Preview the History of the Rebbe & Rebbetzin’s Wedding

In time for the 90th anniversary of the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s wedding, you can read part of the historic account.

The wedding was an historically grand affair held in Warsaw, Poland in 1928. While many records of the event still exist, they were never easily accessible to the public until Early Years was published.

Early Years, published by Kehot, investigates the details, and tells the amazing story of the lead up to the marriage, the wedding itself, and the celebrations that followed. These events alone span over 150 pages in the book, including published accounts, personal diaries, as well as manuscripts and photos.

Get the book and explore the fascinating details to share them with your families, students, and communities.

Click Here to see an online flippingbook excerpt from the early years.

Order now to receive it in time for the historic anniversary next week!

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  • 1. Reuven Turk wrote:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story about the Rebbes 90th Wedding Anniversary in Poland…I daven at the Chabad in Highland Park, Ill with Rabbi Yossi
    Schanowitz and my son just visited Uman in honor of the Rebbes Anniversary….Hope to be included in many more Simcha Announcements from the Chabad Community in New York…By the way, our address in Northbrook is….770 Skokie Blvd….With much hodaw and appreciation….Reuven Turk


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