The Tragedy in 770

Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie
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A moment of glory and pride turned to embarrassment and sadness on Sunday night. Over three and half thousand Schluchim and guests celebrated the banquet of the Kinus with pride and commitment to the Rebbe. Rabbi Moshe Kotlarksy recalled the first Kinus when Rabbi Sholom Posner asked each of us to introduce ourselves which became as time went on the famous roll call. For some like myself who has watched the evolution of the Kinus from a small group to the powerhouse it was a special moment of Chassideshe Nachas.

That moment of joy was shattered later that night by a group that has made violence and terror their symbol. When many of the Shluchim returned to 770 to farbreng. Some members of the Kvutza from Tzefas tried to interfere with the Farbrengen, the Shluchim continued ignoring them. Finally they attacked those who have spent decades as the Rebbe’s Shluchim. Throwing benches, sidurim and using fists. They broke the leg of a Baal Mesrias Nefesh who went recently to the remote country of Vietnam to spread Yiddiskiet.

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A Parshah Thought – By Elazar Kohen

Ever read your horoscope? Ever follow what it says? Ever base your life on it? Ever sell your child on E-bay©®™ because of it? No? Why not?

Perhaps you yourself were sold on E-bay©®™ as a child.
Or perhaps you’re one of those conceited individuals that are simply too stubborn or too proud to take advice from someone else. Or perhaps you just simply believe that your fate – despite the penetrating astrological insights of others – isn’t determined by the workings of the zodiac but by the consequences of your actions; that YOU control your destiny. AKA free-choice.

But even if, for whatever reason, that happens to be the case, doesn’t it sometimes seem that there are some things that are just out of your hands? Certain things which seem to have been determined for you, without so much as a telegram consultation? What exactly happened to your choice?