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Eber’s Wine and Liquor Tishrei Sale

Third Volume of The Letter and the Spirit in Stores

Nissan Mindel Mindel publications, directed by Rabbi Sholom and Frida Shapiro, has released a third volume of the popular series The Letter and the Spirit, containing a wide array of the Rebbe’s letters from the archives of Rabbi Dr. Nissan Mindel, a personal secretary to the Previous Rebbe and The Rebbe, whose responsibilities included the Rebbe’s correspondence in English.

Itchke’s Invites Community for Uplifting Shabbos

Itchke’s Shtiebel was founded close to 10 years ago on the premise of Ahavas Yisroel. It is a place where you can walk in without being judged, where you won’t feel uncomfortable, where you won’t be sure if you can sit at a table and feel out of place.

Weekly Story: Oh Did He ‘Fail’

While the Rabbi thought he was being polite, the woman felt he was being overbearing. She replied, “why would anyone want to speak to a person like you who has no decency whatsoever? You see, I must rush back to my work and you are delaying and aggravating me. I came here with my sick son and you tried to corner me in a time of vulnerability. No, I never would want to speak to a Rabbi like you, and I will inform my friends and associates of what an indecent person this new Rabbi is!”