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Hiring Judaic Teachers For 2021-2022

Brooklyn Jewish Day School is looking for Male and Female Judaics Teachers for the 2021-22 school year.

Join a warm, united, collaborative and growth oriented teaching team and make a difference, while still living in or close to Crown Heights.

Salaries starting from $25-50,000 for part-time or full-time positions, commensurate with experience and training. Please send resumes to

Weekly Living Torah Video: Becoming a Man

This week’s Living Torah program begins with a Sicha about a question that the Previous Rebbe asked by his own Bar-Mitzvah. And ending with a touching story about the Rebbe’s lesson to a young Bar-Mitzvah boy, the program is themed all around Bar-Mitzvahs. In this clip, a beautiful collage showing boys of Bar Mitzvah age visiting the Rebbe before their special day.

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Weekly Thought: A Blessing Through Lies?

When we reflect on the story of and the way Yaakov received the blessings from his father Yitzchok, the unsettling question and big elephant in the room is, how did Yaakov receive the blessings by lying? It almost seems that the Torah is directing us that there are times in which it is ok to lie, and that there are circumstances’ in which one is even encouraged to be (what seems to be) a little dishonest. What lessons can we learn from this in our day to day life? What messages is there in us to help enhance our connection to Hashem and our Avodah as Chassidim? Rabbi Avrohom Brashevitzky, Shliach to Doral, FL, shares his thoughts on this week’s Parsha – Toldos.

Weekly Story: A Day to Recall, a Day to Remember

The fourth Hakafah began. As before, the Rebbe turned around to look at the Sifrei Torah and those carrying them. The singing began, and the Rebbe swung his arms in rhythm to the melody. Suddenly, the Rebbe stopped. His face became a sickly white. A moment later, he turned from his shtender to Rabbi Groner and asked that his chair be brought to him.