Bnos Menachem: Internet Filters on All Devices

Crown Heights Girls’ School Bnos Menachem has sent out another letter to its parent body ahead of the upcoming school year, this time instructing them that all devices at home capable of connecting to the internet must have filters installed on them. Wins First-Place Photography Award

The American Jewish Press Association has announced that and photographer Mendel Benhamou have won the first-place Simon Rockower Award for Excellence in Photography for work done in 2016.

Fox with Rabies Attacks Two in the Catskills

As summer vacation begins and a large portion of the community makes their way upstate, Sullivan County Public Health Services is advising the public to stay away from wild animals and be vigilant of your surroundings while camping, hiking or playing in area parks near wooded areas. A grey fox that bit two people in the Town of Thompson has tested positive for rabies, and the individuals are being treated.

Students Get Life Lessons from the 12 Pesukim

It was still morning when the policeman showed up. He marched into the building, and proceeded to give a lecture about following directions. He wasn’t in an office building; he was in a school. He was not speaking to adults; he was speaking to children. He wasn’t referring to directions for traffic; he was talking about directions for life.