Video of the Day

In another overtly bias event at the United Nations Humans Rights Council, speaker Anne Bayefsky, the Director of the Human Rights Voices NGO, had her microphone repeatedly cut off, before the President of the council simply gave someone else the floor.

JLI: Defying Reality

JLI has released another educational video in the Chassidic Gems Series. In it, Rabbi Yossi Jacobson discussed the concept of how our consciousness creates our reality, and why we make a blessing on a cup of water.

Staten Island Pilot Program Will Make Property Damage Only Collisions No Longer a 911 Call

Starting Monday March 18th, vehicle collisions resulting property damage only, will not be required to be reported to the police. Instead, the drivers will be responsible for exchanging their information, and a report of Motor Vehicle Accident should be filed with the DMV.