The Tragedy in 770

Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie
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A moment of glory and pride turned to embarrassment and sadness on Sunday night. Over three and half thousand Schluchim and guests celebrated the banquet of the Kinus with pride and commitment to the Rebbe. Rabbi Moshe Kotlarksy recalled the first Kinus when Rabbi Sholom Posner asked each of us to introduce ourselves which became as time went on the famous roll call. For some like myself who has watched the evolution of the Kinus from a small group to the powerhouse it was a special moment of Chassideshe Nachas.

That moment of joy was shattered later that night by a group that has made violence and terror their symbol. When many of the Shluchim returned to 770 to farbreng. Some members of the Kvutza from Tzefas tried to interfere with the Farbrengen, the Shluchim continued ignoring them. Finally they attacked those who have spent decades as the Rebbe’s Shluchim. Throwing benches, sidurim and using fists. They broke the leg of a Baal Mesrias Nefesh who went recently to the remote country of Vietnam to spread Yiddiskiet.

Are any of us proud of 770 today. Or do we cringe with distaste when we walk in and see how craziness has become dominant. Do we invite our Mekurvim or do we fear that they will share bad feelings and it will cause them to loose respect for Lubavitch. A few months ago a doctor and his son from our community decided to stop by 770 during a visit to New York. There they where accosted by this group. When they returned they asked me “has Lubavitch gone crazy?”

Shabbos in Shul in 770 I had a conversation with some of the Anash from Crown Heights. They where quite disturbed with what has been going on there. When I challenged them “do something, you live here” there response was telling. “Listen, we work hard, we come home we want to have a few moments with our families and open a sefer”. We don’t like what’s going on, but what can we do?

The Germara says Shitka Keodaah Dami. Its not just Anash in Crown Heights, the sad truth is we are all guilty of this. Our silence and passivity has allowed this happen. We have permitted a distortion of Chassidus, a corruption of everything the Rebbe held dear. A week is growing that is destroying Lubavitch. All of us, Anash, Shluchim, Rabbonim sit by on the side as a small group of Bachurim use violence to impose their radical agenda on the rest of the community.

In Lubavitch there is an attitude of acceptance to every Jew. Maybe we should be “melamed Zechus,” our inaction is a product of this ideology of Ahavas Yisroel. But we have to ask ourselves a question, when does that acceptance undermine the very foundations or our community? Be it due to our tolerance, our apathy or our fear of their violence we have abdicated our responsibility as Chassidim. For years we have stood on the sidelines, afraid to confront this immorality in our midst.

Some say “what can we do” others say “its just a small group so what’s the big deal”. Others claim “don’t worry with time it will go away”. Let’s face the truth it’s not going away. The lesson of Sunday night is that this group feels that they are the Bala Batim in 770. They act brazenly without respect to anyone, be it rabbonim, older Shluchim or Anash. They are a law unto themselves.

Its time to act. We cannot be silent anymore. Let’s be honest, we all share in this tragedy because we have not acted till now.

In my opinion this is what needs to be done:

1. Its time to cut down the tree that produces this fruit. This group is a product of the Yeshiva in Tzefas. Its time for Anash to stop supporting this Yeshiva financially . Parents should not send their children there, we have many wonderful Yeshivas that do not produce violent Bochurim, let them attend those Yeshivas. This institution should not be part of the Lubavitch system.

2. The Gabaim in 770 must either control the situation or resign. They are responsible for the daily activity of the Shul. If they support this kind of activity they have no role as community leaders. If they can’t stop it they are failures as leaders.

3. Merkos and Aguch, who sat on the sidelines for years. Finally after the incident with the Even Hapinah they launched a legal case to take control of 770. A responsibility the Rebbe clearly entrusted to them. The first part of the case has been resolved declaring them owners of the property. The second part must continue aggressively. Those close to the case tell me that it is a clear cut case of property ownership and will be settled shortly. After the court judgment they need to act decisively to take control of the Shul. If the existing leadership continues to be a partner with these violent Bachurim they should be removed.

4. The Rabbanim of Crown Heights must speak out strongly and decisively against this violence. Its time for them to speak out with one voice against the violence and abuse of Beis Rabbinu Shebebavel.

5.The Anash of Crown Heights need to stop sitting in the sidelines. They live in the neighborhood. They daaven there its time for them to act. Let them create a committee of local Anash to stop the abuse of 770.

6. The Hanhalah of the Yeshiva in 770 needs to expel these students from the Yeshiva and terminate their visas. When they are expelled the Yeshiva should inform Homeland Security and the INS that these students involved in violence and are expelled, therefore their visas are no longer valid. The parents of these Bachurim need to contacted by the Hanahalah and informed that their sons are expelled and out of control.

7.The Shluchim around the world need to support all of the above. They need to start coming to 770 on a regular basis, having Farbrengen downstairs and stand up to these Bachurim. They need to support Anash in Crown Heights in Crown Heights the efforts of Aguch/Merkos and all that are willing to stand up to this immorality.

As Lubavitch we claim a mantle of leadership in the Jewish world. We teach Torah, we challenge other Jews and groups to live up to its ideals. However in truth we are failing our own home and community. How can we tell the whole world how to live if we tolerate such decadence in our midst. How can we stand at the Ohel with self respect when we now what we are allowing to go on in the Rebbe’s Shul. How can a small group of violent Bachurim, who never sat at a Farbrengen, never went into Yechidus, never spent years on Shlichus define the direction of Lubavitch. Its time for all of us to act and stop sitting on the sidelines.

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  • 1. MOSHE B wrote:

    I am totaly for getting these terrible bucherim out of this country and making 770 the shul I used to love going to.I know most of CH will agree with me and would like to be able to go to 770 witout having to feel that they are on someone elses turf.
    This is a disgrace I have not gone to 770 in months now and Im thinking of moving from CH , I dont want to but
    this is SICK!! GET THEM OUT OF HERE!!!

  • 2. c h res. wrote:

    well i agree with the one who said “Please do not call them Meshichistim” that’s true as they are willing to go on MESERAS NEFESH and hurt anything in there way as long as its my way just like the Muslims no difference.
    I wont be suprised if 1 day one of the Muslims in 770 will blow him self up. Lets face it this is the direction they are going.
    now who is to blame that this is not being stopped?. my opinion is. the once who support the 2nd ROV. as watch my words the second he decides to stop being a radical like them and not help them fight (like what happened on R”H IN 770) and NOT give them support he will be out in the streets
    he’s only got the support from the few who have this crazy radical Meshichis’t stiyle
    in the begging a lot of people where meshichis as they could not stand the SHEMTOV STYLE how ever many of them who see that this group are totally of the wall. are saying to them self’s hay this is not what i want to be. so the meshichis is not clean cut like it was. so when there will be more AHAVAS YISROEL in our community and people will take responsibility for the fighting between the RABONIM and take out there own agenda this will stop and be able to send them back where they came from

  • 3. Expulsion wrote:

    You have ny vote for expulsion. To take the Rebbes shul and denigrate it to the lowest of levels is not only an attack on the Shluchim (the Rebbes soliders in the field), it is attack on every Chosid the world wide.

    In the name of Chassidim and Chassidism, these individuals should not be welcome in our home.

    The Gabbaim should wake up and see that 770 is getting emptier and emptier from Shabbos to Shabbos. Anash is quietly distancing themselves from this mayhem.

    Wake up Yidden from this dream of Galus…

  • 4. c h wrote:

    very well said if we all work together we can take care of this problem and if the administration will not give them visa’s they will se 770 is not theirs and a free for all. they do what ever they feel like as if they run lubavitch

  • 5. tzugekuminer wrote:

    Since the gabaoim are comprised of fools and low-life’s who had no standing in the community during normal times , they need to retain the insanity in order to prevent any challenges to their positions .
    Don’t expect Merkos to be able to do anything , their incompetence is pity full look how the redused the Kehos from the most powefull publishing house to insignificant .How much money do they raise for Shluchim ?.
    The Rabonim are to busy fighting each other .
    Us Ansah are helpless , the blame falls on the few donors to their causes (Who do so out of hate and not out of idealoigy since they are not Chasiddishe yiden or Balie Mesirus Nefesh )Hanholas hayeshivah Who are to scared and lazy to do anything .

  • 6. Yisroel wrote:

    I don’t think I have ever read a better written letter on this website since it began. Every line – no, every word of this letter rings frighteningly true.

    I’m a member of Crown Heights Anash and I also felt that “there is nothing I can do”, if someone does want to start a group of local Anash who want to do something about this, please post the information here I would gladly join.

    Maybe we can start letter writing campaigns to the Yeshiva in Tsfat or to Aguch/Merkos to know that people are concerned and we do want this nightmare to come to an end.

  • 7. YSDBG wrote:

    What a great article. what brings a tear to my eye is how the shluchim need to come and help us here in Crown Heights. It should be the other way around. We in the communitty need to get grab the bull by the horns for once in our pathetic lives thorugh these a**h*** out of this place.

  • 8. Fl wrote:

    i’m on shlichus in florida, and a ba’al teshuva from my shul asked me yesterday “do you know what happened in 770?”
    I had not heard yet, but i had to sit and explain to him that not all lubavitchers are like that, b/c i realized right away who it happened from….
    Someone needs to stop it, or shluchim are going to stop bringing ther balabatim!

  • 9. G.Z. wrote:

    You got it all wrong buddy.
    The perpetrators here are the villains shemtov and krinsky .
    The bochurim singing yechi are freedom fighters defending 770 from the evildoers who slap the Rebbe in the face by promoting their own anti-moshiach agenda.

  • 10. they may be wrong.. wrote:

    the tzfatim may be 100% wrong for what they did and I believe they deserve to be deported, every one of them..


    that does not make anyone else right. the “shluchim” seemed to have brought this fight onto themselves, I don’t know the shliach by name but one of them ran into 770, onto the table, where tzfatim were farbrenging and began screeming at them… “tear down the signs” was just one of his quotes.

    We all went there that night to concure 770, myself included. Once I saw how bad it was getting I relized how wrong I was for attending.

    I’m not in anyway saying the tzfatim are innocent; both sides are guilty! and those who’ve caused damage on either side should be pienalized.

  • 11. HAMIVAKESH EMES wrote:

    While I agree with Rabbi Eliezrie with the issue of violence in 770, and that acts directed from one yid to another has no place in a civilized world, I would like to know what provoked the incident in the first place?

    I heard from first-hand witnesses, that the Shluchim went over to the Aron Kodesh, and ripped off the top portion which says YECHI ADONEINU…

    IS THIS TRUE? CAN SUCH A THING BE POSSIBLE? If indeed that happened, why is that “OK” to do to a holy aron kodesh!?

    How can ANYONE justify ripping off ANYTHING from a holy aron kodesh just because you don’t like what it says?!

    Since no one has mentioned it previously, and since all my efforts to try to confirm that it’s either true or false, one must conclude that maybe it really happened, and because it makes the shluchim look very bad, or because if anybody published it, they would be in danger of physical harm, or maybe it really didn’t happen, and in that case it is just a nasty bubba-maaseh. (However, if it’s not true, why was it not immediately refuted, as were many other versions and accounts of exactly what happened.)

    In any case, please shed some additional light on that aspect of the incident.

    Thank you.

  • 12. fraida p wrote:

    This must not go on any longer its time to take back what we truly stand for as lubavitch.One person can make all the difference the Rebbe taught me that. We must all stand together as one. To fight in 770 where the Rebbe stood and told us all time and time again to care for all jews to love another yid as one self he cried about this i think he is crying now to see his shul defamed in this manner this must stop if you truly are his choisd you would not act in this manner.WE must all remember this week crown heights was alive with all we stand for as lubavitch i came here frum but not lubavitch i saw what the Rebbe stood for not to think of yourself but the next person think before you act Hasham is watching you the Rebbe served Hasham and us all with love no matter what we did he saw great things for every yid how knowing this can we let 770 become such a low place to fight and hurt another jew in front of all lubavitch stands for shame on us all who let this go on any longer please stop this now

  • 13. Yonason and Hila Gordon wrote:

    My husband and I 100% agree with this heartfelt letter. We too do not understand how it could go on this long without action, nor were we aware of the extent of such behavior. The chillul Hashem comes from NOT doing something about it. Why does the community not march in there and grab these violent people (may Hashem help them) and toss them straight into the hands of the deportation or otherwise proper authority. Beyond just Lubavitch, straight from our holy Torah–which yidden have sacrificed everything to uphold–we are commanded to do something. When, how–no more delays!

  • 14. Deeply saddened wrote:

    Webby: I know this is a lengthy response, but I hope you will post it. Thanks for the great work you do and not being afraid of controversy.
    Thank you, Rabbi Eliezrie! You have clearly articulated what we, the still-silent majority, have been saying for 12 years.

    However, there are a few problems with your suggestions.

    1. This community is run by men who are weak. Women have no voting rights, not for Netzigim, Gabboim, or Rabbonim. The weak stay in power because the weak men in the community can’t be bothered to change the situation.

    2, Rabbonim. How can anyone expect them to unite & condemn this abhorrence if they are openly & constantly fighting between themselves? They are not capable of standing up to anyone. This Beis Din is not strong & full of convictions. They are not bad people. They are ineffective.

    3. Again, the Hanhala of 770 (Yeshiva) will not stand up to these trouble makers either. Why? Who knows? Fear of reprisals, perhaps? So the troublemakers live (presumably for free) in 1414, and wreck the very place they purport to view as their own. I hate to say this, but most animals do not foul thir own territory.

    4. Lastly, you must realise that most human beings are apathetic. They grumble, tut in disgust, shake their heads over terrible situations, and do…nothing. I am very surprised that you would bother to suggest Anash(i.e. MEN) in the community would form a committee to deal with this situation. Why? What good is yet another committee? We already have them, called Gabboim, Rabbonim, etc. They could have true leadership qualities. They choose not to develop them. So forming a committee without any direction, plan, or power is a waste of time.

    770 is no longer my Shul. I haven’t been there in years. I don’t support N’shei Chabad any more. I spend my time these days with my family, friends, work, and involvement with a number of organizations in the neighborhood.

    When women here can have some, even limited, influence (and I do understand Halachic issues on this topic) MAYBE things will have a chance of changing. Until then, things will undoubtedly continue in exactly the same vein.

  • 15. 1414 President street Sould Be EVICTED!! wrote:

    THE OWNERS and Sponsors OF 1414 President Street.. Should do a REAL Tzedakah and Evict all of the Tenants!!

  • 17. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH wrote:

    How can people take part in something so destructive in so holy a place and they say they are total followers of the Rebbe? These people from Tzfat have sadly been brain washed and are no longer true Chabadnikim.

    If they truly viewed the Rebbe as the Nasi Hador and simply as their Rebbe they would not be such a disgrace to the Lubavitch system causing hate, anger, and quite frankly acting like Goyim.

    AND Let us not foget, we Crown Heighters are responsible for simply letting them stay. They are NOT residents of this neighbors and DO NOT SPREAD the Brachas of the Rebbe when they are here. Most of them are probably here ilegally, which makes life that much more difficult for us.

    FOR THE SAKE OF PEACE IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD AND THE WHOLE CHABAD SYSTEM we need these people delt with in a Gevurah way.

  • 18. Concerned Anash Rep. wrote:

    Dear Rabbi Eliezrie,

    I am a proud “moshiachist” living in Crown Heights for many years, and come from a family that goes back to the beginning days of Chabad/Lubavitch; what many would refer to as geje. (Although some would say my brand of moshiachist is too passive).

    The behavior that the “Tzefas crowd” has demonstrated, not only recently, but for the past few years, is totally detestable and UNACCEPTABLE!

    It is a well know fact that the Rebbe never endorsed the use of hands (violence). And to do so in his name and “honor” is not only a chutzpah, but a desecration of His holy name.

    I am involved in the business world, and it would shock some to hear the detailed information that people either not associated at all with Lubavitch, and in some cases barely frum, have with regards to the situation currently transpiring in 770. They even know detailed information pertaining to the “Tzefasnicks”. My response to them is that this is a radical fringe, and in my humble opinion, and perhaps in the Rebbe’s opinion, not Chabad/Lubavitch in any way, shape or form.

    I would go one step further that your view in your article, and state that those who sit by and take no action, and those who are responsible for assisting these people in obtaining visas to get into the Country, including your listed culprits, (Gabaim, Merkos/Aguch, Rabbanim, Anash & Hanhalah), are considered in my book to be AIDING and ABETTING.

    This no longer has anything to do with moshiachist or anti- moshiachist. This has solely to do with unacceptable behavior in the Rebbe’s shul, which as the Rebbe said himself is Beis Rabbeinu She’Bebavel. And if this is indeed so, their behavior seems to be more in line with that of those who destroyed the Beis Hamikdash, not those who came their to offer korbonos, etc.

  • 19. chabadnik wrote:

    what a chutzpa how could they do this
    in the rebbes shul or any where else
    its still a chilul hashem and chilul

  • 20. otnick wrote:

    Now let’s be realistic.
    – No one around here (that is Crown Heights) ‘supports’ Tzfas yeshiva. American bochurim don’t like that place and study elsewhere.

    – The gabaim in 770 were recently fired by a rabbi who has been the puppet of this very same terror organization because they were trying to combat them.

    – Hanholas hayeshiva (read: Rabbis Zarchi and labkowsky)will not do anything because they need tzfas kvutza to have a big yeshiva. If they will fight them they will be thrown out of their position. These people care about their own ‘benkel’ more than anything else so forget about them getting involved.

    – Revoking a visa is only possible when there is one. The terrorist proudly known as ‘rotzeach hageulah’ has an american passport (as well as an impresive police file.) The Russian goy known as sniperman who is seen throwing benches probably has a greencard.

    – After a visa has been revoked one can stay here for many years without getting in trouble.

    – Homeland security only sends people away for acts of terror against the american people, not 770 terror. We may think that there is nothing more important in the world than 770 but homeland security still seems to focus more on national threats.

    – How is aguch/merkos supposed to make a seder? They should have a metal detector at the door that only picks up yellow flags?
    Will they have to issue arrest warrants for anyone saying yechi after davening?
    Will there be a special fund paying for the bodyguards for whoever will be involved in ‘cleaning’ 770?

    The only thing that may possibly help is treating these tzfatim like little kids. Get the phone numbers of their parents and have everyone call them.

    Also explain to the hanholas hayeshiva that they don’t have to expel the terrorists from tomchei temimim.
    Rabbi Labkowsky during his thursday hebrew shiur was very upset about receiving request from bochurim to throw out tzfatim because tomchei temimim is a very special place etc.
    All they have to do is to TRANSFER them to a different branch FAR AWAY from 770.

  • 21. anon wrote:

    Those that casue trouble..especially those that come from out of the country, should be extradited immediately!!! Why wasnt this done years ago when they first started beating up anash??? Who in heavens name is backing these mishugoyim???? They should be extradited to Iran or Iraq!

  • 22. to: c h ers wrote:

    in your article you speak of the second rov…

    with all do respect I’ve personally seen letters from this rov in which he states that the flyers distributed by these tzfatim are apikurses..

    in the past, when the tzfatim beet someone; he was the rov who gave permission for them to be arrested..

    on simchas torah he was the rov who stood up to the tzfatim in 770 when they tried making a shvil and a second bima.. [if you were there you probably know what I’m talking about.

