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New On The Market!! Tampa, Florida – Beautifully Remodeled Homes in Eruv Community.
Temple Terrace has experienced a surge of religious families moving to the neighborhood.
Wonderful Shul, wonderful community and all kosher amenities available.
3 houses available on neighboring lots plus a vacant lot. 2 houses just went on the market, 1 house is just about to go on the market, and 1 vacant lot. All neighboring lots!
Perfect for all-year-round or vacation home!!
Link to video tours:
Please contact: Kendall Fudge at 813-310-4242 or
Open House will be August 13 & 14
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Weekly Letter: Saving Jewish Children

Seeing as Chanukah was celebrated this week – with its emphasis on chinuch – as well as the parsha of Vayigash, where Yehudah confronts the viceroy of Egypt in order to save Binyomin – which represents every Jew’s self-sacrificing efforts to save the Jewish child (Binyomin) we share a letter of the Rebbe written to a supporter of an out of town Lubavitcher yeshivah who wished to introduce reforms in the yeshivah. From the archives of the Rebbe’s trusted secretary Rabbi Nissan Mindel.

LIVE: Jews Thanking Trump in Florida!

FACEBOOK LIVE: Dozens are gathered in West Palm Beach Florida, near the Mar-A-Lago resort where President Donald Trump will be staying for the weekend, holding signs in support of him and his recent commuting of the sentence of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.