Weekly Letter: The Role of the Shluchim

This week, as we read the Parsha of Moshe sending Shluchim, we present a letter from the Rebbe in which he clarifies the appropriate role and activities of shluchim. The letter, written originally in English, is from the archives of the Rebbe’s personal trusted secretary, Rabbi Nissan Mindel.

Mitzvah Tank Gives Aid and Comfort Amid Inferno

A Chabad Mitzvah Tank arrived today at the scene of a horrific deadly fire that is still smoldering after tearing through a 27-story apartment building – mostly populated by Muslim immigrants – in London’s Kensington Borough, to provide aid and comfort to the victim’s friends, families and community, as well as to the emergency responders at the scene.

New Shluchim to Ohio

We are pleased to announce that Rabbi Yisroel and Mrs. Chana Bronstein, along with their newborn son Nissan Yaakov, will soon be moving to southern Ohio to begin a new Shlichus.

Fringe Group Calls for Firing of Activist’s Brother

Controversial Palestinian-American activist and Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour generated a wave of press coverage after she was tapped by CUNY as a commencement speaker for one of its graduate schools. Now, her brother, who works at a popular Crown Heights kosher barbecue joint, is being caught up in her wake, reports the Jewish Week.

Video: The Battle for Jerusalem

JLI’s newest course, Survival of a Nation, commemorates the 50th anniversary of the miraculous Israeli victory in the Six-Day War. As part of the course, JLI created this video, “The Battle for Jerusalem,” that tells the story of Israel’s 1967 battle to rescue Jerusalem from Jordanian assault, and the ensuing liberation of the Kosel and the Har Habayis, and the reunification of Jerusalem.