Our Heroes: Rabbo Chaim Meir Bukiet (1919-1998)

Hagaon Hachossid Horav Chaim Meir Bukiet was born on the 24th of Menachem Av 1919 in Wislica, Poland, the only child of Horav Hachossid Reb Avrohom Shmuel and Mrs. Rochel Bukiet. The Previous Rebbe established many small chadorim across the […]

by Rabbi Michoel Seligson
Special thanks to Rabbi Dovid Zaklikowski
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New On The Market!! Tampa, Florida – Beautifully Remodeled Homes in Eruv Community.
Temple Terrace has experienced a surge of religious families moving to the neighborhood.
Wonderful Shul, wonderful community and all kosher amenities available.
3 houses available on neighboring lots plus a vacant lot. 2 houses just went on the market, 1 house is just about to go on the market, and 1 vacant lot. All neighboring lots!
Perfect for all-year-round or vacation home!!
Link to video tours:
Please contact: Kendall Fudge at 813-310-4242 or Kendall@TheDuncanDuo.com
Open House will be August 13 & 14
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