate and House judiciary committees and that the report would be posted on the Department of Justice website.

Passover Prep in Venezuela Includes Praying for Electricity

It’s been around 10 days since the last citywide electricity outage in Caracas, Venezuela, and the lights are back on … for now. Intermittent electricity outages have recently become a part of daily life in the South American country, but some last longer than others, including a multi-day blackout that began March 7. Electricity does not only affect lights; it also means losing cell-phone service and Internet access, subway transportation, and perhaps most importantly, water.