New Program for Children of ‘Mekurovim’

Napierville, Canada — A unique program for children of Chabad associates was just launched in the Or Menachem Yeshiva.

This new successful program was carried out by a devoted and the professional staff that arranged a curriculum designed to the individual level of every student and includes weekly trips. The learning sessions are held in a beautiful and large building, with comfortable bedrooms and basketball court, etc.

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A Letter From R. Yisroel Shemtov:

Dear Friends:

How wonderful it was this year to celebrate Simchas Beis Hashoeva once more as a united community – thanks to the blessed initiative of the Vaad Hakahal of Crown Heights!

Every evening, thousands of Crown Heights residents and guests who were here for Tishre came to rejoice in unity with true Ahavas Yisroel. On Chol Hamoed, many thousands of Jews came from other neighborhoods to participate in and enjoy the Simchas Yom Tov, which has become renowned throughout the greater New York area, making it a great Kiddush Hashem.

Truck Burst into Flames

Wednesday morning at around 8:30am a truck delivering construction materials to a constructions site on Lefferts and New York burst into flames the cause of which was unknown. A passing Shomrim member called 911 and the Fire Department responded immediately and put out the fire.

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Halloween Eve, Shooting and Egg Throwing

At around 10:00pm shots rang out on Montgomery St between Schenectady and Utica and one man was hit by a bullet, he immediately fled to 947 Montgomery St, a building in which he lived and called 911. Numerous Police Officers arrived on scene and began searching for the shooter, other officers began searching for spent shell casings and ended up finding one live bullet which apparently the shooter dropped while attempting to reload his gun.

The victim a Black male in his 20’s was very lucky, he sustained a graze wound to his left shoulder, EMS took care of him on scene then transported him to a local hospital.

There were numerous reports of egg throwing’s all around the neighborhood, one incident required Hatzalah be called. But B”H there were no major incident to report of.

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Cyclist Struck Crossing Eastern Pkwy.

At around 4:00am a young Black male was crossing Eastern Pkwy at the intersection of Schenectady Ave on his bike and a car coming down Schenectady struck him. FDNY and FDNY EMS responded to the incident and treated the injured, then transported him to a local hospital.

More pictures in the Extended Article.

Please Say Tehillim

Please take a moment and say a Kapitel Tehillim for a Refuah Shlaima.

Masha Bas Sonya

The woman is going into surgery tomorrow, Wednesday morning.