Shabbos at the Besht: The Secret To Resilient Children

This Shabbos at the Besht, Rabbi Moishe Feiglin, was raised in Melbourne, Australia. After receiving both Rabbinic Ordination and a BTL, he spent a year in Yael University. There he practiced outreach work and became a certified life coach. He will lead a discussion titled, The Secret To Resilient Children: A look into the life of Yaakov Avinu.

Preview the History of the Rebbe & Rebbetzin’s Wedding

Early Years, published by Kehot, investigates the details, and tells the amazing story of the lead up to the marriage, the wedding itself, and the celebrations that followed. These events alone span over 150 pages in the book, including published accounts, personal diaries, as well as manuscripts and photos.

Chabad of the Conejo in Full Response Mode

Even as the Woolsey Fire – the largest wildfire on record for Los Angeles County, which has thus-far burned through 97,620 acres, destroyed at least 483 structures and damaged 86 others with thousands more still threatened – hovers at 50 percent containment, the fallout of the massive blaze continues to impact the lives of thousands throughout the affected areas.