Marking 5 Years, Besht Begins New Torah

This Evening, Yud Alef Nissan, the community of the Besht Shul began the writing a brand new Sefer Torah marking five years to the founding of the Shul. The new Torah is being dedicated in memory of the wives of one of the congregants as well as that of the Shuls Rabbi.

Every Tuesday night for the last three years the Besht has been hosting a Shiur with their Rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel Kuperman. Today’s Shiur began with a special Farbrengen and the beginning of the writing a brand new Sefer Torah.

The new Torah is being dedicated in the memory of Mrs. Chana Winter OBM, the wife of Reb Mendel Winter YBD”L who is a Besht Congregant, as well as Mrs. Chana Tzivia Kuperman OBM, the wife of Rabbi Shmuel Kuperman YBD”L the Rov of the Besht.

The new Torah is also to mark five years to the founding of the Besht.

Some 50 congregants and supporters gathered Tuesday evening to take part in the Shiur and the beginning of the new Torah, which is being written by veteran scribe Rabbi Yehuda Clapman father of Reb Sruli Clapman, the president of the Besht.

The first letters were filled in by the Winter and Kuperman family members, followed by members of the Besht.

After the completing of the writing those gathered said Lechaim then sat down for the weekly Shiur on the Halachos of Pesach.

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  • 2. Beautiful Community wrote:

    Mazal Tov may the Community continue to celebrate many more Simchos

  • 3. David wrote:

    Most friendly Shul in crown Heights,

    Most interesting learning in crown Heights.

    Mazel tov!

  • 7. So beautiful wrote:

    Although I’m not a besht member , happy to see such a positive & special event going on, Rabbi Y Clapman is my personal Sofer & he is emes , happy he is part of the new Torah , may we only have Simchas in CH

  • 8. Finally wrote:

    The dirt is all left behind and the emes is put forth; this writing will finally be a victory of unity over discord!

  • 9. Something Positive wrote:

    For Mrs. Kuperman’s neshama….. Keep up the wonderful work BESHT!! You really are the BEST!


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