Weekly Living Torah Video: Becoming a Man

This week’s Living Torah program begins with a Sicha about a question that the Previous Rebbe asked by his own Bar-Mitzvah. And ending with a touching story about the Rebbe’s lesson to a young Bar-Mitzvah boy, the program is themed all around Bar-Mitzvahs. In this clip, a beautiful collage showing boys of Bar Mitzvah age visiting the Rebbe before their special day.


  • 1. logical wrote:

    the last Bar Mitzvah boy that past,,,,,

    well, just sharing my gut feeling, he has a special Neshomo the way the Rebbe was more intuitive to him, Calling him back for a $ for his mom,,, the way the boy replied with a gracious “Thank You” …. something just special about him…

  • 2. Agree wrote:

    I agree with the analsys of #1 that there is something special about the last boy in the video clip, the way his eyes light up when the Rebbe gives him a dollar for his mother, and the way he thanks the Rebbe.


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