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Leader of German Opposition Party Tastes Matzah

Thomas Oppermann, Chairman of the Social-Democratic (SPD)-Parliamentary Group, which is the second largest political party in Germany and presently in the midst of a fiery campaign for leadership of the country versus Angela Merkel’s party, met a number of days ago in the Bundestag in Berlin with Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal, Rabbi of the Jewish community in Berlin.

Rare Video of the Rebbe Goes Viral

As subscribers eagerly unwrapped the latest Living Torah DVD, they were struck by one of the clips scheduled to be shown next month. Garnering special attention is the Timeless Moments segment in program 660, in which the Rebbe is seen in conversation with Rabbi Binyomin Gorodetski in a newly released video.

Music Video: The 8th Note

Levi Cohen, originally from London, is a rising new star in the Jewish music scene, who has just produced his first music video –  a beautiful version of “The 8th Note” by legendary composer Yossi Green.

Video: My CTeen Moment

We all have moments in our lives which shape our future and form our identity. Four CTeeners from each grade were asked to share their personal moments of inspiration and strength at the closing ceremony of the CTeen Shabbaton, held last month at Brooklyn’s Pier 12.