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Picture of the Day

Rabbi Avraham Shemtov, director of Lubavitch activities in Greater Philadelphia PA, attends a security briefing and memorial to the Pittsburgh Kedoshim this week hosted by Philadelphia Police Chaplaincy. It was attended by the Philadelphia Police Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Chief Inspector, 3 Precinct captains, State Police commander, Homeland security, the LT. Governor, 3 Congressmen, numerous elected officials, and all the Rabbonim of NE Philadelphia. There was over 500 people in attendance at this event.

Weekly Story: To Be a Real Participant in the Chalukas Hashas

As we have entered the month of Kislev, many chassidim are considering which mesechta to learn this coming year in participation of the annual chalukas hashas. With that in mind, I am posting another anecdote concerning my father Reb Meir a”h, whose yahrzeit was this past Wednesday.