OK Kosher Hosts Annual Chanukah Celebrations

OK Kosher hosted its annual grand Chanukah celebrations, featuring three festive parties – one for female employees, one for male employees and one for the children of all employees. As in previous years, the parking garage was transformed into a fully heated, decorated lounge to accommodate the many attendees.

New DVD Tells ‘Unknown’ Story of Hey Teves

In recent years, a greater number of Shluchim and Chassidim have been visible in New York  on and around the time of Hey Teves. They fly in to spend the day at the Ohel and 770, while Anash communities around the world hold special Farbrengens. Yet perhaps because it involved such a painful episode, the tremendous milestone of Hey Teves has remained somewhat of an enigma for many members of Anash.

Bais Rivkah Girls Visit 71st Precinct to Show Support

In the wake of the horrible tragedy that occurred this past weekend, in which two police officers were murdered while on duty near Crown Heights, 25 Bais Rivkah High School students – representing the school’s entire 2,200 student body and faculty – visited the 71st Precinct to give thanks to the officers serving the community and show their support.

Tonight: Nittel Nacht

A friendly reminder to our dear readers: Tonight is “Nittel Nacht,” and the Chabad custom is not to learn Torah so as not to “add Chayus” to impurity.

Picture of the Day: Happy Chanuco!

Students of the Maimonides Jewish Day School in Albany, NY, pose in front of a Sunoco gas station with T-shirts promoting the school’s Chanukah event and auction. This year’s theme is ‘Fuel the School,’ with a logo similar to the gas giant’s that says ‘Chanuco.’ However, unlike Sunoco’s arrow which points downwards, the ‘Chanuco’ arrow points upwards, signifying Chanukah’s mission – to increase light!

Info to Be Menachem Avel Kolodny Family

Rabbis Sholom Dovber Kolodny, Yosef Kolodny, Abie Kolodny, Arale Kolodny and Fila Kolodny  are sitting Shiva after the passing of their mother, Mrs. Charna Kolodny, OBM (wife of Harav Yitzchok Kolodny, OBM), of Jerusalem, Israel, until Friday morning. Rabbi Sholom Dovber […]