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Halloween Eve, Shooting and Egg Throwing

At around 10:00pm shots rang out on Montgomery St between Schenectady and Utica and one man was hit by a bullet, he immediately fled to 947 Montgomery St, a building in which he lived and called 911. Numerous Police Officers arrived on scene and began searching for the shooter, other officers began searching for spent shell casings and ended up finding one live bullet which apparently the shooter dropped while attempting to reload his gun.

The victim a Black male in his 20’s was very lucky, he sustained a graze wound to his left shoulder, EMS took care of him on scene then transported him to a local hospital.

There were numerous reports of egg throwing’s all around the neighborhood, one incident required Hatzalah be called. But B”H there were no major incident to report of.

More pictures in the Extended Article.


  • 1. EMS on scene wrote:

    hey, sorry, i just want to make a correction or two.

    The patient told me that he was in his apartment when he got shot. a group of young (black) males were making some trouble at his door and when he opened the apartment door to ask them to leave, they shot him in his left arm.

    his wound was vey minor considering the mechanism of injury.

    we controlled his bleeding and transported him to the hospital (KCH).

    -nice pix

  • 3. RBA wrote:

    Please do not call me racist, but why do you insist on writing articles about incidents that only involve the Behaimos that live in our neighborhood?? We do not care!!

    ‘Shooting and Egg Throwing’ – the egg throwing is something we care about – since that is being directed at us, but why do we have to know about every time one of them decides to stem their own population growth? Enough already with the news about them shooting each other, or crashing into each other – we do not care!

    They do it the whole time in the Bronx and Bed Sty – and so they do it here to each other in CH too – but you don’t have to post it every time it happens – we can pick up a NY Post for 25 cents and read it there!

    Keep us posted with article about things that happen to our fellow brothers – to other Yidden – and leave the articles about the ‘others’ out of it.

    I am sure I speak for a lot of people when I write this.

  • 4. Anonymous wrote:


    I do understand where you’re coming from, but you are wrong. While you may not care, and may not even live in Crown Heights, there are quite a few families that live out there that need to know, and want to know what is going on their blocks. This incident took place on a block where a few Jewish families live.

    Now once in a while I would post something that is an extraordinary piece of news, for example the place crashing into the building in Manhattans’ Upper East Side, or a house exploding in Boro Park, the point is not that though, my point is, is that it happened within the confines of what we call Crown Heights, and I feel its important people should know that these things are happening.

    The only complaints that are valid and are against these type of articles is that it scares the public, well you should all know by now that our streets aren’t safe, and keep remembering that! At the end of the day when we know wwhats going on around us and act smart about it we will stay safe.


  • 5. 418 wrote:


    wow, i have so much to say in opposition to you’re comment that i don’t even know where to begin.

    first of all, let me start by explaining how far from reality you’re comment is. Montgomery street, between utica and schenectady has a few jewish residents, and so do the surrounding streets. the first thing you said in you’re comment is “why do you insist on writing articles about incidents that only involve the Behaimos that live in our neighborhood??” … RBA, are you not aware that this affects us, jewish residents, very much the same way it affects the “others”???! what’s stopping the same shooter from shooting a jewish person on that street?! people of the community need to stay informed of what’s happening all over, not just 770 and kingston ave!

    another thing that bothers me is that you seem to have somewhat of an ego. you keep writing “We” “We ”We“. so, exactly who are you representing? you’re friends? you’re family, perhaps? you are certainly not speaking on behalf of the thousands of people that visit this website every day, must i explain further?

    Bottom line: I want to know what’s happening in my community, whether it be crown and kingston, or St. johns and Troy, those streets are both very much my neighborhood. crown heights has grown very much in the past few years. streets that were once considered ”far out” are now very much part of the neighborhood. streets such as Maple and Midwood, St johns and Utica Ave, etc.

    perhaps you are correct when you write that you speak for alot of people, but if so, what about all the other people that live here and want to know whats going on? why should we deprive them of such news? it IS important to know that such criminal and violent activity goes on around here, it’s important to stay informed so we can try to remain as safe as possible.

    need an example?? if a mother comes to this website and reads that a bochur was assaulted friday night on the streets of crown heights, she will think twice before letting her son go out to a sholom zochur or a friends house alone after the meal.

    hopefully you see my point of view.

    i would just like to make a brief statement while i’m at it: why is it, after all the news that we see on this website, after all the beatings and assaultings that take place in crown heights, that people are still walking around crown heights, might i add ALONE, when we know what goes on here?! it is SO unsafe! this neighborhood is NOT a safe place! people, plz try to get a ride or walk with a few friends if you have no choice.

    if you get stuck and you need to get somewhere, you can always call shomrim/shmira to escort you. they have been doing that for a very long time, and in fact, that’s how shomrim/shmirah was started, by escorting people from the subway station late at night.

    and to webby: you’re doing an AMAZING job! keep it up!!!!

