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Mitzvah Tank Gives Aid and Comfort Amid Inferno

A Chabad Mitzvah Tank arrived today at the scene of a horrific deadly fire that is still smoldering after tearing through a 27-story apartment building – mostly populated by Muslim immigrants – in London’s Kensington Borough, to provide aid and comfort to the victim’s friends, families and community, as well as to the emergency responders at the scene.


  • 4. What a great kiddush hashem wrote:

    What a great kiddush hashem! Lets hope this helps change attitudes towards jews

  • 5. Kiddush Hashem wrote:

    WoW beutiful kiddush hashem and kiddush shem Lubavitch

    Ashrei she’Zochissa

  • 6. Moishe wrote:

    It is not Kidush HaShem. It is called pandering and photo opp. One should ask how many of these people on this picture will be marching tomorrow in the streets of London chanting death to Israel, death to Jews?

  • 8. #10 Wake Up wrote:

    #6 The only one who is clever enough to realize the truth. I suggest the Mitzvah Tank used for Mivtza Tefillin and Neshek is way more worthwhile.


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