Living Chassidus: Financial Savvy Women’s Event

In the third session of their widely popular Life-Skills series, Living Chassidus will be hosting workshop featuring Mrs. Chaya Margolin, financial coach.

This week’s topic (January 5) will be all about preparing for financial success and managing a budget. Mrs. Chaya Margolin, who has been helping families get out of debt and build wealth for the past 5 years. Following this highly practical session, Rabbi Moshe Rubashkin will share some words of inspiration and chassidus about using ashirus for the sake of Hashem. See flier below for details.

Last week, Rivka Tauber of Crown Heights presented a fabulous and detailed session, in which she described how to get the perfect balance of sweet and salty or creamy and crunchy in any salad. After a delectable demonstration dedicated to all things salad, participants were invited to create their own salads at the salad bar. Tauber then continued on to the second half of her presentation, focusing on meal prep and how to keep foods fresh. Everyone left with a handy salad “cheat-sheet,” with handy, quick tips on how to create their own unique salads.

Sessions will take place at the Rubashkin home, 1349 President Street. Doors open at 7:00; program starts at 7:15. There is no charge to attend.

To find out more about Living Chassidus or to make a donation in support of the group’s programs, please go to