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| Wins First-Place Photography Award

The American Jewish Press Association has announced that and photographer Mendel Benhamou have won the first-place Simon Rockower Award for Excellence in Photography for work done in 2016.

The award was given for the story “Russian Jewish Students Celebrate Unity, Bris in New York,” a photo essay that chronicled a weeklong visit to New York City by some 30 Jewish students from 15 locales across Russia, focusing on two young men who celebrated their brit milah during the trip.

This marks the fifth first-place award to for excellence in journalism in the past three years. Other notable entries include:

New Pentagon Directive Opens Door for More Jewish Chaplains

“Despite Ongoing Trials of History, Ukraine Matzah Bakery Continues Its Unique Legacy”

“In Mariupol, Ukraine: Faces on the Frontlines”

In 2016, AJPA awarded first place to in the category of Outstanding Digital Outreach for its website and mobile platforms; for its presence on all aspects of social media; and for its flourishing digital apps program.

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  • 1. Moishe pipek wrote:

    Many places have this fitler system in their Yeshivos.Many countries have( like Iran) have internet restrictions.Don’t beat yourself up about it or lose sleep this is still a tree country so, do what you think is right.


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