Survival of a Nation: Drumbeats of War

JLI’s newest course, Survival of a Nation, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the miraculous Israeli victory in the Six-Day War. To introduce the course to tens of thousands of students across the globe, JLI created this documentary summarizing the events leading up to the war.

Part 1: Drumbeats of War

A chronicle of hostile events, threats, and moves that spiraled into the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1967. This video was produced for Lesson 1 of Survival of a Nation, a course by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute.


  • 1. a video of 6 day war . . . . wrote:

    and not ONE mention of neither the Rebbe nor Tefilin?????

    what on earth…

    honestly thought this must have been made by misnagdim . . .

    but then i saw it was . . . JLI..

    what i want to ask you is:

    How do you expect others outside Lubavitch to mention the Rebbe, if his own Chassidim can’t?. . .

    no words will calm my frustration, and no massage will sooth my ache.

  • 2. #1 chillax wrote:

    It’s only part 1 of the series I’m sure they’ll get to it soon

  • 3. #1 calm down wrote:

    This is part one of a longer series. It documents the factors that led to outbreak of war between the countries. The Rebbe was not a factor that pushed the Middle East into war, was he? Nor did Tefillin bring war, did it? The points you raise pertain to later segments. Everything in its right time.


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