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Hey Teves in Paris

Beth Habad Haya Mushka hosted a well attended Seforim sale and farbrengen in honor of Hey Teves. The farbrengen, led by Shliach to Antwerp Belgium Rabbi Shabtai Slavatizki, went into the early hours of the morning despite unrest in the city.

Weekly Story: The Lights Keep On Inspiring

Although Chanukah has concluded for this year, our sages inform us that the lights of Chanukah will never be extinguished. In the following story, which I heard this past Shabbos at Rabbi N. Mangels’ weekly Shabbos farbrengen in ksav sofer,  we see how they have a power to illuminate one’s life in a most meaningful and impactful way.

Shabbos at the Besht: Connection Through Separation

This Shabbos at the Besht: Rabbi Yehuda Altein is a freelance writer, translator, and editor specializing in Jewish academia and handwritten family material. His special passion lies in studying with chassanim, helping them prepare for the most meaningful relationship of their lives. He will be giving a lecture titled “Connection Through Separation,
A Short Review of the Laws of Harchakos.”