Beled Rebbe Records ‘Niggun Hashluchim’ on New Album

After his father’s recent passing, Rabbi Shlomo Taussig accepted upon himself the leadership of the Beled Chassidus, which his father had led for many decades. Despite his new position – at the behest of his father and mentors – Rabbi Taussig continues to work in his profession of many years – being Misameach Jews with his singing, both at live events and through his musical recordings.

Terror Attack Thwarted in Midst of Farbrengen

Last night, two teenaged Palestinian terrorists launched an attack on a Jewish multi-family home in Chevron. The attack occurred while a ‘Farbrengen’ was going on upstairs. Miraculously, the attacked was thwarted by fast-acting IDF soldiers stationed outside, one of whom sustained a light injury.