    If anyone – I think he would be the first to issue estatment for their deportation.

  • 23. Anonymous wrote:

    For those of you who are suggesting that the Shluchim came looking for trouble, you must really be in la-la land.
    I will not just make a statement, like many do. I will explane).


    If you think about it,
    Being there and I was there (and for those that were not there you can see the pic’s) I can say there was about 2,000 or more Chassidim/Shiluchim by the Farbragen (even if you want to say 1,000- go ahead), on the other side-the terrorists side (mishichist, Taliban side) there were maybe 20 0r 30 the most (even if you want to say 100, it make no different).

    Now 2,000 agents 20-30 Lowlifes, you would think that more of them (the Jihad’s/Mishichistem would have gotten injured.
    [If g-d forbids it was the opposite way around, there would be body bags].
    Let’s face it, if we were there to make trouble and to rip down signs, we would have finished the job (30 lowlifes won’t stop use]. so please stop fooling yourselves.

    How great is it to be a Chassid.


  • 24. Berl - The Joke! wrote:

    The joke is that Rabbi Schewi (of the Badaz) is Actuly ONE OF THE SUPPORTERS OF THE TZAFI – TERROR GROUP!
    How does that make you fell?

  • 25. Anonymous wrote:

    Before you post your comments please read what others have writen before you.

    some of the comment are being reapeted, because of people not taking the time to see what others have written.

  • 26. Anonymous wrote:

    Peace wrote:
    “Anybody Who Uses Violence Regardless To who or For what reason Is empheticaly Wrong”

    Someone already answered you but I will go even further.

    If I or anybody I know is being beaten up (by these thugs) I pray to g-d that not only will there be someone to defend me, but that someone is holding a big fat bat.
    We are not dealing here with rational people, there comes a time…
    If I remember correctly (and correct me if I’m wrong) that Yaacov prepared for Esav in Three ways.
    1) Prayer
    2) Presents
    3) War

    It is understood that Yaacov was ready to fight if the first two didn’t work.

    We have been praying (hoping) for the last 12 years that this cancer will go away. (but it has just grown worse).

    There are those (let me state, which have made a big mistake) that tried to appease them (presents) that did not work, it just got worse.

    And now we are left with the Third option. It is time we defend our rights, our bodies.
    Don’t be a Chossid So’ote, Yaacov and Esav Were real brother from the same two perents, they played in the same crib and eat from the same birthday cake etc… (we tend to forget that).
    When it is you=family getting a beating, pray to Hashem that I am there. There is no talking to these people.
    They did what they wanted for the last 12 years, nobody stood up to them. The party is over. (If you have any better idea of how to deal with them (with actual action) then please By all means.)

    As a kid I was afraid of dogs (Which kid isn’t?).
    How did I get over it?
    I was walking up New York Ave. when I was about 12 years of age, when all of a sudden a dog started to chase me. I of course started to run, as I’m running I think to my self…
    If I keep running this dong will keep chasing, its time I STOP RUNNING. I then turned around and started to chase the dog (and boy did he run). We’ve been running and running with a whole bunch of excuses why we should not turn around, that day is over.
    We will chase these dogs out, we will take back our community, we will take back our Shul, we will take back our Rebbe. (by the way you can’t talk your way out with a dog).

  • 27. ISchier wrote:

    The hooligans who were responsible need to be removed from our midst. If they are foreign, deportation is the only answer. If local, then they must be thrown to the justice system and put in cherem.

    770 needs to be cleaned up and enlarged. If these meshuggeners want signs, let them find a little room somewhere and have their own minyan sideshow, complete with signs, shvil, glassy eyed stares at tables, and dollar ceremonies.

    The Prospect Park Zoo or Kingsboro Psychiatric Center may very well be able to provide space for such activities.

    Those who are actually carrying out the violence, as well as performing in the dollar/shvil sideshow, are vilde chayes who do not know who Hashem is, who the Rebbe is, what the concept Moshiach means, or more than a posuk or two from Chumash if that. The ones who egg them on are just using them in a struggle for power.

    As for the woman who is trying to use this incident to promote giving women a greater voice in politics here – sorry, but I know for a fact, as do many others, that quite a number of local women are part of this nonsense. It is these loud, half baked women who will take over if women are given more of a voice in local affairs. If you want to help with the situation, do something to get rid of these tzudrayte yachnes and whoever is teaching them or encouraging them in their consistent chilul Lubavitch.

  • 28. AYL wrote:

    with regard to hanholo in general.

    I was by a farbrengen in yeshiva and the head shaliach was being accosted by a drunk lefti bochur.

    The head shilach asked me to restrain this bochur.

    While i was restraining him anither leftie bochur put his very long nails into my arm and said “this is what should happen to you and R’Marlow A’H and I dont care if you take me to bais din”

    this was wittenessed by the head shaliach the bochurim and some shluchim present.
    Did that bochur get kicked out of yeshiva?

    No he went to the rosh yeshiova the next day ( scared he would not be sent on shlichus) and said how sorry he was.
    end of stroy.
    To this day he has not said sorry to me, nor any other word.

    However a borchur did get kicked out of yeshiva for insulting the hanholo in a fit of indignation.
    bottom line from my experience hanholo every where only acts when its there own kavod that has been degraded.

    The hanholo in 770 needs to take owneership.

    I consider or used to consider myself a mishachist but with seeing those 5 – 10 year old kids pointing fingers at the rebbe’s chair and saying yechi.

    seeing numerous fights by the craxy bochurim punching chasidmim of the rebbe.

    watching them sing yechi instead of listening to a sium.

    Watching the lake of leadership of the gabbioim, hanholo and to some extent the rebbonim.
    ( most of the rabbonim daven elesewhere even though 770 is closer or accross the street)
    I am completely turned off by this jihadist mayhem.
    We need leaders.
    the bochurim should not be given visa for the futer kevutzo.

    Remember morristown was closed for a year.
    next year dont take borchurim from tzfas dont give them visa’s

  • 29. ISchier wrote:

    – Revoking a visa is only possible when there is one. The terrorist proudly known as ‘rotzeach hageulah’ has an american passport (as well as an impresive police file.) The Russian goy known as sniperman who is seen throwing benches probably has a greencard.
    Rotzeach Hageulah then needs to be turned over to the justice system with the intent of getting a restraining order that keeps him X yards from 770.

    All they have to do is to TRANSFER them to a different branch FAR AWAY from 770.
    Yes, perhaps they could set up a terrorist yeshiva in Rikers Island or Creedmoor. They could have a kollel in Sing Sing. The possibilities are endless.

  • 30. Stars & Stripes Flag only wrote:

    To Hamivakash Emes

    Signs DO NOT belong in a Shul. Nor do pictures…before Gimmel Tammuz, were there any pictures of the Rebbe IN 770 itself? THE SHUL? That’s because they’re considered to be Avodah Zara. Look it up.

    I’m just amazed it took anyone so long to rip Yechi down “from the holy Aron Kodesh”. Still, better late than never!

    Yechi signs, or any other signs, are NOT PART OF ANY ARON KODESH! If they were, all shuls, Lubavitch or not, would display them

    Take your cultish views, flags, pins, and signs, and sit on them!

  • 31. BrookAve wrote:

    I would suggest that when one davens in 770, they crook their neck to the right in case there is anything being thrown in their direction. What a way to feel. As for the comment about the little boys pointing to the Rebbes chair, those fathers need to be spoken to. Are they going to be the future loonies that stage themselves on the dais? Can mental health doctors speak to these lost souls to get some help?

  • 32. CH Res wrote:

    Why have the Rabbonim not put up signs, rebuking what happened???? Why are they not doing ANYTHING about this? Members of Anash should CALL THE RABONIM AND DEMAND THAT SOMETHING BE DONE. It’s not Chutzpadik, we voted for them, our voice needs to be heard! If noone is pressuring them to do something, it seems that nothing will be done. The root of all of the problems in our neighborhood seem to stem out of the disharmony of the Rabbonim. I’m writing a respectful letter to the Rabbonim, are you? There has to be leadership among us, and I feel as if there is no direct leadership for these types of problems- even though we have the Rabbonim and the Gabboim, etc.

  • 33. Oish-Just Get Along! wrote:

    1stly, to respond to G.Z.- Shemtov and Krinsky are not anti-moshiach they are anit-yechi which is COMPLETELY different. And I don’t think they are against the idea of the Rebbe being Moshiach since in Gemara it states that Moshiach can come from the non-living. But to say that the Rebbe is phys. alive-when was the last time anyone saw him? How come I can’t see him-I’ve been going to 770 long enough does he not visit there anymore?
    Also I want you to find me one lubab. that does not believe moshiach is here already. How many sichos does the Rebbe say it clearly that he is here and it’s up to us to open our eyes and see him-meaning work that last bit for his hisgalus.
    There are NO evildoers in this case. Just some boys who were indoctrinated to think in a certain way are are very “passionate” about what they were taught.
    2ndly, to address “Expulsion”
    You write Qoute: wake up Yidden from this dream of Galus-end quote. yes we are in Galus but we are at the end-the times of Geulah, The footsteps of Moshiach.
    We used to sing “ut ut kumt moshiach” and “henay henay moshiach bo” and the likes-songs of hope. If you cont. the song you posted to 1st line of it cont. “get ready to great moshiach” Why are we suddenly reverting back to “Father don’t cry” “This galus” “It’s so hard here”? Where is our ‘Moshiach spirit’? what changed that suddenly we are going back to this way of thinking.
    Yes some things that aren’t so good happened but to go back to a place that we worked over 5000 yrs to get to seems totally irrational.
    3rdly, W/ regard to the letter
    it seems that all the author was saying was – we gotta do s/t but what. his ‘Concrete Ideas’ did not seem very concrete to me. It seemed as if he was restating the whole time in each one again how Someone has to do s/t but now he pointed to specific ppl. let so’n so stop the abuse or he isnt good or so’n so kick them out or he isnt good or so’n so control them or he doesnt know how to lead.
    1-the gabbaim are not leaders-they are there to maintain the cleanliness and order to things in 770. They are not stoppers of violence. That requires a whole diff. training than being an organizer
    2-how do you suggest these ppl stop the violence since it seems obvious that these boys dont really give a hoot about what anyone thinks and expelling them from Yeshiva can’t stop them from entering 770 since it is not a private house/school/building/facility (wtvr).
    3-in all though the letter did bring out a lot of good points BEFORE the ‘ideas’ were brought up.
    Rem. we live in the times of Moshiach and we need to act like it-lets try to judge ppl more fav. and for sure not carry the fight that occurred in 770 to cont. outside of 770.
    I hope this post sees everyong doing well.
    Have a Guten Shabbos

  • 34. ch res wrote:

    To ISchier:

    What woman is trying to give women a greater voice in politics here? I read over the comments and didn’t see anything.

  • 35. ISchier wrote:

    I heard from first-hand witnesses, that the Shluchim went over to the Aron Kodesh, and ripped off the top portion which says YECHI ADONEINU…
    Someone, most probably not one of the shluchim, may have done this AFTER the hooligans attacked as an overreaction to what happened. The shluchim did NOT go into 770 to fight. They went to farbreng. The hooligans went there to fight.

  • 36. Now Nveryone Knows wrote:

    It is clear that it’s Crown Heights — the people and the community leaders — that are at fault.

    For more than 15 years a single. lonely yet determined and steadfast person tried to undo the ever increasing damage inflicted upon us by those who some call “Taliban” others call “meshichisten” and others call “radical meshichisten.”

    Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, handpicked by the Rebbe, as spokesman for Lubavitch and himself (as well as for all other positions in which the Rebbe personally placed him), has worked tirelessly to stem the growth of this malicious cancer, only to be thwarted, time and time again, by Crown Heights “officials” and other “prominent-wealthy” Crown Heightsers who never “forgave” the Rebbe for choosing a young, American boy to such prominent positions, over the older “Russians” who thought themselves more worthy.

    Alas, suddenly everyone is upset. Suddenly everyone sees the problem.

    Well, now we see what the Rebbe saw in his character. Now you see get his phone number and ask wNow we see why he left so much to just one single chossid.

    It is a holy obligation upon all of us to through our collective weight behind his efforts.

    Let us find out what we can do to help. How we, too, could have the zechus to return sanity to Crown Heights and 770.

    Can anyone set up a meeting with Rabbi Krinsky and company to plan s tragedy?
    I’m sure he will forget and forgive. The Rebbe wouldn’t do otherwise.

  • 38. Lubavitch Doctor wrote:

    1) The start of the solution is addressing of the problem (yedias Hamachlah chazi refua). I would like to praise Rabbi Eleizri for taking the time and eloquently describing the problem and suggesting solutions.

    2) I too and embarrassed to take anyone from outside the community to daven in 770 and this can not continue Enough is enough. This is not what the Rebbe wanted but until this is corrected it is distasteful to walk into 770

    3) Web sites such as are glorifying the acts of these people who believe in the second coming (Tzfati Cult). They are part of the problem.

  • 39. CR wrote:

    The Shluchim are the crown Jewels of Lubavitch. They are the Rebbe’s foot soldiers. It took them to wake us up to the desecration that occurs in 770 on a daily basis.

    I think the signs SHOULD come down. and Thank G-d, once the second half of the court case goes through we will have the power to go in there and remove all the signs.

    With regards to not riping down anything from an aron kadosh. Youre wrong. you not only should but are obligated to rip it down if it spreads apikouris and ruins the rebbe’s name and the name of lubavitch.

    If the Aron Kadosh in 770 said. ALLAH IS GREAT – DEATH TO AlL JEWS. then would we also not be able to rip it down If it said Yoshke is king, repent now. Would we also not be able to rip it down.

    Thank you to the brave shluchim who have to show us the light.

    We should follow in their footsteps and take back 770.

    We need to stop allowing these loons to insert Yechi into every aspect of our daily lives.

    you SHOULDNT be saying Yechi when you get an aliyah
    you SHOULDNT be saying Yechi by Yom Kippur neila
    you SHOULDN’T have Yechi signs on the walls of a shul.
    you SHOULDN’T tell your kids to say Yechi and point to the Rebbe as if he is still there, it’s insulting to the Rebbe and Lubavitch. It’s an embarrassment. By pretending the Rebbe wasn’t human and didnt leave us physically you align yourself dangerously with the Christians and the Shabtai Tzvi.

  • 41. mishichist wrote:

    lets step back a second..

    where does this term mishichist come from? [please correct me if I’m wrong]

    In Nun-Alef, Nun-beis, there was born this idea that the Rebbe is Moshiach [some chassidim had it since the early years, but it wasn’t mainstreem chabad] Everyone was talking about it.. we were mishichistim.. ones who believe our Rebbe is Moshiach.

    Even the term Yechi Adoneinu, which started back then, means: may our master, teacher and Rebbe… forever and ever. Everyone knows very well how the Rebbe incouraged this and I think those who believe that the Rebbe and would like to bless him with long life [be it phisically or spiritually] are entitled to do so. Similar to what we read in last weeks haftorah “yechi adoini melech dovid leólam”.

    The problem is today with the tzfatim. who majority of them have never seen the Rebbe,

    – it was funny, during Tishrei I walked through the shvil and when i got to the end i noticed it was going to the wrong exit –

    they create their own mivtzoim, at times their mivtzoim is apikurses, as stated even by Rabbi Schwei and the worst part about it is that they don’t listen to anyone, even the Rabbonim!!

    and they do it all in the name of the Rebbe!

    P.s. there was this letter I saw, issued by the tzfatim womens brigade. They were actually looking for a Rav to back them.. in it they write of how being that moshiach is here we are not only exempt but forbidden to fast on any fast days even on tisha b’av…

    Rabbi Schwei actually came out very strongly against it… [I don’t know why I’m sticking up for Rabbi Schwei today, perhaps to bring out this point] at the end of their letter they write that any Rav who would tell you to fast – it is forbidden to listen to such a Rav.

  • 42. Milhouse wrote:

    <i>How can ANYONE justify ripping off ANYTHING from a holy aron kodesh just because you don’t like what it says?!</i>

    So someone writes graffiti on an aron kodesh you have to leave it there, because “kol hanogea bohem yikdosh”? Of course not. Entire porochos are removed to be washed or replaced, let alone a piece of cloth along the top.

    The real question is who had the chutzpah to desecrate the aron by putting it up in the first place, and why it was not removed many years ago. An aron kodesh is not the place for slogans, and nor is anywhere in a mikdash me’at. Even if you believe that the Rebbe is moshiach, what has it got to do with the aron kodesh, or the shul? Putting it up was a desecration, and removing it was the same as removing any shmutz.

  • 43. Wake Up!! wrote:

    “Lubavitcher Chasidim, We need to wake up and remove this impurity and wickedness from our midst. These vicious thugs who viciously attacked Chasidim and Shluchim at random had every intention of doing their dreadful work.

    Stink bombs, fire extinguishers, eggs and tomatoes were prepared earlier in the evening to be launched at those that were to come to 770 after the banquet. HUNDREDS of Chumashim, Siddurim and other holy sefarim were stacked up and then used as weapons to be thrown. This was no flare up. These animals knew way in advance that this is what they wanted to carry out and they would do their mission at any cost. And now a young Shliach has both his legs broken.

    Rabbosai, I was there. I saw the murderous fury in their eyes even before the Farbrengen started. If we have any care or sensitivity to what is right and just we must seriously come together to remove these beasts from our midst.

    To the esteemed members of Anash of Crown Heights: Stop your stupidity! We know your dislike and distrust for Rabbis Krinsky and Shemtov and you may or may not be right on that issue. But you are allowing a growing tumor to eat away at the very being of our Rebbe’s community! When you go against something on their agenda they will pounce on you just as wrathfully. Remember what the Gemara tells us: ”Hamisrachem al Haachzor basof yachzor al hamisrachem“ which means One who has mercy on a cruel person will end up being cruel to one that needs mercy.”

  • 44. Fellow Lubavitchers wrote:

    As the ugly noose of radicalism tightens around our collective necks once again many of us ask, what can we do to help the state of affairs?

    The episode that took place in 770 Sunday night was not an isolated one. It is the latest in a long list of fierce attacks perpetrated by a group of violent ruffians against those they deem deserving, over the last few years. Time and time again we see the same faces and hear the same names of people who terrorize. Many of these are bochrim from Israel brought here to learn by the administration of the Central Lubavitch 770 Yeshiva. These bochrim are given accommodations and food and are considered 100 percent part and parcel of Tomchei Temimim.

    After each assault that took place we waited to hear something drastic would be done by the administration to ensure that this would be prevented in the future, and time and time again absolutely nothing is done at all. Even calls of condemnation are yet to be heard.

    The situation is now unbearable. 770 is now fully controlled by the wild mob. Attempts to do anything they find objectionable and you can be sure to be met with violent behavior and intimidation. If we want to have any hope of reversing this calamity the time to act is now.

    Bellow you will find a list of the phone numbers of the administration of the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva of 770. We ask you to please take a few minutes TODAY and call them up and express your disappointment. Make it clear that the situation is out of hand and that anyone who acts in a way to physically harm another Jew should be dealt with in the harshest of terms. Make it clear that there is no place for vicious bullies in Lubavitch. Make it clear that you DEMAND something to be done! How they choose to deal with it is their own prerogative but no longer do they have the luxury to close their eyes to this dire situation.

