Letter & Spirit: Jewish Approach to Tragedy

In this week’s edition of Letter and Spirit, in a timely message for the nine days, we present a letter from the Rebbe in which he reflects on the recent tragedy of the holocaust and those earlier ones – our horrific slavery in Egypt, as witnessed by Moshe Rebbeinu, and the destruction of the Second Bais Hamikdash, as witnessed by Yirmiyahu and others – and how to view the suffering of the righteous and the prospering of the wicked. The letter was written in English through the Rebbe’s trusted secretary Rabbi Nissan Mindel, and was made available by the latter’s son-in-law, Rabbi Sholom Ber Shapiro.

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In Once-Judenrein Germany, Jewish Life Blossoms

Robby Rajber is president of the Maccabi Games in Munich and the owner of a film production company. He is also the son of Holocaust survivors who “got stuck” in Germany after the war. Twenty five years ago, he says speaking perfect English, the attitude was that “Jewish life should be kept in the backyard,” and he didn’t see a need for Chabad in Germany.

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New Biography On The Rebbe Rashab

Laws and Customs: The Nine Days

Rabbi Shmuel Lesches, Magid Shiur in the Yeshiva Gedola of Melbourne, Australia, has compiled a guide to the laws and customs of the Nine Days for the benefit of the wider Lubavitch community.

CGI NY Campers Enjoy Surprise Grand Trip

The Staff Play of Camp Gan Israel, 5775, was to take place this past Monday night. At least, that’s what everyone thought. Posters were put up, scenes rehearsed, backdrops painted, but several scenes into the play, it was revealed to the astonished campers that this was actually an elaborate breakout for the grand trip.

Here’s My Story: A Lubavitcher Chasid

Rabbi Dr. Herbert (Chaim Zev) Bomzer, a long-standing member of the Rabbinical Council of America and rabbi of the Young Israel of Ocean Parkway for 40 years, passed away in February of 2013. He was interviewed by JEM’s My Encounter with the Rebbe project in his home in Brooklyn in June of 2009.