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Op-Ed: “Measles is Just a Rash, They said”

A Physician Assistant in Williamsburg, which was hard hit with the Measles outbreak, penned an Op-Ed on the vaccination that can protect against the measles. This Op Ed was written for the educated, uneducated, and supposedly educated parents of the Crown Heights Jewish community.

Picture of the Day

Rabbi Yirmi Cohen visited Member of Paliament of the Government of Canada, Mr. Michael Levitt, of Toronto, and gave him Hand Baked Matza for the Passover Seders. He also sold his chametz (unleavened bread) and put on Tfillin. He is one of the few Jewish M.P’s in the Canadian Government.

Video of the Day

Following the spread of measles to the Detroit Jewish community, a massive push was made to stem the tide of the virus, this time successfully. Listen as one of the people infected tells you about experience, and sheds light on why it is imperative to get vaccinated.

JEM: Three Pioneers

When members and supporters of the JEM Foundation from around the world gathered in New York City for the Foundation’s International Gala, they were treated to a number of special presentations. This one, “three Pioneers,” speaks on the start of the Farbrengen Broadcast.