    The responsibility of what happens lies squarely on the shoulders of the Hanholoh of the Yeshiva. We demand change!
    Rabbi Shloima Zarchi – (718) 778-1070
    Rabbi Yitzchok Springer – (718) 774-3407
    Rabbi Yekutiel Rapp – (718) 467-1055
    Rabbi Yekutiel Feldman – (718) 604-2708
    Rabbi Sholom Ber Brod – (718) 756-8797
    Rabbi Zalman Labkovsky’s number is unavailable but he can be approached in person.
    Remember that you CAN make a difference! May Hashem Yisborach bless each and every one of us with true unity and happiness and obliterate all evil with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

  • 45. The true story wrote:

    To those naive ppl who believe the lies that the Tzfati websites wrote and some of the comments here saying that the shluchim were looking “to take over 770” (which by the way belong to every single Chosid regardless if you have different opinions) I was there here is the story in short.

    Shluchim came to 770 and sat down to farbrineg despite the fact the lights were off and some bochurim deciding to sing Yechi very loud ( 1 am on a regular Sunday night) not in their Pinaot Hachai where they usually have their farbringens and Yechi sessions.

    By 3 am things more less quite down ( ok maybe some stick bombs were thrown and some singing in the background) and shluchim and Chasidim were freinbreing very nice all around 770.

    As an eye witness I saw a Tzat bochur got up and started to scream and push his way in the center of the farbi knocking down some Chasdim who were standing on bleachers then it got a little pushy.
    By then all the terrorist got involved and started throwing everything in sight seforim etc.

    the place was a war zone and it was very scary you would think 1000 on 30 very simple, but the shluchim were not there to fight, the only tzfaim that got hurt were maybe two who were really out of control you can see a pick of one them just look at his eyes you can see the hate ant terror in his eyes, if they were not taken care of I really belove there could have been a levaya C’sv the guy was nuts.
    Only then a few extreme anties stared saying take down the signs, so that was only after the war broke out did some ppl want to clean up 770 and take down signs but that was not the intention of the night everyone was just enjoying the farbringen
    you can see pics and video everyone having a nice time in till….
    Not one shliach was thinking to fight or take down any sign it’s a pure lie

  • 46. ISchier wrote:

    To ch res:

    The poster I am referring to is called “Deeply saddened;” her comments are toward the top of the page.

    Gut Shabbos,

    Itzhak Schier

  • 47. crown heightser wrote:

    i agree to everything above.
    but theres one thing missing. action someone has to take action (not physical) and get a group together and come to a conclusion as what to do like taking kvutza out of our schuna and in my oppinion back to tzfat.

  • 48. CH RESIDENT wrote:

    one comment

    we all talk that something needs to be done… WHAT ARE WE DOING ACTUALLY???????

  • 49. comunal member wrote:

    Thank you Rabbi Eleiezri,

    it is very important to stop them at there roots. there is a member of the crown heights community that supports them financially and he must stop giving them money.

  • 51. Isser Goldstein wrote:

    I have lived in Crown Heights over 20 years. I was told to come with my family and settle in CH by the Rebbe in a letter to my wife and I in the summer of 1986. I have since married off my children and two of them are Schluchim of the Rebbe. I can not understand why our Rabbonim, Community leaders and Aguch, have let these “gangsters”, and so called Chassidim hijack 770. It has been turned into a Barnum and Bailey Carnival side show. Sign, flags, bursting baloons, giving out dollars without the Physical presence of the Rebbe, giving out lechach without the Physical presence of the Rebbe, having a Fargregen without the Rebbe, and now war against the Rebbe’s Shiluchim. As a concerned resident, Lubavitcher of over 25 years, proud parent of Shluchim I asked what can be done to rid ourselves of this extreme force which has infested, corrupted and embarrased Lubavitch and the Rebbe. Had these indivuals ever stood in the presence of the Rebbe their view would not be as destorted as it is today. And their Mashpiam who stood in his presence either were not affected by our Rebbe, or have suffered a mental breakdown to allow such horrible atrosities happen in the holiest of hollies 770 Beis Moshicah.
    Outraged Resident and Chossod…….

  • 52. comunal member wrote:

    Sorry Webby but I must use a name: Drizin; he is the one thats supports the terrorists Taliban! convince him to stop giving them money!

  • 53. Cher wrote:

    Can someone post Shalom Ber Drizin’s phone number here… He’s the one who support them… Let’s start a phone off the hook campaign…

  • 54. Progeny of hate wrote:

    These bochurim must be the offspring of those who beat up the rebbetzin (Barry Gurary’s mother) years ago. I spoke with someone who saw the rebbetzin after she was beaten and he told me she looked like three men had beaten her she was in such bad shape and no one was ever charged. It’s interesting to note that growing up in Lubavitch, we are all taught about how seforim where stolen and how we Lubavitch won the court case against Barry Gurary, It took a goy to inform me that the rebbetzin was beaten nearly to death by lubavitcher bochurim. I suspect that the goyim and non-religious have more details about this latest scandal as well.

  • 55. problem solver wrote:

    in regards to deporting these guys, that cant happen
    but we can stop this whole kevutze thing for future, and have cops place an eviction notice on the dormitories,and place a lock on the door with cops,,close 770 shabbos kitchen, so they will have nowhere to eat,, future bochurim may not come to crown heights for kvutze without an interview with 770 hanholoh, and back round checks,, and if you fail you wont get a bed,and will be asked to leave yeshivah,,make it rough on all the enablers of these guys,, by suspending their children from school untill they stop giving these guys money,food and board,,

    bottem line these guys cant operate,, without all the help they get from locals,,, so something has to be done to the enablers, instigators, funders, farbrengers,,,, anything or anyone that gives them sustenence, should be put on a seige or cherem untill they fix their act

  • 56. Practical wrote:

    To take legal action the owners of the building and the people who run the Yeshiva have to participate. However they (hanholah) go into three categories they are either sympathizers, passive, or are unable to do so for technical reasons.
    My solution is to beat them to a pulp next time they raise their hand at anyone, they are severely outnumbered.
    It’s time we stop criticizing the Israeli government when we act just like them.

  • 57. Shmuel Y. wrote:

    Today I cry, as I read what some people want to do to us. They have names for us like “Meshichistim,” or “ Tzfasnicks”, is it not enough that we have to wear Yellow Flags on our garments to identify ourselves? Is it not enough that we have to sing together loudly and shout while others are davening just to get noticed? We have been persecuted by the right for many years. While they get to Daven upstairs we are kept downstairs in the basement cellar. While they have offices they were given, we have to squat just to get a place of business.

    While you have stores to go to for clothing and other stuff we have to shop in flee markets that are open on cold street corners and in courtyards of buildings. While you eat in fine establishments like mermelsteins, we get to eat whatever is handed to us, (cholent, cookies and milk in 770).

    While you are out working and bringing in your hard earned dollars we are stuck on Sunday giving out dollars. I find it hard to believe that you people who feel that we should be thrown out, or our visas should be taken away from us would have the audacity today to come out on a website to say something like this.

    Our people have been persecuted for so long its time for us to be heard. And unlike your way of violence our way is the right way.

    What some of you might say from looking at a picture of some of us throwing a bench as us trying to hurt someone, what really happened was, there were so many true mesiras nefesh shluchim in the room that we tried to make room, while taking out a bench it fell and it might have hurt someone or broke his leg. By the way we are very sad about this and would like to offer our help to this shliach, it is a thought that maybe we should send a delegation to Vietnam to live by him, and eat by him and sing with him.

    What some of you think was us hitting or punching others, really what happened, we were so happy to be around such true people that we were putting out our hands to dance with them, as we were singing loudly such a wonderful song. Which, leads me to the next issue, while some might think we were trying to make noise as some were trying to farbreng, really we were singing in-between speeches.

    So as you can tell, we are very hurt by what some of you are calling for us to be thrown out, as we are just peace loving Jews who go out of our way to just fit in.

    One last example of how we help out, the wood on the walls in 770 were getting old, so instead of spending money to fix it, we came up with a genius plan and wrote signs on hung them up all around the shul. So now instead of being afraid to bring in your supporters to show them an old building you can show them a room with great art hanging on the walls.

    Please remember, we are the ones who for so long have had it so hard, and we are the ones that just want to help in anyway we can. (By the way you can send in your donations to us, Make your check payable to Terrorist Squatters, 770 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY) For $300. you can help save one boy from the dirty streets of Tzvas and help bring him to the US&A where he can join us in our love for peace and quite).

  • 58. GARBAGE heights!! wrote:

    jewish politics are so ugly.
    to hell with it all.
    just don’t live here.
    STUPID IDIOTIC UNEDUCATED/BRAINWASHED “BOCHRUIM” TERRORISTS!!! this is the new era of jesus, they are starting thier own religion!!!

    (are you allowed to wear a moshiach flag pin on shabbos?!!?)

  • 59. ch res wrote:

    To ISchier: Thanks, don’t know how that one slipped by me. Gut Shabbos.

    To everyone:

    Who can organize this? We stand ready to do anything to protect our Torah, our Rebbe, his Shluchim, and our fellow yidden. It seems that a lot of people want to do something. Our community has so many crises on different fronts–and each one is vital and should be dealt with. So where do we start?

  • 61. Kanoi wrote:

    Meshugoim from Tzfas have to be banned completeley and put into total cheyrem. They have to be kicked out from Lubavitch once and for all.

    They killed Rav Bistritzki za“l hy”d. They are total crooks and criminals. They have to be stopped.

  • 63. Anonymous wrote:

    For all tohse that talk about two sides etc… or how they are in the middle…

    I posted this Sicho already two times, I will do it again. I suggest that you go learn the full sicho for your self.

    “And the children struggled together within her… And she went to inquire of the G-d… And the G-d said to her: ‘Two nations are in your womb.’ ” (25:22-23)
    QUESTION: Rashi explains: When Rivkah passed a house of Torah learning, Yaakov struggled to emerge. When she passed a place of idol worship, Eisav struggled to come out. This perplexed her, and she went to inquire about it. A message was conveyed to her through Shem that she was carrying two children.
    Why did this information calm her?

    The Rebbe answers (Likutei Sichos Vol. 1, p183ff.)
    The prophet Eliyahu held a debate with the false prophets of Ba’al during which he challenged them: “How long will you waver between two opinions”. If Hashem is the G-d, follow Him! And if it is the Ba’al, follow him” (1 Kings, 18:21). One may wonder how Eliyahu was able to utter such an option?
    The Rebbe explains the difference between outright idolatry and idolatry which is fence-sitting. Outright idolatry means a person really believes he benefits from his idol. A fence-sitter is in doubt – either he’s unsure as to what to believe in, or he believes in Hashem plus something else.

    The Rebbe says that wavering between two opinions is in many ways WORSE than outright idolatry. GENERALLY, outright idolatry is worse of course. But in terms of TESHUVA, the fence-sitter is worse because it’s harder for him to do Teshuva fully.


    1) Because someone who once believed in idolatry, who realizes he was wrong, can fully do Teshuva. The one who wavers and believes in Hashem plus something else or doubts, doesn’t do a full Teshuva because he claims he always believed in G-d.
    I.e. He is uncertain weather he sinned in the first place.

    2) The one who fully believes in idolatry can be a spiritual individual, just a misguided spiritual individual.

    But the one who wavers shows that not only is he not interested in the true G-d, but he is spiritually insensitive. Although he knows Hashem is G-d, he is still willing to give idols some credit, thinking he’ll benefit in some way. Even when he realizes the truth, he does Teshuva only because of personal gain.
    I.e. He is willing to compromise some of his religious beliefs for the sake of convenience or social pressure (his spirituality is corrupted by materialism).

    3) The one who wavers leads others astray because it is not clear that he is a heretic. The idol-worshiper, however, is an outright heretic and is thus an outcast that does not effect the Community. I.e. nobody gets confused by him.
    At the outset, Rivkah thought she was carrying one child who was confused, unable to distinguish between right and wrong, and thus, G-d forbid, capable of running in a different direction each day. Informed that she would give birth to two children, she was relieved, because she could now hope to convince the other child to emulate his righteous brother.

  • 64. Anonymous wrote:

    For all tohse that talk about two sides etc… or how they are in the middle…

    I posted this Sicho already two times, I will do it again. I suggest that you go learn the full sicho for your self.

    “And the children struggled together within her… And she went to inquire of the G-d… And the G-d said to her: ‘Two nations are in your womb.’ ” (25:22-23)
    QUESTION: Rashi explains: When Rivkah passed a house of Torah learning, Yaakov struggled to emerge. When she passed a place of idol worship, Eisav struggled to come out. This perplexed her, and she went to inquire about it. A message was conveyed to her through Shem that she was carrying two children.
    Why did this information calm her?

    The Rebbe answers (Likutei Sichos Vol. 1, p183ff.)
    The prophet Eliyahu held a debate with the false prophets of Ba’al during which he challenged them: “How long will you waver between two opinions”. If Hashem is the G-d, follow Him! And if it is the Ba’al, follow him” (1 Kings, 18:21). One may wonder how Eliyahu was able to utter such an option?
    The Rebbe explains the difference between outright idolatry and idolatry which is fence-sitting. Outright idolatry means a person really believes he benefits from his idol. A fence-sitter is in doubt – either he’s unsure as to what

  • 65. Anonymous wrote:

    For all tohse that talk about two sides etc… or how they are in the middle…

    I posted this Sicho already two times, I will do it again. I suggest that you go learn the full sicho for your self.

    “And the children struggled together within her… And she went to inquire of the G-d… And the G-d said to her: ‘Two nations are in your womb.’ ” (25:22-23)
    QUESTION: Rashi explains: When Rivkah passed a house of Torah learning, Yaakov struggled to emerge. When she passed a place of idol worship, Eisav struggled to come out. This perplexed her, and she went to inquire about it. A message was conveyed to her through Shem that she was carrying two children.
    Why did this information calm her?

    The Rebbe answers (Likutei Sichos Vol. 1, p183ff.)
    The prophet Eliyahu held a debate with the false prophets of Ba’al during which he challenged them: “How long will you waver between two opinions”. If Hashem is the G-d, follow Him! And if it is the Ba’al, follow him” (1 Kings, 18:21). One may wonder how Eliyahu was able to utter such an option?
    The Rebbe explains the difference between outright idolatry and idolatry which is fence-sitting. Outright idolatry means a person really believes he benefits from his idol. A fence-sitter is in doubt – either he’s unsure as to what

  • 66. Still Deeply Saddened wrote:

    To Rabbi Schier:

    I never said that women should get involved with politics. In fact, if you read my post carefully you will see I never mentioned the word politics. There is a huge difference (at least to me) between sleazy, ego-fuelled politics & selfless community involvement. Please do not put words in my mouth.

    However, you are right in one area. Probably most of the women who would get involved are the crazies. That’s because too many “normal”, rational people of both genders are silent & apathetic. Only fanatics generally care enough about any cause to get involved.

    Having said that, I and some women I know would be willing to become involved, providing a) it doesn’t contravene Halacha & b) we’d see changes because they make sense (some have been posted) and are put into place by the powers-that-be.

    Sadly, I think b) is the bigger problem.

    Good Shabbos to all.

  • 67. Anonymous wrote:

    For all those that are saying that they are mishichist and they have nothing to do with the extremists. I will ask you a few questions..
    What makes you any different then them? I.e. a few years ago you were the extrem, now that someone more extreme then you has come, does that make you normal?
    Once you cross the line, there is no going back. 12 years ago when the Rebbe had the stroke you started to do what you want. Why can’t they. A child is born with flesh, bones, Brain etc… From a squirt of semen, they are only a result of all that has been done before. Go learn your history.

    The following is from a booklet that came out 5755-1994 (when the mishichist movement came to be).

    Continued on next post…

  • 68. Anonymous wrote:

    “Moshiach,” “The time of your redemption has arrived,” “Moshiach is coming” – these are slogans that the Rebbe instructed to proclaim and publicize throughout the world. This was done, and continues to be done even now. The message of Moshiach’s imminence has been well publicized in books, newspapers, radio and TV, plastered on public billboards and the like – and people have been encouraged to prepare for the glorious revelation of King Moshiach.

    Efforts to disseminate this belief and conviction are certainly commendable, meritorious and noble, and there is no need for this book to focus on this message per se – it is already quite well publicized, and presently there is nothing more for me to add. The purpose of this book is entirely different!

    From among the Rebbe’s Chassidim there has emerged a collection of disconcerted individuals, young and old, who instead of publicizing the closeness of Moshiach as the Rebbe wanted, took upon themselves to publicize things that are expressly opposite the Rebbe’s instructions – they devised their own aberrant campaign to emphasize their certainty as to the identity of Moshiach – proclaiming to the world that Moshiach is none other than the Lubavitcher Rebbe! As this book will demonstrate, they did this despite the fact that many, many times, orally and in writing, the Rebbe himself utterly rejected and condemned such pronouncements!

    According to These Self-Styled Mishichistim The Rebbe’s Words Are…, G-d Forbid, ‘Words of Dogs’!

    What has compelled me to write now?

    In the year since the Rebbe’s histalkus, the proponents of this bizarre campaign, who call themselves Mishichistim (Moshiachists), have not slackened in their dedication to proclaiming the Rebbe as Moshiach, nor have they abated their incessant chanting, “Long live our Master and Rebbe, King Moshiach forever and ever.” Quite the contrary, the rhetoric spouting from these individuals has grown progressively worse.

    Continued next post…

  • 69. Anonymous wrote:

    I came across a copy of the Mishichist magazine Beis Moshiach (No. 12), and was startled by a very disturbing article by a Rabbi from Kfar Chabad, which ridiculed and maligned the Rebbe, scandalously desecrating his holy words, rachmana litzlan!

    In this article (pages 11-12), entitled “Chassidim Unite – Lubavitch has a Baal Habayis” (!), the writer argues with utmost chutzpah that those Chassidim who criticize the actions of the Mishichistim are thereby responsible for discouraging people from learning Chassidus. Any critic is vilified as a representative of the yetzer haroh, and is called “a dog in wolf’s skin among the pack,” who deserves to be told, “I recognize your disguise, I know you’re a dog. Lick my behind, as is the nature of dogs to do!”

    How filthy and outrageous! When I saw these words my heart ached and cried out: You loathsome fiends! Don’t you know who you mock?! You mock none other than the Rebbe himself!!

    Who was the first to refute them, and to point out to the contrary , that it is their behavior which repels Jews from learning Chassidus?! Not me, not one of the Rabbis of the community, not even an executive of Agudas Chassidei Chabad! No, these words belong to the Rebbe himself! There is not the slightest doubt about it – the Rebbe immediately protested, clearly and loudly, at the slightest outbreak of such behavior. The Rebbe’s very own holy mouth many, many times pronounced this criticism, and many, many times the Rebbe set this down in black and white in his very own holy handwriting!

    Oh, you despicable imbeciles! Who are you to scoff at the Rebbe?! Have the Rebbe’s words now become “words of dogs”?! Are his pure directives, chas v’shalom, “words of the yetzer in a silken cloak”?! Rachmana litzlan!! How could these Mishichistim have sunken so low?! They should quickly remove the shoes from their feet and run to the Rebbe’s holy tzion and beg his forgiveness!

