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Weekly Letter: “Hasogas G’vul”

As the International Shluchim Convention gets underway – we share a letter of the Rebbe in which he answers those claiming that Chabad  activities constitute hasogas g’vul – the Rebbe gives a clear and definitive explanation based on halacha – with logical and reasonable explanations as well.

He Took a Bullet for the Jewish People

Officer Dan Mead woke up on Saturday, October 27, and put on his uniform, as he does every morning. He checked in at the station-house and began his shift patrolling the streets of Pittsburgh with his partner, as he does every morning. Hours later, their routine descended into chaos.

Photos: Kinus Hashluchim 2018 Kicks Off

Thousands of Shluchim from around the world have begun making them way to Crown Heights, Brooklyn for the annual International Conference of Shluchim in which they spend time learning and educating themselves in ways to expand and increase their effectiveness on Shlichus. The conference kicked off with registration and visits to 770, the Rebbes Room and home.