52 Students Compete in Halacha Bee

52 students of Oholei Torah and Lubavitcher Yeshiva competed against each other in the Chidon Halichos Olam – a program for seventh graders to encourage and guide them in the study of Hilichos Tefillin based on the sefer “Shvach Yokor” authored by Rabbi Shmuel Hurwitz.

The program was established by the Igud Menahalei Yeshivos of Crown Heights for boys of Oholei Torah and United Lubavitch Yeshiva of Crown Street, with the goal to expand the knowledge of Halacha and Yiras Shamayim of the talmidim in our community.

The program was founded in memory of HaRav Yehuda Kalman Marlow a”h whom the Rebbe referred to as ‘Ish Halacha’ – a man of Jewish Law; HaRav Marlow’s life was dedicated to the knowledge and clarification of Halacha. For many years Reb Shimon Aharon Rosenfeld provided financial backing for the program.

Eligibility to be a participant in the Chidon is by receiving above an 80% on written tests throughout the year. Each contestant earns a monetary reward. For 90% the reward is greater.

52 boys participated in the Chidon. The audience of parents, melamdim, community members and fellow students were astounded at the ability of the participants to quote the Halocho almost verbatim. The event was chaired by Rabbi Hershel Lustig – Dean of Oholei Menachem who also serves as coordinator of the program.

Winners of the Chidon:

1st place: Sholom Zale’ Osdoba, Sholom Dovber Liberow, Menachem Mendel Schapiro.

2nd place: Yisroel Tzemach Baron, Dovber Werner, Avrohom Sorkin.

3rd place: Yisroel Tzvi Barber, Reuven Brenenson, Yosef Yitzchok HaLevi Segal.

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