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Luxury Condo For Sale

-580 Crown 
-4 Bedrooms,
-3 Bathrooms,
-4th Bedroom was made into a Living Room,
-Dining Room,
-Split units in every room,
-Custom made closets,
-Very sunny unit,
-2 Porches directly from unit,
-Private Storage Room,
-Shabbos Elevator,
-Tax Abatement,


Listed to sell
Price: $995,000. Firm

Exclusively by
J.J. Katz
Heights Properties
718-363-3932 x101

Picture of the Day: Writing the Children’s Torah

In the picturesque Tzemach Tzedek Shul in the Old City of Jerusalem, an expert scribe by the name of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Henig is busy writing a Sefer Torah. This is the sixth scroll written especially for children, and over half of its letters have already been sold.

The Rebbe on the Passing of a Loved One

In honor of the Rebbe’s birthday, we present two stories of the Rebbe from the recently published Advice for Life: From Life to Life, published by Rabbi Dovid Zaklikowski of Hasidic Archives. The publication, the first of its kind in English, compiles the Rebbe’s teachings on life after death, it covers such topics as the soul, comforting, mourning, memorializing, the comforter, kaddish and yartzeit.

Obama Declares Rebbe’s Birthday ‘Education Day’

The anniversary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s birth—Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory—is again officially a day of special note for American citizens. President Barack Obama signed a proclamation declaring March 31, 2015, corresponding to the 11th day of the Hebrew month of Nissan, as “Education and Sharing Day, USA.”

52 Students Compete in Halacha Bee

52 students of Oholei Torah and Lubavitcher Yeshiva competed against each other in the Chidon Halichos Olam – a program for seventh graders to encourage and guide them in the study of Hilichos Tefillin based on the sefer “Shvach Yokor” authored by Rabbi Shmuel Hurwitz.

First Ever ‘Mitzvah Tank’ Rolls Through Berlin

For the first time in Germany, a ‘Mitzvah tank’ is bringing the joy and warmth of Judaism to the streets of Berlin. In honor of the 113th birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Mitzvah tank is standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate and other central places in the German capital, reaching out to Jews and bringing them closer to their roots.