Weekly Story: Bringing Out Its Beauty

Quite often the question is asked, “What did Chassidus accomplish?” or sometimes it is phrased in stronger words, “You see in the generations before the Baal Shem Tov, that there were great tzaddikim and ehrliche (righteous) Jews, who did not need the “light” of Chassidus to attain their level. So why is it necessary now?”

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Public School Teens look Forward to the High Holidays

Daniel Leybengrub, a 10th grader at Bard Public High School in NYC,  has a new perspective with which to greet the high holidays. “My son has become much stronger spiritually,” shared Lona Leybengrub, Daniel’s mother. “He talks a lot more about the Jewish customs and traditions and is looking forward to this year’s high holidays. He feels the trip has made him a better person overall with new understandings about Judaism, people and the entire world.”

New Shluchim to Singer Island

It’s a long way from Sweden’s cold winters where Rabbi Berel Namdar grew up. He and his wife Tzivia, originally from Tennessee, are moving to Singer Island, Florida, where they will be opening Chabad of Singer Island, the 18th center in the Palm Beach area. The couple was recruited by Rabbis Yosef Biston and Avraham Korf, of Chabad’s Florida headquarters, to serve the larger communities of Singer Island, Riviera Beach, Lake Park, Juno Beach and its environs.

Shabbos at the Besht: Do I have to Listen to my Rabbi?

This Shabbos at the Besht, Rabbi Yacov Barber, longtime Shliach and Dayan in Melbourne, Australia who currently resides in Crown Heights and is a motivational speaker, life coach and advocate in Beis Din proceedings, will lead a discussion titled “Rabbinic authority, do I have to listen to my rabbi?”