Chabad of Asia Looking Toward the Future

“There are times when life on shlichus is tough but I’d never want to switch it with anything else,” declared nine-year-old Sender Ouiezerat, shliach to Shanghai, China, during his speech at the gala banquet of the Asian Regional Kinus HaShluchim. “After all, it is we who are on the front lines bringing Moshiach.”

Oholei Torah Founders Honored with Permanent Dedication

In preparation for the 59th Annual Dinner of Oholei Torah, bronze plaques have been erected on the main entrance ways of the Anchor building of Oholei Torah’s Eastern Parkway Campus, dedicating them in everlasting memory of the mossad’s co-founders, Reb Michoel and Rebbetzin Esther Teitelbaum, OBM. They will now be known as the ‘Sha’arei Teitelbaum,’ gateways of Torah and Avodah.

Need a Shidduch? Devorah Benjamin Has an Idea!

On Yud daled Kislev a couple of years ago an idea was born: for a nominal fee of $100, Devorah Benjamin of KSCVK will take your name, the name of your child, friend or relative and daven at the Ohel for a shidduch. The money will go straight to KSCVK’s fund for Crown Heights Chassanim and Kallos.