Who Sang at the Rebbe’s Wedding?

Today, almost every wedding has a wedding singer. The singer plays an important role in the wedding and the Simcha itself. A good wedding singer can uplift the energy and transform the Chasuna into an incredible event.

As we prepare for the upcoming celebration of the Rebbe’s 90th Wedding Anniversary, it’s interesting to think about if there was a singer at the Rebbe’s wedding. And if there was a singer, who was he?

Noted Chabad historian Rabbi Schneur Zalman Hertzel has been researching the Rebbe’s wedding for the last 25 years. Rabbi Hertzel recently released a groundbreaking Hebrew/English album with over 150 historic photos called “The story of the Rebbe’s wedding.” Here is what Rabbi Hertzel said in regards to the wedding singer:

“There was no official singer at the Rebbe’s wedding, but that doesn’t mean that no one sang. I recently discovered that one of the attendees was a Yid with a beautiful voice and he was asked to sing several songs at the wedding. Rabbi Rappaport’s daughter, Mrs. Leah Lieberman is quoted in a sefer (written by Rabbi Aharon Dov Halperin): “My father has a beautiful voice, and he was asked to entertain the attendees at the (Rebbe’s) wedding.”

His name was Rabbi Shlomo Zalman HaKohen Rappaport. After learning of him I got in touch with his grandson who today lives in Tel Aviv. He sent me several photos of his grandfather (see one of the photos below).

There are several interesting details of the Rebbe’s wedding we learnt from Rabbi Rappaport description of the wedding (As already printed In the book Yemei Melach): 1) During the Kabalas Panim, the Rebbe Rayatz asked that songs be sung from all previous Rebbes of Chabad. Before each Niggun, the Rebbe Rayatz announced “And now we will sing the Niggun of the Admor….”. 2) The Chosson (The Rebbe) wore white silk gloves throughout the wedding.

The new album “Moments & Documents – The Story of the Rebbe’s Wedding” is available at all local book stores or online at: WWW.THEREBBESWEDDING.COM


  • 1. Precious wrote:

    So special to get some insights into the day that connects the Rebbe to us, his chassidim.

  • 2. white gloves wrote:

    I thought it was the FR who wore white gloves as he went around serving Lechaim to the guests at the seuda. If someone knows, please comment.


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