Video Playlist for Rosh Hashana from JEM

As we approach the new year, we pray and wish each other to be inscribed and sealed for a sweet new year with revealed goodness for all. Here JEM presents a beautiful playlist with videos of the Rebbe related to Rosh Hashana.

Stories that Made Headlines in 5776

With the year 5776 coming to close, we take a look back at some of the most popular and engaging stories of the past year – from the stories that inspired us to those that unfortunately saddened us. We also take a look at some interesting mazal tov statistics.

For the First Time Ever: Chabad on Campus in Russia

A new Jewish community center opened in Moscow yesterday, targeting students of the prestigious International Relations Institute situated next door. This is the first “on-campus” Jewish center in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), where most JCCs are family-oriented and located in residential areas.

Seudas Eliyahu: Where 1,000’s of Guests Eat

While the Yeshiva is on break the massive lunchroom of Oholei Torah has been re-purposed by the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim to serve as a ‘Seudas Eliyahu’ hall in order to feed thousands of guests who are staying in the Rebbes vicinity for the month of Tishrei.