    Nu! The Mishichistim have been doing things which are clearly against the Rebbe’s holy will, and blatantly violate his holy directives – Nu! What can be done about it, free choice is given… Nu! they print material which the Rebbe absolutely condemned – Nu! What can be done about it, free choice is given… However, this magazine , with the Rebbe’s holy picture adorning the cover, but inside an article by a presumed Chassid (with beard and peyos yet!) abusively and derisively mocking, may G-d have mercy, our holy Rebbe – for me this was already too much!

    I resolved to myself. Enough already! This fighting with the Rebbe has gone too far. It is time already to confront the rebellion. It’s time to remind everyone, or point out to them for the first time, the Rebbe’s real opinion regarding anyone proclaiming him Moshiach.

    I pray that in the merit of this book, and in the merit of efforts to uphold the honor of the Rebbe and Lubavitch, we will all speedily merit the revelation of King Moshiach – despite the present war of the Mishichistim against him!

    Shlomo ben Tzvi
    Erev Gimel Tamuz, 5755
    Crown Heights – “Where G-d set His blessing”

    For the rest, go to:

  • 70. Mottel wrote:

    Rabbi Eliezri wrote a beautiful article (as he always does), but what I see in the comments is mostly words (Or rather, since they are comments, one would expect only words -but words that are connected to action and do not remain solely in the realm of rhetoric)
    We need to contact those in charge of these terrorists (see the numbers listed above). Even more so, since many may shy away from making a phone call (I myself find great difficulty doing such things) we ought to make a petition, to show the world how many of us feel that terrorism has no place in Lubavitch!

  • 71. empire res. wrote:

    when will i feel that i’m coming to 770 – a place of holiness and serenity – the way i felt when the rebbe was there physically?
    i don’t like the idea of davening amongst terrorists and frankly, that’s all i see.

  • 72. Itzik_s wrote:

    To Still Deeply Saddened:

    I apologize for the use of the word politics. It was meant in a neutral manner whereas of course in CH and elsewhere, it is a very loaded term. I probably should have used the word leadership or the phrase community affairs.

    Gut Shabbos and thanks for giving me smicha, but I am not qualified to accept it :)

    Itzhak Schier

  • 73. Anonymous wrote:

    I am only putting on the following post so I may responed…

    Me (confused) wrote:

    RAbbi you say the rabbonim have to say something??? all of a sudden we love the rabbonim but when they call krinsky to a din torah in 5755 he didn’t listen.!!!!! i agree that these people are animals and that we should maybe stop kvutza or something like that but i don’t agree with you totally. i am a meshichist in case you wonder and i don’t feel that krisky is supposed to be in chargei t’s all bull everyone is for kavod etc. if krinsky had nothing to hide how come he didn’t go to the rabonim. some claim now a days that how can we not listen to agush or merkos??? how can they not listen to the rabonim????!!!! there is so much dirt and pootics about the rebbe’s will that we don’t know who is right. I don’t see krinsky as the one who understands what the rebbe wants…and actually no one can really really say what the rebbe wants b/c we are all regular people. We have to strenghten our ahavas yisroel to everyone…as that was the most important thing to the rebbe…that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stop the tzfatim (they are not meshichistim…we are a diffrent group. a totally diffrent group…but you don’t see that soo much you think we are one group… you are really letting out on the meshichistim which is a totally diffrent discussion) but imagin to yourself if it was your very own brother chas veshalom that was a tzfati would you punch him back in the face would you want him locked up??? it might be the right thing to do …but would you WANT it??????
    sence &#8206; (23.11.06)

    ….” when they call krinsky to a din torah in 5755 he didn’t listen”

    Let me ask you a question. In those days when a certain family (who for many years have done Tishuva and have ask Michela Birabem) came out almost every week with a letter agents Aguch/Krinsky/Rebbe, did you sign your name on those Pashkivim? (Were in essence all your lies come from?) . Don’t come now 12 years latter and take credit on others sins. If you are so sure of your self, were, were you then.

    …” I am a meshichist in case you wonder and i don’t feel that krisky is supposed to be in charge it’s all bull everyone is for kavod etc…”

    And who is supposed to be in charge? You ? The clowns that have messed up this community all these years?
    …”how can they not listen to the rabonim????!!”…

    Which Rabbonim? (I say no more on this issue)
    …”I don’t see krinsky as the one who understands what the rebbe wants…and actually no one can really really say what the rebbe wants b/c we are all regular people…”

    You say you’re a mishichist, which would mean that you know what the Rebbe wants more then anybody else, so much so that you go as far as proclaiming that you know that the Rebbe is Moshiach (and that we must tell the would) from your so called understanding of what the Rebbe wants.
    Actually, it seems that you are the one in doubt. The Rebbe spent 40 years with use, in those 40 years he has spoken/Teach so much, I don’t thing the Rebbe missed anything out. The Rebbe spoke about every single issue; the Rebbe left use with out ANY doubts.
    [He even spoke in public/Sichos about who will be in charge… It’s not you or me, that’s for sure].

    …”We have to strengthen our ahavas yisroel to everyone…as that was the most important thing to the rebbe…”

    And now to Dress your self in some love, wow after all the hate and leis you write above, to tlak about Ahavas Yisroel…. You bring tears to my eyes.

    ….”the tzfatim (they are not meshichistim…we are a diffrent group. a totally diffrent group…”

    No, You are all the same group, First of all, How did they come to being? Were did this all start? (I could answer that myself but that is a different can of worms). But I’ll give you a little hint, once the line was crossed, there was no going back.
    …”but imagine to yourself if it was your very own brother chas veshalom that was a tzfati would you punch him back in the face would you want him locked up??? it might be the right thing to do …but would you WANT it??????”

    Yaacov and Esav, Were or weren’t Brothers (from the same blood-mother and father)?
    Was Yaacov not Ready to fight Esav if he had to? (of course he did not want to, But if he had to, he would). We have prayed and hoped (like the Rabbi writes above) for the last 12 years that they would go away. That did not happen, it just got worse. We even tried to appease them (with presents), that did not work. We are only left with the Third. V’dal

  • 74. Notice wrote:

    Notice, when you leave the mouse on the first pictuer, it will say what the pic is.

    I don’t know why it is hidden, But Ill give a guess.
    The truth is you don’t need any words no dicribe what we are seeing.
    But some need to be told.

    by the way it says…

  • 75. upset wrote:

    every one who is writing a comment isn’t doing. NEWSFLASH!!!! sitting by your computers is NOT doing something and who are you to blame shluchim. the parents that send their kids to this yeshiava are totaly messed up and maybe can teach your kids some true values. don’t just sit there!!!!!

  • 76. STOP THE CRAZINESS wrote:

    Where in any of the Rebbe’s Sichos does it say that there has to be “Yechi Adonanu” on the paroches of 770? Where does it say that there has to be signs in a shul in Hebrew and English saying “Yechi?”

    That’s right….it says it NO WHERE!!!!!

    As a Chabadnik who works in the real world and doesnt have time or money to just sit around wave a flag, I have to put up with flack daily from co-workers who knock and rip on Chabad specifically for these issues.

    Maybe I could be spreading positives words of Torah and Chassidus as the Rebbe would like, but NO….because of the weak leadership and the Tzfat crazies its the same day in and day out…me defending Lubavitch as not being a product of Avodah Zara G-D forbid.

    If the leadership of 770 does not take care of this mess once and for all then the Hillul Hashem will fall 100% on them.

    Harsh you might say. These crazy Tzfat people are not big muscle men with bombs. They are 19-22 year old Israelis. If our leadership can’t even stand up to these people and insteads runs away and cries….then whose faults is it really

  • 77. VISA Procedures. wrote:

    The Process to obtain a VISA to enter the United States for Bochurim learning in 770 is that the American Embassy in Tel Aviv should go through the list with the Hanohola of the Yeshivah and except only normal learning bochurim, not hoodlums from Tzfas.

    Let me tell you that gettinga VISA to the United States is not a simple thing and the Bochur who was arrestted he he should be deported Imediatly for violence.

  • 78. lo wrote:

    let us face it. these kids are fanaticks who want to act crazy and their excuse is“its for the rebbe”im sure the rebbe was ”thrilled ”when he was watching the scene in 770 that night. .i wonder if the rebbe walked into the room at that moment, how good they would feal,holding a benth in one hand and throwing a siddur with the other.i hope hashem forgives them for their selfishness and stupidity

  • 79. MAKE UP YOUR MIND wrote:

    Some pepole say tjey are mishichts and they really arent for eample rabbi gerlitzky he is a antie and then he speaks the rebbe sys this we shouldnt do the rebbe says that we shouldnt do,he should make up his mind either a antie or a mishichist or he is a antie that speaks good about the rebbe


  • 80. ZB wrote:


    In the broader sense, achdus applies to all Yidden. However, there is an intensified form of achdus/Ahavas Yiroel that is afforded to fellow Chasidim, “aigeneh”.

    Mishichisten are NOT “fellow Chasidim,” “Aigeneh,” etc… They are a foreign fremdeh group. We aren’t woven from the same cloth.

    Placing a box at the Rebbe’s bima for tzetlach. Making a mockery of Farbrengen with the Rebbe on Shabbos , worshiping signs and slogans, singing a foreign tune as an anthem, are only a few of their many fremdeh customs.

    They aren’t misguided Lubavitcher. They are a foreign group who has no connection to us, NONE! They are to us what Jews for Jushkeh R”L is to Judaism. They use our minhagim, our dress, and many things that Lubavitcher do. But, they have zero connection to us. Zay zenen fune an ander taig ge’knuten.

    Ask yourself. If a group from Lakewood or Williamsburg came into 770 and caused havoc, would you embrace them with brotherly love? Would you treat them as “aigeneh”? If a group from Porat Yossef came into 770 and took over. Would you say “this is an internal thing, brider?”

  • 81. crown heightser wrote:

    this is not suprising at all! the problem starts with the fight in the rabanim. if everyone would just live in peace and not impose there ideas on everyone else life would be so much easier!!!!!!! such a shame to lubavitch!!!

  • 82. Lubavitch Doctor wrote:

    While we are on the subject……. who gave the schools in CH the green light to have out kinderlach sing yechi ??


    the best solution so far is to cancel the kevootza.
    We are jews we dont fight (not that we know how) with other jews ….war is not a solution that is practical
    and the way to start this process of canceling the kevutza is to call the numbers listed above.

    People on the sidelines need to step up to the plate and not wait for the dysfunctional leaders of this community to solve this problem

  • 83. Zelig wrote:

    This is why I dont realy like chabd any more, cuz what peopel ard doing to chabad. We wear once greatly respected and with all of this going on we are just loosing are respect for whay we are doing to the world. THe people involved in this affermitve action should be taken

  • 84. Mordy wrote:

    The best 2 things to happen:
    1. Let Merkos and Aguch win their eviction proceedings and clean up the shul.

    2. Demand that all the local jokers: Sperlin and his gang of pseudo-netzigim, Rubashkin and his Tsfatim apologists, the beis din duo of Osdoba and Schvei step up and do their job–get rid of the Tsfat brats.

  • 85. Upset wrote:

    To comment #1, there are a lot of normal bochurim in 1414 including a lot of non-Israelis. Maybe suggest that 749 gets shut.

  • 86. PRACTICAL wrote:

    I don’t understand why one of the Crown Heghts people writing here doesn’t just schedule a meeting in their home for anybody to attend. Put the time and the place on here. Enough people will read it and come. Then make a plan and stick to it. Talking isn’t going to take you anywhere. Everybody agrees to the problem. Now just do something! Now!

  • 87. Avremi wrote:

    I am live in Austarlia and have been in CH many times for tishrei especailly. The first time i did Tzeire Hashluchim Camp 2 yrs ago. Such behaviour by these huligans began at the intense moment of friday night davening in the front of 770 with all the kids and counsellors. For me this moment was one of intense spirtitual connection and an occurance which i have never experienced in my life and i thought of myself as being at the Rebbes farbergens. Such a moment was destroyed with siddurim and punches from the hooligans to the kids and counsellors. I find that 770 has become a place for me which i come to connect to the Rebbe and the ways of the Rebbe but to have this beahviour being displayed in the dales amos of the Rebbes kedusha is dispicaple and not acceptable but also leaves a bad taste for the international bochurim coming for the first time to be with the Rebbe and feel and ‘bathe’ in the kedusha of the Rebbe. I would like to see a fix to this matter as soon as possible as such peolpe displaying such behaviour DO NOT deserve the right and privledge of being in the Rebbe’s daled amos.

    Thanking you all and hope to be in the Rebbe’s daled amos very soon with Moshaich bekorov mamash!!

  • 88. bachur wrote:

    i was thinking of going tzfat next year after all these comments i changed my mind.

  • 89. izzy wrote:

    binyamin… please keep this article on top of, everyone who visits this site must read it (and hopefully with g-ds help, support it)

  • 90. Shimon L wrote:

    The stink flooding the noses of our neighborhood and the network of shluchim is actually coming from our own mouths. The Tzfas Bochurim (from whom everyone is now distancing themselves) is our own reflection in the miror. They’ve taken our Rebbe Moshiach campaign to its zenith and thereby revealing its bankruptcy. Almost everybody knows Lubavitch is made up of people who believe that “Rebbe’s Moshiach,” and people who believe “the Rebbe’s Moshiach but we shouldn’t admit it to people.” You can’t march people to the precipice, shout, “Jump, Jump,” and when they jump to their deaths say, “I didn’t push them.” The Tzfas Bochurim is who we are. And if we don’t like that fact the house cleaning has to be way more exhaustive then “calling their parents” or “calling the Department of Homeland Security.”

  • 91. ELIE loeb wrote:

    This good debat in different tendance but the boss of institude is a culprit.

  • 92. a person wrote:

    all of those people in the fight should be ashamed of themselves. In the Rabbes shul what a disgrace, and not to mention a big chillul Hashem and Lubavitch

  • 93. Deeply saddened wrote:

    Gut Voch!

    So many, if not all, of these comments make so much sense. But we’re all preaching to the choir!

    The plain truth is…WE JUST DON’T HAVE ANY POWER. NONE.

    So no matter how much we all rant & rave, myself included, it’s like spitting in the wind…totally ineffective.

    That’s what frustrates all us sane, reasonable, “normal” people – the knowledge that we can’t do a blessed thing about any of this, because those “in power” won’t let us.Why? Read the above posts.

    Meetings in private homes? Nice ideas, but then what?

    We don’t have the legal right to toss these behamoth into the street. We can’t get them deported because we don’t know who they are in many cases(every pin wearer & flag waver looks the same to me!), and some are US citizens.

    I know, I know, you all think I’m a radical feminist because I think the silent majority of women should somehow be included. Not true, but who cares? However, like many women in CH I am a professional with a wide array of contacts outside the “shtetl mantality”, and fankly, it’s time to try a different approach.

    Those in power need to accept, admit, & take responsibility for the consequences of their inaction. Move on. Start anew.

    DO SOMETHING, before blood runs through 770 instead of tears.

  • 94. rabbi azdoba letter wrote:

    there is a letter from rabbi azdoba on againts the tsfatim!!

  • 95. digust wrote:

    if you look closely he is holding a maamer from the rebbe and about to launch it and he is wearing a pin talking about two faces

  • 96. A NEW START wrote:

    Please be aware that bchayov of rabbi marlow he was the Rov of 770. he alone called the shots. After his passing rabbi Osdoba was then made the Rov of 770.In fact rabbi osdoba only came to 770 on Yom Tov or a special occasion He is totally against this meshigas of the tzfas chevra. After Rabbi Schwei was made Rov he decided he had to be every shabbos in 770.If rabbi Osdoba said one thing eg not to make the Shvil, Rabbi Scwei says its ok. What is rabbi osdoba supposed to do.
    What happened on Rosh hashana was the same thing. When Poltrick got on the Bima and started screaming. A yungerman asked rabbi Scwei what the din is if one is called up to the Tora must he take the Aliya? Rabbi Scwei responded “he doesn’t know” Everyone knows if one is called to the Torah he must take ther Aliya. Rabbi Scwei could have got up and told Poltrek to stop but he found it very beneficial for himself to have the huge tumult.
    Besides getting rid of some of the Tzfas chevra We must stand up and say that Only Rabbi osdoba is Rov in 770 and there cannot be 2 dayos. If they dont like it they can leave 770.

    Most people in 770 would not want to have Aguch run the shule but yet we want sanity back in 770. ALL the 4 elected gaboim be fully engaged in running the shule with full power of how things are conducted. The shule closed to the homeless etc. The Yeshiav pay their fair share of usage of electricity etc and cleaning the shule.The bochurim cannot accupy the shule for learning which does not allow the baalei batimg room to doven.
    What ever the Mora Deasra of 770-Rabbi Osdoba says is the rule, and no other Rov.

  • 97. Befuddled wrote:

    I am an observant Jew living in Brooklyn.I have read many of the Rebbe’s teachings. I have been a visitor to CH many times and to 770 on several occaisions. The last time I was there a few weeks ago, I was accosted by this group, in the back of the shul, I could only identify by their yellow pins. I politely begged off, not interested in their agenda. As I have endeavored to become more observant, I have found Lubavitch to be a great inspiration. This said I find this constant political fighting to be a HUGE turnoff! The message is: be more like us? Some of my friends think I’m crazy to be the least bit interested in anything that is so mired in it’s own craziness. Frankly the minutia is so involved I’m not sure I even understand the whole mess.
    The thing is, the Rebbe was a brilliant beautiful man with a lot of great things to say, not the least of which was love your fellow jew. This really gave me hope; that such a man as he could make me feel important.
    Don’t we all owe it to the memory of that great man and his life of work to clean this and all the other messes up?
    Sometimes people in Ch sound unbelievably selfish, as if that place and those ideas belong only to them.
    So please, get it together already;otherwise maybe my skeptical friends are right.

  • 98. Mottle wrote:

    I left CH in 2003 after 5 years… I loved CH and I loved 770 but the fact is even back then it was a circus. You had the clarinet guy playing out of tune every day after mincha, the stoned spaced out tzfatim with their flags and pins and the writing was on the wall, these incidents happened constantly. Nobody does a thing./ All our so-called leaders must stand up and be counted or RESIGN

    As someone living outside CH only a complete and utter shoiteh could fail to realize what a chillul hashem and madhouse circus 770 is. It is NOT NORMAL what these bochrim do. Ever see true chassidim get drunk? They cry and hug, they don’t punch aand kick because their penimiyus is love of a yid. All the excuses for this beahviour – they hate K, they hate ST, they just want moshiach, there can be NO EXCUSE for TERROR. Hayotechen a chosid can think this way. And labkovsky has a lot to answer for, instead of dealing with the tsfatim he told the other bochrim – who want them removed – off for making machloikes!!!!


  • 99. Im so annoyed !!! wrote:

    Just look at the face of the tzfati in the picture…

    You can see he’s just looking for trouble to add some “fun” to his boring life!

    “It’s a lot of fun? Yeah?! -Get out of Crown Heights! Who needs you!”

