Letter & Spirit: Chassidim and the Outside World

In this week’s edition of Letter & Spirit, in honor of Chof Beis Shvat and the Kinus Hashluchos, we present a letter from the Rebbe in which he gives an explanation for ‘why Chassidim participate in the outside world’ – by way of saluting the Shluchos who devote their lives to working with the world to improve it. The letter was written through the Rebbe’s trusted secretary Rabbi Nissan Mindel, and was made available by the latter’s son-in-law, Rabbi Sholom Ber Shapiro.

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New Booklet Reveals 13 Secrets to Successful Dating

Just in time for Chof-Beis Shvat and the Kinus Hashluchos, Rabbi Shea Hecht – author of “Confessions of a Jewish Cultbuster” and Chairman of the Board of NCFJE – has distilled his many years of expertise in advising young couples and singles into a powerful new booklet entitled “Successful Dating – Thirteen Secrets.”