Crown Heights Hatzalah Symposium

This coming Motzai Shabbos, January 5th, Crown Heights Hatzalah will be hosting a symposium for the members of the Crown Heights community. In conjunction with Maimonides Medical Center, Crown Heights Hatzalah symposium  will touch on health questions and issues of the community.

Chof Daled Teves in Montreal

Chof Daled Teves in Montreal was celebrated with a farbrengen attended by many from the community. The farbrengen was MC’ed by Rabbi Dovid Cohen, in memory of the Rebbes’ Mekubal Rabbi Zev Wolff Greenglass obm, whos’ yartzeit is on Chof Bes Teves.

Video of the Day

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was on an official visit to Brazil for the swearing in of the new Brazilian President. During the trip, as the Israeli Prime Minister stepped out of his vehicle, he was greeted with a massive crowd chanting “Israel, Israel.”