  • 101. AD MOSAI? wrote:

    Something to ponder, IF they so strongly believe in the Rebbe’s presence Begashmius, beguf, in 770… how is it possible to think, to dare, to hurt someone phsically when they “see” the Rebbe in front of their eyes?
    I think all they see in front of their eyes is the end of their own noses.
    They contradict their words with their actions. How can they say the Rebbe is visible be’einei gashmi? How can they use these “ideals” to cause (physical) pain to other yidden???? Oy Rebbe, we need you!!! AD MOSAI??? AD MOSAI??? Rebbe, I BEG, I CRY, I SCREAM, “WHERE AER YOU” I CAN NOT SEE YOU… and I will NOT pretend that I do! We need Moshiach now!!! We need to see our Rebbe again!

  • 102. ahhhhhh wrote:

    this makes me sick to my stomach….. this is an embarassment to Lubavitch and not only do we look like fools to the non lubavitcherz we look like fools to the rest of the world becuz injured shluchim are going to go back tot ehir communities and telll their balabatim what….. some lubavitch youth attacked me?!?!?!?!?!?!? get your act together!!!!! itz redemption time!!!!!!!!!1

  • 103. Sholom, Chicago Illinois wrote:

    I myself was there. The story that happened was as follows. The shluchim coming back from an inspirational kinnus (at approximately 12 in the morning), thought it to be appropriate to go to 770 and farbreng. At first the the tzfatim tried to stop the shluchim from pushing together the tables to farbreng. When that didnt work (the shluchim struggled with them, until they had the tables together), the tzfatim then took out the next weapon in their arsenal (their hands didn’t work this time against the high volume of shluchim). They brought out their fart spray and started spraying all the cans to make the shluchim leave. The bad odor did not intimidate or deter the shluchim and they actually just ignored it and farbrenged further. So they tried to sing yechi extremely loud but the shluchim just ignored them and farbenged further.

    The shluchim sang “hiney ma tov uma noim sheves achim gam yachad” for about fifteen minutes in unity (there were shluchim of all stripes and opinions farbrenging together). It was unbelievable. The inspiration it brought was so thick and tangible. You couldn’t even hear the ten tzfatim which were screaming yechi. The Tzfatim gave up on their shouting yechi after about two hours of making themselves hoarse). The shluchim finally got to farbreng without menius veikuvim (hecklers). At approximately 3 AM rabbi Avremel Shemtov walked in. As soon as he walked in, the tzfatim brought back their arsenal of fart spray. It was ignored. The shluchim farbrenged further, beautifully, despite the unpleasant odors the tzfatim so graciously extended to the shluchim.

    Twenty minutes later (after the tzfatim apparently informed their friends to immediately wake up, come to 770 and prepare for war against the shluchim) the tsfatim started whipping seforim into the direction of the farbrengen. The seforim instantly turned into live fire, which was literally dangerous. The shluchim and anash scattered for safety to be out of fire from the tzfatim’s seforim arsenal. Rabbi Avremel Shemtov was immediately ushered out by about ten shomrim to safety.

    The tzfatim were unhinged (the police which had eventually arrived, were not equipped to confront these tzfatim, though they successfully arrested several of them. It became increasingly dangerous to be within a mile from these tzfatim. It was ugly. After the violence from the tzfatim was wrought upon the shluchim, the idea was proposed (in a shout out loud) to tear the yechi banner down in revenge.

    Rabbi Moscowitz (head shliach to Illinois) walked out (in anger) bleeding from his face from an apparent tzfati gash in the face. Rabbi Yisroel shem tov was brought out onto a hatzala with a big gash by his eye. Rabbi Hartman (shliach to Vietnam) was brought by ambulance to the hospital after a bench which was thrown by the tzfatim crushed his leg. I didn’t notice any injuries amongst the tzfatim, though I can’t attest that there weren’t any.

    The violence the Tzfatim brought onto the Rebbe’s Chassidim and shluchim, that sad and painful evening, was indescribable. At that point fearing for my personal safety I went home. I therefore cannot inform you on anything which occurred after the first half an hour of the initial (physical phase of the) tzfati attack.

    Note: I copied and pasted this post and posted it on the tzfati – web site. they haven’t posted it for they carefully filter out posts which counter their agenda. Please don’t copy and paste my post, on any non Chabad site, thereby bringing out our dirty laundry into the public eye.

  • 104. Anonymous wrote:

    Zelig wrote:
    “This is why I don’t really like chabad any more, cuz what people are doing to chabad. We wear once greatly respected and with all of this going on we are just loosing are respect for what we are doing to the world. The people involved in this affirmative action should be taken.”

    A response:

    Being once a Extreme Mishichist my self (in my younger years), until I grow up and started to ask questions (a lot of things in the mishichist way don’t make sense- how could it, if it’s not based on Emes…). I was about 17-18 years of age.
    Every question that I asked, I got an answer to. I felt so sick, (B’gashmiyos) in my stomach, finding out how people could take the Rebbes words and twist them up side down, in side out. How people were lying just to push there own agenda etc…
    (I will not get to much in to this… Thank g-d as you see I have done Tishuva and fighting the darkness with light).
    To get to my main point…
    After all the above, I ask “if so called Chassidim could do such things, then what’s it all about, why should I be a chossid?
    The answer I was given:
    You are not a Chossid of Chassidim, you are a Chossid of the Rebbe, and you have a question about something (something does not make sense), you open a Safer (of your Rebbe) and learn for your self. i.e. don’t only relay on what people say or do, find out for your self. This means, that even if 99.99% of Chassidim are doing something, it does not make it right, you must find out (through learning on your own) what the Rebbe really held on that issue. (Until today if someone tells me he saw in a Sicho (or any were else, I tell him “show me” “I will learn it my self”…).
    The answer above can be applied in being a good Jew in General.

    You do what you have to do.
    There is obviously one Truth here/Emes (sorry my dear friend there is only one side to the story). You have a head on your shoulder, go learn ask question, make sure the people you ask can back it up, and learn for your self. If you try you will come to the Truth.
    To start you off, the Rebbe did not speak in codes/Hints, He was with use for 40 good years, thank g-d, He made every thing from Alef to Tuf (A-Z) very clear (again VERY CLEAR), the Rebbe was like a Teacher teaching his Children, A good teacher knows his kids… All you have to do now IS LEARN.

  • 105. Who needs them?! wrote:


    Who Do You Think You Are To Invade CH with Your Fights And Grubkiet And Mannerless behaviors!!!

    If it was up to me, I wouldn’t let ONE of you into CH!

    You just come here and join the politics as if it’s one big game!
    -just to mess up my Rosh Hashanah,

    (it’s a pity I can’t use formatted text in this comment… I would have wrote this in LARGE, Bold and italic!)

  • 106. Metzapeh l-geuloh v-yeshu-oh wrote:

    What a pity that the hierachy of today’s Lubavitch don’t have the stamina nor the know how of what to do about this recent catastrophic tragedy.Most of these young so called Moshiachsitim have no idea of what a Rebbe is, they have merely followed the call of a few deranged “mashpi’im’ like sheep, and are totally unaware of the chilul Hashem and chilul sheim Lubavitch they cause around the world. They hamper the cause of the Rebbe. But yad chassidim ( real chassidim) are always al alyionoh. the Rebbe’s shluchim will always prevail and succeed way beyond their expectations.

  • 107. ISchier wrote:

    Did anyone see the handwritten poster on Kingston Ave lampposts claiming that the Rebbe VISITED 770 this past week at Mincha or some similar shtus?

    I am taking up a collection to purchase 10,000 Extra Strength Thorazine tablets offshore where you don’t need an RX, so that I can hand them out to the mishegoyim behind this narrishkeit!

  • 108. FortyYears wrote:

    (10) “For forty years I quarreled with that generation; and I said, ”They are a people of erring hearts, they do not know my ways.” (11) So I vowed in my anger that they would not enter my resting place.
    Tihillim 95

  • 109. chana wrote:

    I do not live in crown heights but I am impressed with the many responses. Now if everyone would get together and actively do something based on the fact that most of you share the same viewpoint- wouldn’t that get you somewhere? My father stopped in at this farbrengen but had to run out to protect his sons who were with him. We all agree that is pathetic. It seems these tzfatim are not balanced, nor is their whole philosophy of the rebbe hiding in 770. And that problem is difficult to solve because they are all really not 100%- i don’t say this in jest, most of them suffer from disorders, hallucinations, etc… at least all the ones i’ve encountered and it is impossible to deal with them with logic and rational- hence the comparisons to taliban and muslims…They have managed to twist and deform every word of out Hailiger Rebbe and unfortunately Lubavith as a whole is paying the price. So good luck in figuring this out but at least the majority is normal so get together and take action!

  • 110. OY! wrote:

    Get these psycos out of our community!!! Last year I saw a young married guy who I know well screaming at them to stop the dollars on sunday morning. I asked him why he was so worked up he said“ you will see they will attack you when you say something they dont like” Sure enough I got kicked in my back this past sunday night.

    It still hurts……

  • 112. To Anti: wrote:

    Please ezplain what you mean by the Mishicistim noit maing sense….
    I am a strong mishicist… did you believe that the Rebbe was still alive, or only that the rebbe is mOshiach… the latter makes perfect sense!

  • 113. Anonymous wrote:

    “There is no obligation at all to search for who is Moshiach – but there is a positive commandment of the Torah to love each and every Jew and avoid divisiveness to the extreme, and obviously one should not intentionally incite the opposite!”
    The Rebbe

    Once you cross the line (of searching who is moshicach) in any small way, you croosed the line amd as the Rebbe writes above there will be divisiveness.
    One goes with the other.

    When he comes we will know!
    So by me not even discussing WHO is moshiach I am avoiding divisiveness in any way.

  • 114. Chesky wrote:

    PS, the reason why the kevutza was extablished inteh first place was to inspire the local anash in crown heights by example, and to be close to the rebbe.

    I say:
    1) we dont need your inpiration, keep it.
    2) be close to the rebbe from tzefat.

    stay home we dont need you.

    if we dont clean you up Goerge bush will accuse 770 for being an axis to evit for harboring terrorists.! yikes

  • 115. Chesky wrote:

    I have the action plan from the right play book!


    I dont think that any of tha gaboim condone such behavior. The question becomes, who is repsonsible? is it the hanhala of the yeshiva? the mashpiim? the rabinom? the gaboim? Rabbi Krinsky? the problem is that noone knows who is to blame, becuase there is a horibble disconnect between all htese parties. and thus,,, the clear answer is that first and formoest, it is the hanhala of the yeshiva who must stand strong! the rebbe told bachurim who wanted to get married that they had to ask permission from the hanhala, or if they wanted to go on mivtziom away for chanuka, to help a sheliach, permission had to be asked. Therefore, as chasiddim we see how the rebbe empowered the hanhala to be in charge of the bachurim, and clearly, bachurim who call themselvs chasiddim of the rebre, MUST practice the bittul and listen to them.

    2) the Rabonim, have to write a letter that is signed by all the Rabomin, to show that they are all on the same page, this includes without fail; rabbi osdebe, rabbi heller, rabbi schwie, rabbi zirkind, rabbi segal and rietport!
    once the bachurim see that there is a strong vioce who sill not sit quite, they will start to understand that there is no free for all, and this is no sadr city where the terorist setup shop.

    3) next course of action may be taken which is….

    Rabbi Krinky needs to go down to the 71 precent fill a police report, followed by a phone call to the Dept. Homland Security, letting them know that there are terorists and thrests to the “our homeland” who have a visa and are in grave violation of thier terms and conditions of thier invitation to USA.

    4)followed by a shared complaint to the authorities and obtain a restraining order on these bachurm, that is co- signed by ALL the GABOIM, which will be enforced by the police department. these bachurim, will be not allowed within 200 feet of any part of 770.

    5) proceedings should be filed with lawyers who will sue these bochurim for reckless endagerment, trespass, menecing assult of the first degree. and whatever else they can come with, giving something for the bachurim to worry about, other then a shvil, and rippping up sedurim.

    6) to have a leter drafted and signed, by every sheliach, rov, mashpia, and other bochurim from all yeshivs in the world {besides that of tzefat, of course} and gather a gezunte 10,000 names, that all cry with one voice, and comdeming in the strongest expressions, these acts of violence and jihad is not our way and we will not sit tight and let these bums highjack the rebbe’s shul. and to read this letter to the rebbes ohel.

    finaly, for all aspects of so called leadershp in the various capacities, be they, gaboim, rabimin, masshpiim, and shluchuim open a forum that is run by rabonim, who include rabomin from vaad rabonay lubavitch, as well as crown heights rabomin, perhaps rabbi heller and rabbi osdebe, and talk about these issues, and not to pretend that there are just a few fringe crazy kids…. but to talk about it in the most serious platform as if it the worsed enemy we lubavitchers have, and there is an inyan of the rebbe’s koved.

    this in my opinon is the right comeplete approach.

    I am embaressed for the rebbe! the rebbe deserved better, we should be ashamed of ourselvs for going to sleep tonight without doing anything about this crazyness.

    I keep hearing everyone say that islam is the most peaceful religen, my problem is that when the violence does occure, the leaders don’t speak up. I think that as chassidim we should not be like this and we should all get up and proclaim and say we are not part of this, and weill not allow this behavior to comtinue. enough is enough!

    let up petition to all the leads of our communities and ask and encourage them t push this issue up the ladder, and take strong action. dont be silent, the rebbe’s blood is boiling.

  • 117. Anonymous wrote:

    CeeRubin wrote:
    “Please sign petition titled <a href=”…“>Demanding Action from what Happened in 770”

    Very good, here is someone who is starting to do something (taking action).
    Any body who wrote above any comment must go sign there name in this Petition. Here is a small step you can take (so take it). I would encourage that you write your real name. You have nothing to be afraid of.
    This is our community, we must take it back!

  • 118. Smashed Hat wrote:

    Can you believe that this is where we wound up 270 years after the Baal Shem Tov began to teach Jews from all walks of life how to expeience deveykus and come closer to Hashem?

    What is “Chassidus” in the minds of these people anyway?

  • 119. Anonymous wrote:

    Smashed Hat wrote:
    “Can you believe that this is where we wound up 270 years after the Baal Shem Tov began to teach Jews from all walks of life how to experience deveykus and come closer to Hashem?

    What is “Chassidus” in the minds of these people anyway?”

    A reply:
    Simple, they have no chassidus.
    They have no Jadishness.
    I am not just making a statement (Like many do). Monday morning, I meet the Shmuk that you see in pictures 2 and 3, I told him he must go to the Ohel and beg the Rebbe for forgiveness and of course he must change his way.
    I then started to describe to him the Pain and suffering the Rebbe had for these Shforim, He looked out me like I just landed from the moon. I ask him if He knew who “Barry G. was? His Reply was ”NO“. I ask him if he knew what Hay Taves Was? He replied ”NO”.
    He might as well have passed those Shforim to Barry. By throwing those Shforim He throw away every thing the Rebbe stands for, anybody who synthesizes with them is doing the same (that is of course that you your self know the greatness of Hay Taves)
    These are the people that are telling use how to live our lives.
    Enough said.

  • 120. be wathcya wanna but dont impose!!!!1 wrote:

    i agree with what you said about Chabad… we used to be one cut above them all and now i feel as if we are one cut below….. i only hope that they dont reallly think that by doing this moshiach is gonna come if anythang it shouldve……..btw “To Anti” you should really think about what you are writing because you sound like an idiot….. be mishichist if u wanna have ur own beliefs but dont ask stupid questions like “what does that mean buy the mishichist ppl dont make sense?” cuz we alll kno that sometimez uneducted pl mek foolz of themselves by not knowing wat they are talking about.

  • 121. Chaim wrote:

    Is it true that before Kabalas Shabbos someone got up on the Bimah in 770 and make a Machooh in the name of Rabbie’s Osdobo and Shwey against the use of hans (fighting)?

  • 123. farbrente moshichist wrote:

    One possible solution is to create a board and elect candidates to gabboim and Rabbis that have as a #1 priority to take away these guys from 770.I love Rabbi Osdova ,I love Rabbi Labkovsky , I do not have anything against anybody.But here we do not need ppl who we love, we need ppl who r going to act and make 770 as the Rebbe wants.Everyone understand that this is a #1 priority, this has to be the only focus in 770.The actual authorities ,i love them, but they are not efficient, 770 is unfortunately a disaster. We need authoritioes that r going to do their job: bocherim need to be authorized to learn in 770, we need shomrim and more policeman inside 770

  • 124. Heshy wrote:

    The Rebbe was a Gadol Hador. He was a brilliant indivdual and he had his pulse on the human condition. He knew people. I hope you guys don’t get angry but he was like wizard of OZ. We were always in possession of the solutions to our dilelmmas but he gave us the strenght to see the answeres. Now I ask you: Wasn’t he able to forsee what was going to happen? He had to know this how this situation was going to evolve. ANd it has

  • 125. Anonymous wrote:

    To Heshy:

    The Rebbe said what he said, Just tlike Hashem gave use the Torah….

    We all have free choich.
    We can go right or left.
    We must follow in the right path of the Rebbe and be the light in the darkness.

    “Why are you so surprised to find evil and corruption running amok everywhere you look? This world is the coarsest and harshest of all worlds, the ultimate concealment. Almost all of it is darkness and emptiness. Only a tiny spark of good is buried deep within to keep it alive.
    You could spend your lifetime dwelling on the outrages and scandals and things that are not right–or you could take a moment to search for that spark. You could find it, grasp it, and fan its flame. From within its aura, you will see the darkness shining brighter than the heavens. In that moment of light, the night will never have been.
    Fueled by your love, the light will swallow all that surrounds it.

    From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe”

  • 126. CH-er forever wrote:

    It is a shame that everything that Chesky said was the topic at our shabbos table this week. I hosted a Ba’al Teshuva with his 16 year old son for shabbos, as the son plays professional sports, and had games right before and right after shabbos in my neighborhood. Imagine to my horror, (AS A MISHICHIST MYSELF) the guy stood up to say Kiddush, and before Al Kein Berach he said Yechi. I could not contain my shock! My husband asked him since when he has a right to alter a mitzvah, and basically his response was, that in TODAYS DAY we have to do what we can to infuse holiness into a mitzva. My husband asked him why if the mitzva was good enough to do the way it was done for so many years without do we have to add to it? Bottom line, a lengthy discussion ensued. My husband told him again and again, we are mishichistim. But as mainstream Lubavitchers, we know that changing a mitzva, for what he says is holiness lies in the same vein as those who changed mitzvos for the Reform movement.
    It is sad to see, the guys wife is not on the madreiga of covering her hair yet, but he knows that before he does a mitzva, he has to be mekadesh the mitzva by saying Yechi. I wanted to vomit. I told him about a guy I encountered who was learning about yiddishkiet in OR Somayach. He was not shomer shabbos yet, but he knew that Lubavitchers are terrible ppl. I asked him what the difference was. Problem is, he learned. I told my husband, he sounds like the j’s witnesses. They have all their answers to what they want to tell u. It doesnt matter if they twist the meaning of the verses they use. It is the same with these mishugoyim. They are brainwashed. It is scarey.

  • 127. stop this misery!!!! wrote:

    chesky ur funny……. bush should deport them but how are we gonna get him 2do that if we cant even get out local police involved with other stufff!?!?!?!??!

