Weekly Story: Irrefutable Proof that Torah Is from G-d

One of the students’ non-religious Jewish professors came along to the Yechidus, and evidently he wasn’t too happy when he noticed that some or many of the students were taking the Rebbe’s words to heart, and were resolving to strengthen their commitment to Torah and mitzvos. So when the Rebbe said he is open to hear and answer anyone’s question, the professor himself decided to ask what he thought would be a knockout question.

Survival of a Nation: Drumbeats of War

JLI’s newest course, Survival of a Nation, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the miraculous Israeli victory in the Six-Day War. To introduce the course to tens of thousands of students across the globe, JLI created this documentary summarizing the events leading up to the war.

German Foreign Minister Shares Message

This week in Berlin, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel hosted an international conference for religious leaders on the topic of “Responsibility of Religions for Peace.” At the end of the Conference, Gabriel met personally with Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal, Rabbi of the Jewish community of Berlin and the local Chabad Shaliach, and asked him to give over an important message to the Jewish community.