Weekly Story: You Have the Ability

Reb Berel replied, “If the Rebbe instructs me to jump off the roof, I will do so. However, if the Rebbe instructs me to jump from the ground on to the roof, as much as I would like to fulfill the Rebbe’s desire, it is an impossibility and can’t be done.”

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Gefen Cholent Beans Recalled

“It has come to our attention that our Chulent Mix date code # 091218 as well as #090518 and # 090522 has been found to have some instances of infestation,” wrote an executive of the Kedem company, which markets foods under the Gefen brand.

Google Cuts Off Pixel Resellers

A slew of google users, including one vocal Lubavitcher, were cut off from all their Google accounts as “punishment” for reselling a Pixel phone, which violates Google’s policies, reports the Associated Press.

Picture of the Day: Kiryat Malachi, Israel

The family of 4-year-old Dinush Rivkin, who has suffered since birth from a rare condition called Esophageal Atresia, happily accepts a check for over one and a half million Shekels that was raised from generous donors all over the world, which will help pay for specialized surgery that may cure her at a hospital in the United States.

Weekly Thought: ‘I Don’t Want to Deal with the Horses’

Is hosting friends considered “Hachnasas Orchim”? Do I really need to go “all out” for this Mitzva? What if the guests are not as pleasant and “fun” for my liking? Is it a “Chassidishe thing” to be into this Mitzva? Rabbi Avrohom Brashevitzky, Shliach to Doral, FL, shares his thoughts on this week’s Parsha – Vayeira.