  • 129. SHAME! wrote:

    Dear Friends,

    Allow me to paste what was written on a well known Crown Heights community website two months ago

    “Gerlitzky has now proven himself, that he can’t follow the peace accords and the only way with him, is to have him barred, from being Gabbai, permanently.If Gerlitzky will not quit on his own, the Chayaley Beis David will already make sure he gets the message, that no one can be a Gabai in 770 if he disobeys the Halacha which forbids these imposters, for being called “Rabbi” (Just Like the Conservative and Reform, so called “Rabbis”, are in fact not really “Rabbis” at all).

    Do you see what I mean here? These young gangsters don’t see themselves as thugs at all. They see themselves as the last defenders of 770.The rest of us are just invaders to their holy place. They consider themselves the Rebbe’s elite division of martyrs ready to give up their lives for their “holy cause”.


    Sign that petition and make your voice heard otherwise when YOUR elderly father gets his head split open by some yellow-flag brute because he offended their “emunah” you will have no one to blame but yourself!!!

  • 131. mendel wrote:

    When you talk about another yid… Respect him.
    you may not have to agree with him, but you do have to love him!


  • 132. Let-s call a spade a spade! wrote:

    There presently is an issur on purchasing and eating products made under Satmar Rabbonim. There root of this was when Rabbi Korf was attacked by members of the Satmar community over 20 years ago. It was said, then, that there reason for the issur was that if the Rabbonim are afraid, unwillingly and/or unable to stand up to these hooligans, how reliable can there Yiras Shomayim be concerning Kashrus?

    Does any of this sound familiar in our own community. What really is the difference between the Satmar Rabbonim then and the Lubavitcher Rabbonim today, except for “that is them and this is us!”

    I am not saying that the Rabbonim really can do anything about the situation in CH. What really can they do that will be effective? However, whatever they do or don’t do is probably equivalent to what was done or not done in the case of Rabbi Korf.

    I believe it is time for some of the ridiculous, baseless anti-Satmar rhetoric to stop, until Lubavitch cleans up its own act. Until then, as sad as it is to say, we really aren’t any better than the ones we have criticized for over 2 decades!

    I worked for Satmars for over 20 years and always wondered, “Who are the guys they are talking about?” My bosses were Tzaddikim and true Yiras Shomayim.

  • 133. sholom wrote:

    PLEASE do not mix the RABBONIM in this ogly terorist act, they are hurting everybody , the all entire name LUBAVICH ,they are terorists and have to be act accordinly.

  • 134. CR wrote:

    Can you please post the petition as a seperate post. I think it deserves the fullest attention possible.

  • 135. Zalman wrote:

    Can anyone do us a favor and write down the NAMES of the attackers? If possible please let us know who is doing what in the above pictures. We all know the infamous Thaler who is shown on COL smiling in handcuffs but who are the others? Its important for us to know the names and not just refer to them as “they” or “them”.

    Webby thank you so much for putting this on and if possible please put more pictures its important for us to know exactly what we stand against.

    We want Moshiach Now!

  • 136. Eliezer wrote:

    Let’s start an online (and manual) petition drive and get real names and signitures from C.H. residents and Shluchim condeming this incident. Then we will begin to see our own Koach. From these names we can them mobilize people into action to create a Seder in 770 and a Kiddush Hashem and a Kiddush Lubavitch around the world.

  • 137. Hila wrote:

    Signed the petition. Now what? Our hearts simply ache for a real, and happy, according to the Torah solution…

    Our household and all within are closing following this article because of our care and concern.

    Why wouldn’t a meeting in a house be practical?

  • 138. A Nobody wrote:

    I think if R’ Krinsky knew that so many people were behind the disposal of these thugs, he would be way more persistent on getting rid of them.

    The issue in my humble opinion is that RK possibly believes that not only is he fighting 19-22 year old kids, he is also going up against an entire community if he were to take action.

    We have to do whatever we can to show support to the proper people (i.e R Krinsky R Deren R Shemtov)that we stand behind them in the “ethnic” cleansing of OUR 770.

  • 139. Community wrote:

    The Vaad Talmidim Hatmimim Haolami are the only ones that are not just talking but are actually doing something positive about this situation.

    Our entire community must do all we can to support them.

  • 140. mendy w. wrote:

    Those who want to form a splinter cell of lubavitch should open their own shul and do whatever they want over there.But it is not proper to disrupt the daily machinations of 770.

  • 141. Itzik_s wrote:

    Petition still does not work. I cannot even find it by using search in the main petitionspot site.

  • 142. What happened to the Bochurim??? wrote:

    What happened to the Bochurim that got arrested? Were they let go? Are they still in? Is there any follow-up?
    Who are they?

  • 143. The Justice Dept. wrote:

    All I have to say is 2 points: And it is all on the residents of CH. Yes… you who sit by and watch the blood of your neighborhood spill. You have more power than you think.

    1) When Satmar destroyed a Mitzvah tank on Purim .. the Rebbe demanded their Beis Din to make a Machah and bring the ones who did this to justice. When they refused the Rebbe declared they are not a Beis Din. How is it that BB and STORES dont go to OK and say … BE OUR HASHGACHA? Deny any access to the Beis Din. They have acted no difference than Satmar.
    Watch how they will childlishy destroy the name of OK … and not fix their own internal politics. Yes, we must demand more from our Beis Din’s. (The Machah from R’ Osdaba is so weak … it has no bite to it… kick out all the students in your Machah .. show muscle or you are a weak beis Din.)

    2) How is it that Any student .. whether from USA or outside … who is part of this … eats and sleeps on CH soil? Who pays for the food? Cut the funds. How is it that R’ Rapp, Springer and company still have a job? Would you allow such failure in your business?

    Cut the funds to the Beis Dins, Schools, and even 770 … and change will come. You cut the $ and terroists cant survive.

  • 144. Chesky wrote:

    I dont think the petition should be on an outside website, but here is the approach.

    it must first be writen in hebrew, and yidish, by rabbi osdeba along with vaad rabonay lubavitch, signed then by rabbi krinsky and kotlastky.

    then emailed to each sheliach, and hosted on shluchim excahnge.

    Then each principle to get a copy, and have someone go to each bochur and collect a signature.

    then to to have each head of state shliach be in charge of distributing to each sheliach, and the in a micro way pushing it down until all the rabomin will sign, including baaly batim in shul.

    WE should not care at this time if someone will see our dirty laundry, and be ashemed, aderabeh… let every see, know, and hear, that we are not letting some idiots control, {and this will give us more respect from the other orthodox communities who beleive that we all encourage this behavior} and let everyone see, that as lubavtich, YES, anyone and everyone can walk through that door, and put on a yellow pin adn a black hat, and we do not screen everyone, and get them to pay a membership, and as a direct result we are in this situation, the voice from the top must shout out laud and clear, as well as us, who knew the rebbe growing up, who got lekach, kuntriasim, dollars, gave panim, got nickles, and dimes at teh rally. We have to protect the rebbe;s holly name. it is purely our achriyos.

    a silly petition petition that will last there for 2 weeks, will not cut it. it must come down from the top and a copy must be within reach in every community in the world. and by yud tes kislev, make a grand farbrending of sheves achim gam yochad, and sing with 1 voice that we will carry the rebbes torch, to do mivtzoim, not to burn the rebbes house down.

    new haven.

  • 145. wake up people wrote:

    Hi people

    While this whole discussion is quite fascinating, and a great read, I find it kind of pointless. As many people have previously pointed out, words without actions, are just words, and in most cases do not accomplish anything. With that said, you may be wondering, what I am coming to add? Why did I sit down to write this comment?

    Well, truth be told, I have nothing to add. Therefore, I will change the topic.

    I would like to point out that there is a very practical piece of software, it is called Microsoft Word. People, it is out there, all you have to do is use it.

    I promise you, it will not do you any harm to look educated. It is so simple. Why are there so many needless spelling mistakes?

    Granted, there is not a built in spelling checker in the comments box of this website, however, you can very easily write your comment in Microsoft Word and then cut and paste.

    I hope that was a nice distraction from the very repetitive dialogue.

    Good luck to all.

  • 146. Mordy wrote:

    I have heard, CV”H, that some wealthy people like Drizin, Rubashkin, and Sperlin may have helped fund the bail money for the Trfsati perps. Is this true?

    We must make everybody know that these perps are not acting as Lubavitchers, but as common thugs who mug people, and that they cannot condone such actions.

  • 147. Moshe wrote:

    I was a guest to the Kinus conference of my local schliach. I am a business owner and a monetary supporter of Chabad houses in my local area.

    Since I was not raised Jewish I can give you an objective third party viewpoint of how this issue at 770 is perceived by Baalei Batim of the Schluchim.

    Bottom Line: It demonstrates a behavioral situation that is repugnant, childish and immoral. No matter who is right/wrong, etc. if this activiity continues your funding (Yes, the big $$$$ by the wealthly Jews who are funding the growing empire of Lubavitch) will dry up. Noone wants to give their hard-earned dollars to an organization that supports individuals whose actions are NOT worthly of being taught and emulated.

    I, myself, am inspired by the Rebbe, his teachings, and most of all his LOVE for every Jew. For that reason, I, like the tribe of Zevulun share my profits with the tribe of Issachar (Schluchim).

    I see no love in what occured at 770.

    Bottom Line: Either the problem gets fixed or sooner or later I, and other Chabad supporters will find another movement of Yiddishkeit to support until you fix the problem.

    If the Crown Height community can’t fix the problem than perhaps the future unemployed Schluchim and yeshiva students with no funding for Schlichus can fix it for them.

  • 148. Leaders....stop acting like children wrote:

    It is now one week later and as I went to daven in 770 one of these “bocherim” from Tzfat came and physically pushed me to the side and walked on. This wasnt like the typical simchas torah push, but rather a push of anger. It was simply nothing more than a 20 year old boy posing a Lubavitcher.

    But funny as it is, the leadership who runs 770 and other aspects of this community are actually scared of these people.

    Well they must be because they don’t do anything. How would these leaders like it I went up and pushed one of them? I guess I would not be able to get away with it because I am a member of the community and actually want Lubavitch and the Rebbe’s goals to succeed ..but to visitors who look to disgrace the Rebbe and Lubavitch in general that is ok to our Gabbaim, Yeshiva Administrators and Community Leaders.

    After all they are all just a bunch of scared people. What would the Rebbe say to these leaders.

    It is time we let these leaders know that they are wrong and acting more like children and not leaders and representatives of the Rebbe.

    For if we just sit and treat these “Israeli Tzaftim Chabaniks” (no one who throws a sicho book can be a Chabadnik) with the same Kavod that the leadership treats them then we are simply asking for more abuse from this disgraceful element of society

  • 149. cl wrote:

    People just ay do something but what is there to do it is time for achdus and for us to get the solution to this problem first you gotts find the problem and correct it is it in the tzfatis or the americans

  • 150. California Shliach wrote:

    In a few years, we will look at crown heights and say fondly, “I remember when”….. I, for one,have no intention of visiting your wretched community ever again! Good Riddance!

  • 151. disgruntled elter chosid!! wrote:

    where the heck is klein??? why don’t we hear from groner??? where the heck is the maskirim?? simpson??? where is everyone else that has brains?? all of these once holy maskirim close to the rebbe can/could have added soooo much to chabad overall, achdus what the rebbe wanted and more importantly sholom all around…so we can taka greet moshiach quick but noooooo they all went different retadtded ways…. too bad and for shame.

    ask yourself, is this, the status quo any better then what the rebbe really wants? if you can honestly say yes then shame on you foreever moronic fools.

    this is rade’ so pathethically sad!

  • 152. shliach wrote:

    It has now been a week since the progrom and no serious action has taken place (besides a little lip service at most by one of the Rabbonim).

    Therefore, as it has now been established Crown Heights is a dangrous place for shluchim, hooligans roam unimpeded.

    We shluchim call on Merkos!


    Maybe the fear of loss directly and indirectly of hundreds of thousands of dollars spent that week in Crown Heights, will cause the powers to take action.

    At which time the issue maybe revisited.

    1977 after hooligans beat Anash going to Williamsburg, the Rebbe ended a routine began by the Friediker Rebbe of going ‘Achron Shel Pesach to Williamsburg’. So the precedent is there.

  • 153. Moshe Shmuel wrote:

    Unfotunately, Rabbi Osdoba showed his true colors with his letter. Don’t kid yourself, he had no intention to protest against the despicable actions that took place in 770, he only meant rtunately, Rabbi Osdobato take this opportunity to surreotitiously publicly place the fault and blame on on Rabbi Schwei. His letter also served to deflect any criticism against him when his unilateral self sided actions caused a ruckus in 770 on the Yomim Noraim. Anash have to take matters into their own hands and find a peaceful way to deal with these types of vildkeit. Waiting for the Rabbanim or the Hanholoh of the Yeshivah to act will not suffice. Anash have to meet with the Gabbaim of the Shul and devise a way to police these Bachurim and find a way to hold them responsible for any unethical and wild behavior in shul.

  • 154. Levi wrote:

    Its very SIMPLE. In the war on terror the first step is to make sure the terrorists dont have funds. These Tzfatim have members in the community…. no names needed who constantly give funds wehter be it to there pamphlets or whatever.. they need to be shown what their money is going to. Some dont realize how bad the situaution is………….

  • 155. motel cohen wrote:

    what offence is punishable by expolshion
    from 770?
    or there is none!
    is there any hanhohlo at all?
    or any bum is deciding what to do!
    is it anarchy in the fullest form????
    can anyone clarify????

  • 156. not impressed wrote:

    i feel really sorry for those boys. they really have somthing wrong with thier brain

  • 157. Be honest wrote:

    It’s unbelievable. There was a pogrom in shul tzfatim and instead of their friends and apologists to deal with they did; they invent facts about Detroit and other places and distort facts (poroches lies): listen you guys, accept the fact that your guys threw benches on people; threw seforim on shluchim. You guys went too far; if you want to have any legitimacy remove your cancer amidst you There is no two ways about it and not other fake tzidkus (which is all you do for the past decade) legitimizing all these terrorist activities for x, y, and z will not help stem the tide of the growth of the tumor amidst you.


  • 158. disgruntled elter chosid!! wrote: wrote:

    where the heck is the maskirim?? simpson???
    A he is a brake off and makes his own kinus hashluchim

  • 159. Sick about this whole thing... wrote:

    Calling human beings “cancers” and “tumors?” You people are a part of the problem and not the solution.

  • 160. Anonymous wrote:

    Time to clean HOUSE. Deport the Lunies!

    Get some real Money to back the cause. CH has plenty. Get a petition with the names of the big Rabaiim and Anash in CH. Inform the Police of what is to go down. Issue restraining orders. Toss out the illegals. Rip down the silly signs. Post 24 hour security detail for a half year… And for Glory’s sake reclaim what is yours!!!

    It’s sickenning to go in there these days.

  • 161. is this what i became frum for? wrote:

    i am so angry with what happened,
    these bochrim without ideals without morals or respect, they become the husbands with same values( can you believe thse boys are probably on the shiduchim market) they become the next shluchim and they define the lubavich of tomorrow, something must be done to stop it.
    let’s face it, the ones who have actually seen and were strongly mekushar to the rebbe will not live forever.
    what will we be left with???? these nut case tzfatis.HELP!
    how can this happen to us! we are the one everyone looks up to.
    i am not an ffb, but it seems to be that i uphold lubavitch better than those nut jobs we allow to roam in our Rebbe’s shul. ( I am not a mishichist and i am not a non- mishichist, I am nutral i am who who is non labeled)
    I must say imbarasement does grow one million fold when a africain-americain guy who lives down our street came up to me and said (his exact words) “ did you see what those black hatters did to the sanctuary of their cheif?after answering No because i wanted to see what he heard he told me ”well let me tell you,My brother is a brooklyn cop and he was called and all, they was destroying their Rabbi’s holy prayer building and they broke bentches and books and he said to me, they must be having a war in their community ,maybe they are choosing a new leader and they all don’t agree“

    so i ask you all, how many more ppl need to see the truth before we do. are we choosing a new leader, are we going to let out Yetser Hara, our fake ahavas Israel(tolorating these nut cases) become our new leader, are we going to abandon all our rebbe taught us and stood for.
    We are already the laughing stock of all the other Chassidic groups ”sects” for our lack of tznius and the catastrophy that Crown Heights has turned into how much more do we want them to laugh at us.
    I live in a Beis Yaacov community,everyone thinks we are a sorry excuse for frum ppl, we let everyone in and the winds of tumah aswell, maybe they are right after all, out borders are not tight enought.
    on the other hand I BECAME FRUM i loved the warm feeling of lubavitch!!!!!
    All these questions and mixed messages, no wonder so many of our youth are commpletely screwed up!

    webby. you are doing an outstanding job, thank you for allowing us to communicate and learn from each other. i only ask that you re-launch ppls comments on this subject. while posting the comments you already got. i think i brought up good points and so did alot of other members of anash, yes it is insane to have to ever post something like this but because this event has already passed and i am only posting now, (because it took so long to get over it)most ppl will not have a chance to read the good comments ppl wrote later on.keep up the great work, your honesty means so much to so many ppl.yosher koach.

  • 162. AYL wrote:

    food for thought.

    I am a baal teshuva for many years
    went thought the yeshiva system and got smicha.

    I once sent a link to this site to my father a gvir and supporter of our local shaliach.

    the link was about one of the sucessfull p’ulos of a shaliach.

    I am so sorry i did.

    Ever since then my father (not yet observant) goes on this site regularly.

    The chilul hashem and the biziyon to lubavitch to air the communal politics for the world to see!


    a mashpia once said at a farbrengen that machlokes should be dealt with QUITLY and not broadcast.

    that way the machlokes CANT grow and will at least be contained and hopfully resolved with out all sides getting geed on by every tom idck and harry.

    Please please please reconsider publishing disgraces of lubavitch to the world for all to see and twist to there agenda
    thyink about it BH shmais doesn’t publish the shmutz.
    and what has EVER been accomplished in the past by braodcasting the shmutz.
    lets get ur entertainment from the seforim.

    publishing shmutz doesnt help the rebbe’s shluchim / the rebbe’s cause.


    Aharon Yaakov L

  • 163. meeee wrote:

    am i seeing correctly or are my eyes decieving me ? are the tzfatim being compared to natzis?
    dont get me wrong im not pro whats going on the rambam says to take the middle path so extreme either way is no good but comparing a jew to a natzi is just wrong.
    i hope im just imagining it

  • 164. Shliach supporter wrote:

    To California Shliach:

    G-d forbid that you should call this a wretched community. How many people have stood up and called this an outrage? I pray you do not really plan on condemning the community as a whole. Believe it or not–many people were more or less unaware of what has been going on, as many people daven in other shuls, women are at home with the children or working elsewhere. Not everyone knew…or still does know. Obviously people care, look at the many of the comments on this site and read some of the petitioners’ comments. As a matter of fact NOT ONE PERSON THAT I HAVE SPOKEN TO HAS BEEN ANYTHING BUT OUTRAGED AND ONLY FOUND OUT ABOUT IT DUE TO THIS ARTICLE! It seems that there is a lot of genuine concern and a real desire to do something…and a lot of finger pointing. Yes, the general consensus seems to be that the “leadership” here isn’t going to do anything. I personally have never been in such a situation. What do you recommend doing to take care of this situation?

  • 165. A Totty among us wrote:

    This will be the only impression my children will have of 770, the trademark and icon of Lubavitch. It causes me a tremendous amount of agmas nefesh that they no longer want to come into 770. The situation is rapidly degenerating and consequently the ramifications of delaying to resolve this issue has done and will continue to do severe damage to the name of Chabad Lubavitch. What looks like a fight from within is really an attack from the outside. “Hagam Lichbosh Es Hamalka Emi Bobayis!” This is an attack on Chabad, and the Shluchim, and ultimately the Rebbe. And it’s all taking place in 770! It is time we pick up our sleeves and do something while we still can. Deport them, extract them or plain outright beat them up. But to sit idly by and allow them to continue their path of destruction is simply not an option.

    – A Totty among us


    To Shliach,

    Your empty threats of moving the Kinnus out of Crown Heights carry no weight. The Kinnus HAS already been moved out of crown Heights since the Shluchim Hierarchy is not answerable anymore to the ONE that would never under any circumstances have allowed it to be moved out of Crown Heights all excuses notwithstanding. The thousands of Shluchim kain yirbu that find food and lodging for a week by people who open their homes to them whether they are related familywise or not will surely have no qualms about digging into their meager pockets and to spend several thousand dollars for hotel rooms. The numerous philanrophist in Crown Heights that wellcome each and every Shliach into their homes and support the Rebbe’s inyonim will surely find a way to get the absentee Shluchim their checks. To the California Shliach who isn’t coming back to Crown Heights anymore, there is a solution: you can stay at the Ohel.

  • 167. And the next kinnu will be hosted by?.. wrote:


  • 168. Oisioyois poirchois wrote:

    Vehamaiseh hu ho’iker. Time for all sensible residents to take a stand and take back 770 and bring the holy ruach back to what it was. Gevald! Gevald!
    letting imports dictate how 770 should be run and making the kodesh hakodoishim the laughing stock of the Yiddisher velt? Is that what we really want? Where is the chochnoh, bina and da’as of our chassidim?

  • 169. Shliach wrote:

    To Crown Heights resident,
    All we all want, is for you guys to clean ship.
    Right now there are concerns, TAKE CARE OF THEM. We became the punching bag and do not want, deserve or enjoy having that distinction.
    If all the residents would call for a mass meeting to discuss the problem, to make a protest, to call on your elected officials to take care of it.
    It would be taken care of.
    Besides post a few lines here, there is nothing we can do.
    These misled kids do not act in a vaccum, they are funded, encouraged and supported.
    Again, Please clean ship and next year we can sit and fabreng together. Hopefully with the Rebbe at the head b’gashmius, and if ch”v not, through us (you and I) sitting together will cause him to be there b’ruchnius.

  • 170. ISchier wrote:

    In the meantime, last night I was in 770 and I saw the Creedmoor crowd dancing around with the flag, glassy eyed as always, as if nothing had happened.

    I don’t think there were more than 12 of them and no one else was paying attention. What can we do to remove those 12 and whoever’s behind them once and for all?

  • 171. California Shliach wrote:

    CROWN HEIGHTS RESIDENT, I do take my gvirim & mekurovim to the ohel. Unfortunately, I need to tell them about the lubavitch that was. As for your ‘beautiful coomunity’, this incident is but one of many!! There is no longer such a concept as tznius in crown heights! Your schools and yeshivos are falling apart, you have no respect or ahavas yisroel. 770 has basically become a circus, with many ringmasters. Your community is basically like the wild west, where everyone does whatever they want. I have no qualms when I say that I have no intention of ever visiting your wretched community again. You guys are causing all of rebbeim to turn over in their graves!!

  • 172. An Inspired Crown Heightser wrote:


    I am one of those who do not speak to my neighbours because one is a Meshichist, the other is so vehemently anti, and I can’t stand either approach. Then I went to a Mesibos Shabbos on Friday night of the Kinus at the home of the Gutnicks in Montgomery Street. They invited a shliach to speak – Rabbi Yitzhak Schochet from London England. He spoke for forty five minutes straight and was so powerful and so eloquent and so emotional all mixed in one. And while he didn’t spell everything out he didn’t need to. The hints at different times were subtle but clear and I promised myself that I would take his message on board. But I didn’t until after the events of Sunday night when I knocked on both neighbours doors and invited them in for coffee. You have no idea the sense of happiness that we all feel being able to put this all behind us.

    Someone suggested shluchim should come more often to New York. I think certain shluchim who could really inspire like that should be brought to New York and given to farbreng at different venues for the weekend to inspire those of us who are living in the Rebbe’s shcunah but feel sometimes furthest away.

    Moshiach is on his way, but it’s up to us to make it happen!

  • 173. Isreali Normals wrote:

    attention everybody:

    just by the way there are a lot of isreali meshichisten who ARE normal, and happen to be very nice individuals.
    i have some of them over for shabbos meals and at least the ones who come to my home are very polite, well manered and a pleasure to be with. so there are amongst them psychopahths. and no way will i rent my basement to these guys, but other ones make exellent tennents, and exellent freinds, and are mentchen.

  • 174. Crown Heights wrote:

    To California Shlich
    First of all watch your language. Also you may want to realize that the community you are accusing as YOUR community, is actually yours as well, I’m sure you grew up there, and even if you didn’t and even if some of the things you mention are true, if you are a Shliach, there’s still no need to separate your identity from your father and mother and brothers and sisters who live in crown heights.

  • 175. Sloimie Cohen, Chicago IL wrote:

    For all those who leave comments unsigned; what are you afraid of? I understand these tzfasim are a dangerous bunch. So if you are afraid to write due to the tzfati revenge…

    (Some people tell me that their parents used to speak amongst themselves in yiddish to keep secrets from the children. )

    My recommendation: Post your comments in English!

  • 176. lizman wrote:

    to california shliach

    you write
    Your schools and yeshivos are falling apart,

    maybe because every shliach that goes out raises 50,000.00 in crown height and how many more does crown height support in mikvos all over the world and other projects for shluchim

    maybe if the people in crown heights first supported their local moisdois they would not be falling apart

    maybe if the schools here charged the “shluchim: the same as chicago and toronto and the others they wouldne be falling apart

    hey wenny write this as an aritcle . show how much money goes out this poor neighborhood each year to support the shluchim???

  • 177. Crowley---the killer? wrote:

    On May 7, 1931, the most sensational manhunt New
    York City had ever known had come to it’s climex.
    After weeks of search, “Two Gun” Crowley—the killer,
    the gunman who didn’t smoke or drink—was at
    bay, trapped in his sweetheart’s apartment on West
    End Avenue.

    One hundred and fifty policemen and detectives laid
    siege to his top-floor hideaway. They chopped holes in
    the roof; they tried to smoke out Crowley, the “cop
    killer,” with tear gas. Then they mounted their machine
    guns on the surrounding buildings, and for more
    then an hour one New York’s fine residential areas
    reverberated with the crack of pistol fire and the rat-
    tat-tat of machine guns. Crowley, crouching behind an
    overstuffed chair, fired incessantly at the police. Ten
    thousand excited people watched the battle. Nothing
    like it had ever been seen before on the sidewalks of
    New York.

    When Crowley was captured, Police Commissioner
    E.P. Mulroney declared that the two-gun desperado
    was one of the most dangerous criminals ever encountered
    in the history of New York. “He will kill,“ said
    The Commissioner, ”at the drop of a feather.“

    But how did ”Two Gun“ Crowley regard himself?
    We know, because while the police were firing into his
    apartment, he wrote a letter addressed ”To whom it
    may concern.“ And, as he wrote, the blood flowing
    from his wounds left a crimson trail on the paper. In
    his letter Crowley said: ”Under my coat is a weary
    heart, but a kind one—-one that would do nobody any harm.“

    A short time before this, Crowley had been having a
    necking party with his girl friend on a country road out
    on Long Island. Suddenly a policeman walked up to
    the car and said: ”Let me see your license.

    Without saying a word, Crowley drew his gun and
    cut the policeman down with a shower of lead. As the
    dying officer fell, Crowley leaped out of the car,
    grabbed the officer’s revolver, and fired another bullet
    into the prostrate body. And that was the killer who said:
    “Under my coat is a weary heart, but a kind one–
    –one that would do nobody any harm.”

    [ Crowlet was sentenced to the electric chair. When
    he arrived at the death house in Sing Sing, did he say,
    “This is what I get for killing people”? NO, he said:
    “This is what I get for defending myself.”

    The point of the story is this: “Two Gun” Crowley
    Didn’t blame himself for anything.

    That is the usual attitude amongst criminals!!!]

  • 178. Look in the MIrror wrote:

    Fellow Chassidim!!! Is this what the Rebbe wants? Asking for the names and signing petitions and giving them the labels we give to goyim who murdered yidden? Let’s look at the big picture. Those few people who were involved in what happened are not the only ones who need to work on thier Ahavas Yisroel and respect for other Jews! EVeryone should look in the mirror and work on having MORE ahavas yisroel, and instead of being part of the problem, be part of the solution of creating more shalom in Lubavitch! A Mentch is a Shpigel.

  • 179. Anonymous wrote:

    “For my people has committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the Source of living waters, to dig for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold the water.” (Yeremiah 2:13)

    I.e. Israel’s actions involve a double indignity: the abandonment of Hashem Per se, and the choice of such an inferior substitute.

    What does the above have to do with what we are discussing?
    Many have asked:
    “Who in heavens name is backing these mishugoyim????”
    “Who bails them out???”

    Its one thing that we have community “leaders” that are not helping our community in any way. It’s another thing- a double indignity- which makes the first matter even worse. That is, that they go and spend there time and money to bail (and fund) these terrorist and any thing to cause more machlokes.

    One such person in Chanina Sperling.
    He not only does nothing for the benefit of our community, he finds all different ways to continue the Machlokes. He will go to all extremes to push his agenda.
    When an innocent person in our community runs in to trouble with the police, he is nowhere no be found, but every time there was an incident involving these guilty Thugs, he was right there with all his time and money to bail them out.
    He is one of the problems; we must get rid of him (together with is terrorist goons).
    Why he keeps getting elected, I don’t know.
    Why Aguch/Merkoz let him Daven in the Rebbes room, (especially when he is the cause to many of there problem, especially when it come to the issue on hand). I don’t know. (if they want to show an example, they should start with throwing him out).

    For example: In many cases with the CHVP Shomrim of our community (which give there blood-time and money- for our community, going out of there way to protect or help a Jew no matter what) were there was misunderstanding with the police, not only did he not help them; he did all he can to get them locket up.
    In many other cases he has Masered on people in our community.
    He has been making trouble since 27 Adar (bugging of the Rebbes room etc…), he’s been trucking since then, and he must be stopped.
    I hope that Aguch/Merkoz is smart enough to throw him to his friends, the Terrorist.
    If they don’t have the guts to do that, I doubt they will go throw with getting ride of the terrorist down stairs. They did not do it this past Shabbos, they have a chance next week.
    We, Anash must let aguch know that we don’t want Chanina there.

    Another name: Drizin; he is the one that’s supports the terrorists Taliban!
    He must stop giving them money or he is just as gulty as they are.
    There are many good orgonaztions that you can support.
    It is very important to stop them at there roots. We must all stop to support them in any way, by even giving a dollor to these people we are helping countinue the Chillol Hashem.

  • 180. 770 Holds a special place in my heart wrote:

    It is very sad to hear people say that 770 is no longer their shul. Are you going to let them win? Chas Vsholom if the palastinians took over the Kotel are you going to say that the kosel Hamaravi is no longer a place I feel connected with Hashem? 770 is still the Rebbes shul no matter who “thinks they took it over”. It belongs to every single Chabad Chossid. And when every person goes there should feel a connection to the Rebbe. And if not, then they are putting their anger toward the Meshichistim instead of thinking about the Rebbe. I have so many special memories of farbrengens with the Rebbe, receiving Tanyas and Siddurim, even dimes when I was very young. I will not let anyone take that special feeling I have away from me.

  • 181. Plagiarism wrote:

    To: “Crowley—the killer?”

    It looks like you took that story down verbatim from Dale Canegie’s “How to win friends & influence people” Pages 3 and 4.

  • 182. California Shliach wrote:


    Don’t know about the shluchim that raise $50K in crown heights. Find it hard to believe as well. Nice of you to try to blame shluchim for your schools falling apart! While I cannot speak for all shluchim, I and many of my fellow shluchim pay FULL TUITION where we send our kids. We are happy to do so!

    Would you please tell me how the shluchim are responsible for the lack of tznius & ahavas yisroel in crown heights????

    It’s very easy to blame others for your shortcomings, but try looking in the mirror.

    One of my mashpiim in yeshiva would always say about crown height, ARUM DER YAM IZ TRUKEN!! How correct he was!

  • 183. My Proposol wrote:

    No matter how crazy you think Crown Heights, non the less it is the focal of the world wide Lubavitch community. The Rebbe spoke thousands of times that this is the shchunah of Nessi Doraynu and that will never change. Do you know how many millions of dollars have gone out from CH to the shluchim around the world over the many years and loads of money still goes out from here. How many Shluchim send their baalai Batim for a shabbos or send their kids to learn in the mosdos here and have their parents or relatives look after their children. How many food packages are sent from here on a continues basis.
    Crown Heights is STILL the Rebbe’s shchuna no matter what goes on.
    Now to address the various topics. I agree that the so called group of Tfatim MUST be rained in.
    Firstly the hunholo of the yeshiva must set strict rules how they can conduct themselves. Any thing else must be called for them to be thrown out of the yeshiva and sent back to Israel (Unfortunately several of the ring leaders of the tzfattim have US Passports as their parents moved to Israel)
    Next there must be an urgent need for Rabbi Osdoba to have FULL authority of the shule.. He is the Mara De’esrai of 770 and he and only he can give directions how the shule must be run. (there cannot be 2 rabbonim at the same time being the Rov-Rabbi Osdoba took over the rabnbonus after Rabbi Marlow passed away)
    The gabboim must all work to see that the place is cleaned up and run like a normal shule. A COMPLETE face lift would go al long way. Take down the signs redo the walls new furniture new floor etc.
    Get rid of the homeless people sleeping in shule etc.

    Saying Yechi does no harm minus all the other meshugas which the Rov would give his psak what to do or not to do.

    After all this is implemented things may calm down and 770 will be 770.

  • 184. lizman wrote:

    to california shliach

    no one is blaming anyone
    just dont critisize the people that live here. all shluchim get discounts in the camps and aschools here. and that doesnt help our budget, in la and in other places like chicage the shluchim get almost no discount.

    and by the way next tiem you go in line at shluchin achdus. ask all the new shluchim how much money the raise here. ask about all the new mikvaois that are being build how much money come from here. ask the rest how much their family that lives here give them.

    oh and the tznius. yes it is not good here it is actually terrible. but dont only blame the people that live here. we bh have almost all the girls that looking for shiducjhing living here. the good ones the bad ones and all the rest. and also be here on chuf beis shevat and see how all the guest shluchois and non shluchois from all over that come here dress.

    we are the center. this is the rebbes shechuna, kan tziva hashem es habrocha.

    dont mess with the rebbe place here.

  • 186. Maybe its true? wrote:

    Okay people, check this out, this regarding the comment someone wrote about the Rebbe coming to Mincha. It is very weird, it got me the chills, and I don’t believe in ghosts.

  • 187. Anonymous wrote:

    to: Maybe its true?

    Just like the Video of the Mh”m walking in the Sveil?

    Get a Life!

  • 188. To my proposal wrote:

    YOU WRITE:Next there must be an urgent need for Rabbi Osdoba to have FULL authority of the shule.. He is the Mara De’esrai of 770 and he and only he can give directions how the shule must be run. (there cannot be 2 rabbonim at the same time being the Rov-Rabbi Osdoba took over the rabnbonus after Rabbi Marlow passed away)


  • 190. Moiser wrote:

    Before anyone would like to report people to police & goverment, i’d like to note that our Torah has the most severe words for that.
    “it is a mitzvah to destroy (kill) them”, so says the Rambam of someone who feels free to hand over other Yidden (or their monies!) to goyim.
    You can not justify this great sin with the others misconduct.
    so before you say anything in this direction, please consult some UNBIASED Rabbis, for they are allowed to decide in this matter, not you! Better yet, you might want to consult the Rebbes torah before you say anything, i dont think you will find Him agreeing to most of your opinions.
    Of course, all of the above is relevent only to Torah-abiding Jews, the others, well…

  • 191. California Shliach wrote:


    Again, you are blaming others for the problems in crown heights. Mosdos & yeshivos falling apart, the shluchim’s fault. Lack of tsnius, out of towners fault. Get real! It clearly says ‘Aniyei ircha kodem laniyei ir acheres’. Translated to english, ‘the poor of your city come before the poor of another city’. It doesn’t say much about the Crown Heights community if the local gvirim would rather build mikvahs in india while bais rivka is falling apart.

    As far the lack of tsnius, I was walking with some fellow shluchim while we were in crown heights and we were shocked by what we saw. Young men, clean shaven or with trimmed beards wearing kapotes! Hypocritical, wouldn’t you say?

    I could go on and on. The point is that until you pathetic crown heightsers clean up your act, it will keep getting worse. This isn’t about some crazy bochurim from tsfas, it’s about following torah, halacha and the rebbe’s ways.

    You could begin by appointing some real rabbonim who aren’t looking for personal kavod or padding their pockets!

    Crown Heights was the Rebbe’s Schuna, unfortunately, it has become a den of depravity and decadence!

    I cry for all of you!

  • 192. Concerned Chabad Parent wrote:

    Wasn’t an ENTIRE chassidhishe group and community put into “chayrim” after a group of buchrim were violent to a Chabad Rav, and the Rabbunim of the group didn’t speak out against the violence? As the author above writes, it is time that the Chabad Rabbunim of Crown Heights and around the world, as well as ALL of Anash, stand up and express their disapproval, and bring back the Chabad organization the Rebbe worked to tirelessly for, and for which The Rebbe, the Shluchim, and all Chabadnikim cherished so much.


    Crown Heights is really not that bad, this website is making it look much worse than it is. Tomorrow is another day and when you go to work or Yeshiva, run your errands, you will forget what has accured in 770. and the terrible things that people are saying! KAN TZIVA HASHEM ES HABRACHA!!

  • 194. Anonymous wrote:


    You write:
    “Tomorrow is another day and when you go to work or Yeshiva, run your errands, you will forget what has accrued in 770.”

    That is the problem, we must not forget, we must not let this story go back to sleep, so it can wake up another day. Is this were going to solve the problem, by just letting it go? How do you think it came to this in the first place? A little hint, it did not happen over night.
    If you don’t want to help (to get ride of the problem) at least don’t bother.
    (Let’s see how much you will want this story to go to sleep when g-d forbit someone in your family gets hurt).

  • 195. Schneur Zalman - A Bochur-s Perspective wrote:

    There are two sides to the story and then there is the truth. Seek no further, here is the TRUE story.
    After reading all the posts, – and I must admit that many were informing and educational – nobody successfully identified the pertinent issue and why nothing has been done to restore 770 from the current chaotic state.
    We can gripe, complain and point fingers to blame but that won’t give us the solution. We all know what has to be done. We must ask ourselves what would be the most effective way to implement the deportation of the “Tzfatim” and why all of our efforts until now have proved no results.
    After extensive research and debate it became apparent that while everyone is focused on extracting and deporting the “Tzfatim” (which obviously needs to be done without further delay), we have to take a step back and look at this issue from an objective point of view. Here are several points that really helped me understand the conflict and how essentially this is not a rivalry between “Tzfatim” and the rest of Lubavitch, nor is this a fight between the “Tzfatim” and the “Anti-Meshichist”.
    Rather, mainstream Chabad is faced with a two front battle. One front is the “Tzfatim” while the other front are the “Meshichistin.” Please don’t be mistaken into thinking that the “Meshichistin” are encouraging or supporting the terror, but they are being held hostage by their own stubbornness. Here is how I explain my theory:

    The Hanhola of the Yeshiva of 770 are almost all “Meshichist.” They are the ones responsible for issuing the visas, and affidavits which gives these terrorists the initial capacity to come into the United States. The “Antis” have been demanding the hanhola to revoke the visas thereby making it illegal for the “Tzftim to remain on US soil.” The Hanhola of 770 has not, and will not submit to the will of the “Antis.” This would be an act of defeat or surrender.

    This unfortunately gives the “Tzfatim” a tremendous amount of leverage. They know that no matter how extreme or violent they may act, the administration of 770 will not revoke their visas. For by doing so, once again, this would signify a gesture of defeat.

    The ramifications of this theory are critical for we do not know what other terror acts they may be planning. Just because they have a beard, and Moshiach pins and walk around like fachnoykde chassidishe bochurim does not mean they are not capable of acts of terror.
    This really gives an entirely new perspective on what is inspiring these “Tzfatim” to terrorize the Shluchim and desecrate 770. I kid you not, the “Tzfatim” want to wipe the very name of Chabad off the face of this earth. And so far their plan is working. By the segregation that we caused by the “Meshichistin” and “Anti-Meshichistin” we have paved the road to our own destruction.

    There is no more effective and convenient way to conquer your enemies than allowing the enemies to conquer each other. We are mainly doing the work for them; every now and then they feel an urge to stir things up so that we fight each other at a more progressive pace. From a strategic standpoint, I must tip my hat to them; what a brilliant plan. This is my theory. The resolution is obvious.

    Must Unite
    Open your hearts
    Send them home
    Hire full time security
    Instill Ahavas Yisroel in the younger generation
    Act defiantly against any opposition
    Cer A Velt Heint!
    Heed the Rebbe’s call:We must increase in acts of goodness and kindness to bring Moshiach Now!

  • 196. ISchier wrote:

    To 770 Holds a special place in my heart:

    You are right. Even if we do daven in other shuls most of the time for whatever reason (I happen to have an answer from the Igros telling me NOT to go to 770 and I am very involved in a new shul), 770 is our shul and it DOES NOT belong to hooligans.

    The problem is – what do we do? We can’t go down to their level by any means – there have been incidents where violence was warranted in the past and the Rebbe made it clear we do not do things that way. Sure, 500 of the biggest normal guys in CH, myself included, could join behind Shomrim, armed with pepper spray and some cricket bats from the West Indians on Nostrand, and march in to restore seder (we’d have to sleep in 770 for a month or so as well), but is that our way?

    And please, it really is not right to post names of anyone except the actual terrorists, if these names are known. If someone really is supporting them, and that info is known without a doubt, someone who has that info should call a meeting and ask for volunteers to approach the supporter in a decent manner. I know one of the names mentioned, and besides the fact that his wealth is not ill-gotten as some have insinuated, he also quietly supports far better causes. If he really is behind this, there are ways to deal with it that are far better than turning the comments section of into the old “Ponim Chalashos!”

  • 197. shneur wrote:

    they think that they are doing it for the rebbe but the rebbe would never whant this

  • 198. ISchier wrote:


    Shluchim convention pic is apparently Rabbi Vogel from the UK.

    “Video” is either R’ Itche Springer or more probably a R’ Shachar from Rechovot.

    And that link is to a website run by someone who needs help badly.


    Of what importance is 770, if not that it is associated with the Rebbe.

    Picture this: you deported all the tzfatim, you contacted DHS/FBI/CIA/DOJ/v’chulu, v’chulhu. You were FINALLY able to rid the entire building of any ZEICHER/ZECHER of ANYTHING TO DO WITH MOSHIACH, Period. You won the war!!!!

    Now, what do you have? An EMPTY old HOUSE that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Rebbe, EXCEPT, that once, very very very long ago the Rebbe used to be there.

    Moshiachistim are the ONLY ones keeping the Rebbe alive. If you take them/it out of the equation you AUTOMATICALLY remove the Rebbe as well.

    Don’t tell me that the Shluchim keep the Rebbe alive, because that’s the biggest joke ever – they believe he’s NO LONGER ALIVE – B’GASHMIUS – Maybe you can convert 770 to a museum or some other attraction.

  • 200. Anonymous wrote:


    You keeping the Rebbe alive? How?
    By putting up signs and screaming all tyeps of things?
    Is your Rebbe now a sign on the wall, is that what youv come to?

    I guess that is just the order of thing, as you can see from the Rambam himself.

    Chapter One:

    1) In the days of Enosh, the people deviated, and the counsel of the wise people degenerated into stupidity. Enosh himself was amongst those who deviated. Their mistaken reasoning was that since God created the skies and spheres as part of nature, and placed them high up [in the skies], and gave them dignity, and that they are servants who serve Him, it would be appropriate to laud, glorify and honor them as well. It is the will of the Almighty to make great and to dignify those who make Him great and honor Him, in the same way that a king wants to honor the servants who serve him – such is the honor of a king. Once this matter was decided upon, they proceeded to build temples to the stars, to bring sacrifices to them, to laud and glorify them verbally and to bow down to them, in order to attain [by these means] the will of the Creator by their opinions, which were evil. This was the core of idolatry, but the knowledgeable worshippers did not deny the existence of God by saying that only such-and-such a star exists. This is what Jeremiah said: “Who would not fear You, King of the nations? For to you it is fitting, for among all the wise men of the nations, and in all their kingdoms there is none like you. Stupid and senseless are they all – the teaching of their vain idols is but wood!”; that is to say that everyone knows that just God exists, but their mistake and foolishness was to imagine that idolatry was God’s will.

    2) After some time, prophets of falsehood arose, and said that the Almighty had commanded them to serve such-and-such a star, to bring sacrifices to it, to offer drink sacrifices to it and to build a temple containing its form to it, in order that all people -including women, children and ignoramuses – will be able to bow down to it. Each of these prophets made known a form which he had invented himself, and claimed that it was the form of such-and-such a star which had been made known to him in a prophecy. In this manner, people started to make figures in the temples, under trees and on the tops of mountains and hills, and they congregated and bowed down to them. The prophets said that it was a form which brought good and bad, and that it was fitting to serve and fear it. The prophets said that through this service one will multiply and be successful, and issued instructions concerning what may and may not be done. Other prophets of falsehood began to make themselves known, and said that the star itself, or a sphere or angel, had spoken to them about how to be served, and what may or may not be done. This matter, namely the worship of forms in different manners, the offering of sacrifices to them and the bowing down to them, became propagated throughout the whole world. Owing to the passage of time, the honored and fear-inducing Name was forgotten by all of nature, and was not recognized. Everybody, women and children included, knew only their forms of wood and stone, and the temples of stone, which, from childhood, they had been educated to bow down to, worship and take the name of for oaths. The wise people amongst them, such as the priests, imagined that there is no God, but only the stars and spheres, because of whom they made representative figures. But as for the Creator, there was not a single person who recognized Him, except for various individuals, such as Hanoch, Methuselah, Noah, Shem and Eber. Things continued in this manner until Abraham the Patriarch, supporter of the world, was born. (the rest you can learn yourslf-I hope).

    We must all ask our self, What makes this any worse then all the other Mishugasim (craziness) that have been happening since 27 of Adar 1992. (Were “The wise people amongst them, such as the priests, imagined that there is no God”- <Rambam above – and started doing what they wised.)
    Why is this more wrong then anything (starting with Yechi) leading up to this?
    Did this start over night?
    How did these people come to these conclusions?
    Were did they get this type of Chutzpa do make a mockery of our Rebbe?

    The answer is that this did not start yesterday; this did not start like this. “Thier begining is wedged into thier end, and their end into their begining”.

    If the Mishichist can go and publish whole books and magazines making a Mockery of the Rebbes Sichos, why can’t they with the same philosophy go do this?

    [if you can read Hebrew you can see what I mean, by going to the following link……]

  • 201. a bit of light wrote:

    Realizing that it takes only a bit of light to eradicate allot of darkness, the Kvutse students in 770 resolved to increase light by founding a new class dealing with Geula and Moshiach, to be delivered by Rabbi Shimon Yisroel Kalmenson of ‘Vaad Hanochos Bilahak’. The class which is being attended by a good number of temimim is a means, which many of them believe, will serve to do away with violence and other negative acts carried out by a few of the Kvutse students.

  • 203. Anonymous wrote:

    To AGAG:

    Maybe the act that was done in 770 is the Negative that has happened.
    and 200 comments, mostly egants these acts is prity good!

  • 204. Rabbi Efriam Goldberger - London, UK wrote:

    This is in response to the Schneur Zalman who wrote the “Bochur’s Perspective.”

    I must tell you that you wrote your thoughts very well. It was a little long-winded but you articulated the situation very well for a Bochur’s standard.

    I hope readers will take your words to heart. Yasher Koach.

  • 205. NOT IMPORTANT wrote:

    TO: ANTI:

    So, just so I understand you correctly, YOU equate belief in the Rebbe as someone who could be Moshiach, as belief in idol worship, according to YOUR profound wisdom and knowledge of Halacha and Rambam?

    See now this would create a real problem, because how would you deal with the dozens of Sichos Kodesh between 5748-5752 which say completely opposite than you?!

    I guess then, we should listen to you, since you have such a SEICHEL HA YOSHOR and you know EVEN better than the Rebbe himself.

    Whoa, You are too good! I’mm really impressed!

    I just have one question ANTI, since you (and those who you support) equate those who promulgate the holy message of the Rebbe – that moshiach’s coming is immenent, with NAZISM Yemach Shemom, do YOU slap your outstreched hand outward when you walk up and down Kingston Ave. and yell WHITE/ANTI POWER?

    You seem to have a lot in common with Korach, Doson & Avierum, maybe you should visit with them and they could help you brainstorm on how to deal with the Moshe Rabeinu of this generation.
    (Heck, they could have even been SHLUCHIM – PROFESSIONALS – G’VIRIM!?)

  • 206. Anonymous wrote:

    “Equate those who promulgate the holy message of the Rebbe – that moshiach’s coming is immanent,”

    By driving around all day with cars that have sings, that’s just how we are going to bring moshiach. B/c in the sichos of 5748-5752 we learn all about that. There are also many sichos (that we have just discovered) that talk about how we are not to fast any more.
    Do you believe that? Well you should, what is the different in your believes and those people? (I read there booklet, Did you?) I am sure that no “mishichist ever did any harm with out some holy excuse (from an Igros or Sicho). The game is over for you; you can fool yourself but don’t fool me.
    One thing you are right about and that is “we should listen to you, since you have such a SEICHEL HA YOSHOR” (thank you).

    As known, the Mishichistim have a classic explanation for why they say they may brazenly transgress the Rebbe’s words – despite the fact that ”the words of the righteous are established forever,“ and chas v’sholom to say the Rebbe ”regrets“ the clear directives he told us to forever follow. Their explanation can be summed up in merely two words: ”Tekufa Chadasha “ – it is a ”New Era“!

    [The Mishichistim use these words as their main weapon in all their rhetoric and debates. It is futile to show them any of the Rebbe’s letters or speeches that pertain to the topic – you could ”stand on your head“ but it wouldn’t help. Despite knowing that the Rebbe’s words are ”Holy of Holies,“ to everything they have this plain and simple rejoinder: It is a ”New Era,” and therefore they may defiantly carry on their warfare against the Rebbe! http://chassidusunlimited.t

  • 207. AGBAG wrote:

    To: Anti that wrote to AGBAG

    Quote: “what they did is the negative, the 200 comments that write against the negative, is good”

    Well here comes a brainstorm:
    That is EXACTLY what negative is!
    Attention that comes after a negative act (Which is usually retorting the negative action, but that’s still attention).


    TO ANTI:

    Just one more thing, sorry this slipped my mind before, when you state: “…It is a ”New Era,” and therefore they may defiantly carry on their warfare against the Rebbe!”

    Which Rebbe are you referring to; the one who’s last name is Krinsky or Schneerson?


    TO ANTI:

    I have to admit, you got me! I thought I had everything in the bag – and then…you sneaked one up on me. Here I thought I would fool you but you indeed fooled me!

    Yep, you sure fooled me…into thinking that you are just an innocent ANTI, who is ONLY interested in his kids growing up in world that is devoid of ANY mention of MOSHIACH in general, and the Rebbe in particular.

    Let me ask you something, which EXACT sicha or sichos are you referring to that say anything about not fasting, and other ideas, which contradict the shulchan aruch? Where do you get the hozah to say that when the Rebbe said that “the time of your redemption has arrived” “…and this should be publicized”{in the Rebbe’s own holy words}YOU, ANTI, FEEL THEY SHOULD NOT BE PUBLICIZED!? No, signs won’t bring Moshiach, and songs on top of cars won’t bring Moshiach, and saying YECHI without doing anything concrete {as the Rebbe clearly said in dozen of sichos of 5750-5752} will bring Moshiach either, but, you and people like you won’t bring moshiach for sure.

    There is an old saying – “where there is life, there is hope” Where is YOUR life? Where is YOUR hope? What part of 770 is “alive”, {in your pious, humble & learned opinion?} What “hope”(s) do you have for 770 {besides the deportation and execution of all the Tzefas guys?}

    P.S. I think you should tone down the Gai’Vah just a bit, someone might get the wrong idea and think that you’re edging in for the position of Rebbe, or something like that!

  • 210. Anonymous wrote:

    To someone…
    About the new Sichos, if you don’t know about them, then you are not living with the times. (it’s a booklet that came out not so long ago).
    About every thing else,
    Every thing that had to be said was said already.

  • 211. mottle wrote:


    if you really believe the time of redemption is here stop cursing out anti

  • 212. AZ wrote:

    To all those apologists who think that ahavas Yisroel means live and let live, let’s all get on together, respect eachother’s opinions and all that other rubbish that is a result of the liberal ideology.

    Try out this scenario, let’s say the president of reform judaism was to get up in 770 and preaches his “0pinion” to all who are there.

    Does your way of ahavas yisroel apply to him in the same way?
    are you going to allow him to continue?
    would you respect his differences in opinion?
    Will you call him a brother?

    Any of you who answer yes to the first 3 questions is not being honest! The bottom line is that ahavas yisroel does not mean that you have to accept someone else’s meshugass just because he happens to be Jewish or happens to “daven” in the same shul as you! It means that you have a wayward brother who needs help! It also means that if this person is having a negative influence on the s’vivah, then you have to remove this, VIOLENCE is the epitomy of negativity and your misplaced ahavas yisroel for these “wayward brothers” is overshadowing the ahavas yisroel for the thousands of other yidden in the neighborhood. As a Rav once told me, when you have a chumra in one area, it automatically causes a kulah in another.

    If you feel the need to have all this all encompassing ahavas Yisroel, then where is your ahava towards Rabbis Shemtov and Krisky??????

    Ahavas Yisroel with no limits, I DON’T THINK SO!!!


  • 213. lazanya wrote:

    chaval, we need moshiach, point blank!!!! the tzemach tzedek said that moshiach will come when his chassidim join together…. stop fighting, why do ppl who create such problems were moshiach pins when there pushing Him away! its a shame that my non lubavitch friend have to hear about this!!!

  • 214. a nobody wrote:

    One good thing that all these comments is doing, is to CLARIFY EXACTLY who belives in The Rebbe and who does not.

    To All those who believe, no explanation is necessary or needed.

    To ALL those who don’t believe, no explanation is possible, or necessary!

    So, you may ask, what purpose does it serve? It serves as a wake-up call to how far yidden have sunk into this golus. Maybe someone will read some of the mishugas, and say to themselves – OY GEVALD! what am I saying?! what am I writing!? How can I think the way I do!? Maybe, maybe it will evoke a HISORRIRUS TESHUVAH that will enable them to right their own wrongs.
    (which only helps to hasten moshiach’s arrival.)


    I can’t believe that NO ONE answered this question – in 215 comments, NOBODY answered the question of why did the shluchim go into 770 and farbreng in the first place?

    What, or rather, who, according to them, is still in 770, that they needed to be there?

    The Rebbe spent countless hours in his office, (much more so) than in the bottom part of 770, he spent countless hours at the ohel. During the times he was at the balcony, (from tishrei 5753 to approx. shevat 5754) he ONLY spent a few mere moments when all the “talibanim/evildoers” would sing yechi. If you want to be where the Rebbe was, why go downstairs? Why B’Chlall go to 770 at all?

  • 217. CHAYA wrote:

    i think the biggest problem is that each person is thinking of one really cares about the shaliachs broken foot. all we care about is if im a mishicst or if im a anti. i never understood this.if one believes in something let him believe in it be a anti, be a mishichist, it doesnt matter bc we are all one big brotherly family. every tomato box has some rotten tomatoes in it, so u just take care of the rotten ones, but why get the whole box invoved. THERE IS NO EXSCUSE FOR LASHON HARA. AND THERE IS NO EXSCUSE FOR THESE NAMES=ANTI, MISHICHIST.who made these causes so much hatred. im in high school and even in my little class the big discussion and clicks is are you mishicist or anti? it causes so much hate, why cant the main dicussion be how can we bring moshiach, how can we make our rebbe proud?
    the only way to do this is by eliminating these names(anti, mishichist)we must stick together to make our rebbe proud. and when incidents like this happens the best thing to do is to take care of it w/o getting evryone invoved.if you must rebuke someone and you want him to listen is quetly. its not up to any of us simple lubavitchers to decide what has to be done. this should be handed to greater rabbis to decide what to do.its not up to us to decide or judge, bc as we see nothing comes out of it.except of more hatred and more seperation which wont get us anywhere.


  • 218. Ronnie Schlesinger wrote:

    If Chabadniks can’t get along with
    fellow Chabadniks , then,
    Kal Vachomer how can they get along with Litvaks and other Jews ?

    What became of the slogan ,
    “ Unconditional Love for Fellow Jews ”?

    What about the much vaunted criterion for superiority,
    that Chabadniks vaunt in the face of Litvaks , the Ahavat Yisrael, part of the definition and distinguishing feature of Chassidus ?

    How will Kiruv strategy proceed , with this on the record ?

  • 219. chabadnik wrote:

    its not the fault of the smeckles wkp commit these goyishe vio;ence
    they are juviniles from the bowels o beer sheva who practice haavat ishmael —
    its the faoult of the managers of 770 and all those who keep re electing them and the fault of every single one pf you who lets this continue
    to the uninitiated in chabad talibanism this may seem like the legacy of the rabbi of lubavitch
    if this happened in sattmers they whould have reso;ved it the same night
    to call thiese people talibanim is an otsa at diba
    on the talibanim — they at least……….


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