    THE END.

  • 6. HK wrote:

    I agree with Webby that it is important to post any crime happening in Crown Heights (specifically where Jewish families live). If there is a shooting near my bulding I would like to know about it even if I was sleeping when it occured.

  • 7. coffee beans wrote:


    you cant see this stuff in the newspaper!! webby brings us news straight from the streets of our neighborhood!!! the dailynews or the post will never have anything about someone being hurt in crown heights etc.

    wake up man!!

  • 8. thank you! wrote:

    thank you for informing us about all these things. we (I?) really appreciate it!

    keep up the great work!

  • 9. cher wrote:

    i heared a helicopter around 12.00 A.M. going around schenectady ave. and Empire and around that vicinity. Did that haveto do with the shooting?

  • 10. crownheights-Er- wrote:

    why am i not surprized?? it’s sad but i kinda expected it…it’s what living in Crown heights does to you…ye, i know…sad…

  • 11. afraid to walk alone wrote:

    i didn’t know shomrim escorts people. so many times i wish i had that!

  • 13. to number one writer wrote:

    this is very important to know you fool.

    its for our safety and our childrens safety!!!!!!

    dont be absolutely arogant insulting and you should also know that some of them are humans too..

  • 14. Radio Buff wrote:

    to webby and cher:

    yes, the police requested "aviation" (helicopter) response to the vicinity because they could not find the shooters and witnesses reported that the shooters went up to the roof of one of the buildings….

  • 17. eighteen wrote:

    afraid to walk alone wrote:
    i didn’t know shomrim escorts people. so many times i wish i had that!

    if you need we can help

  • 18. citizen wrote:

    To RBA:

    It’s OK to be racist…I am, so are most of us except the bleeding heart liberals (who’ve never been victims!) And the shvartzes certainly are!

    However, much as I applaud you in all areas (!!) this time you’re wrong. It’s very important we know what’s going on…there could have been a Jewish kid caught in cross fire, Chas V’Sholom. We need to be vigilant & aware of the Schorrim around us. Bro saw a gang of them stealing eggs in the Shuk on Tuesday.

    They weren’t making omlettes!!

    BTW…one of my colleagues who lives in fancy Cedarhurst had her car covered in eggs & shaving cream! She said it took ages for a car wash place to get it all off. Much as I feel badly for her, it does make you feel better to know it’s not just us, doesn’t it?!

  • 19. SHTERNA wrote:


  • 20. Lifeguard wrote:

    To Shterna:

    The best whistle you’d get is the Fox 40, but get the one that says "Classic" on it. It’s blast is the strongest, making it usful under loud conditions such as traffic or for a lifeguard. there is another whistle that is not as strong but it’s shrill is of higher pitch and the sound travels farther, making it useful for camping or boating emergencies, it is called "The Storm Whistle" but it is a bit larger then the fox 40 and a bit harder to find in the stores. They run for a few dollars you can try any sporting good store such as Models at Atlantic mall. I did once see it in a Wal-Mart.

  • 21. in defence of RBA wrote:

    I agree with Mr. RBA. All he said was an opinion about what he feels important to count for news coverage, which is only an opinion, and it does not demand an outrage. I’d assume better that the outrage in all of you commentators are rather in response to the fact that RBA made his point about another aspect, of which his opinion is that we as Yidden are on a level far beyond that of our fellow neighbors, as we are Humans to our fellow Animal Kingdom. The fact is that the difference between news of an animal squabble to a Yid who had been hurt C"V is a world of a difference, a difference which deserves the attention of news reporters, and enough to affect their decisions on what to post and what not to post. As Webby explained, on this website the information of the Animal Kingdom is important, because they roam the streets of our neighborhood, and our neighborhood is the theme of this site. However, other websites, for example say or, whose news is slightly centered on other themes would seriously think twice before posting news clips about animals and their habitat. It is a low class subject. It is for the Post, but not The New York Times. Of course it is important to be informed of the security level in our neighborhood which is why we read and write about it. But it is a good question of moral ethics weather it is appropriate to discuss that of the level of these low creatures. I’m sure that those of us which are Shayach to higher order intelligence, such as those of us interested to see on the website more Divrei Torah, would not want to read any of it.

    I would also like to say that after reading many of the comments for some time now I am beginning to wonder if our visitors are in fact from our neighborhood, or even Jewish. So many of you have absolutely no comprehension of what a Shcvartze is, and how low of a creature that being is.

    If anyone has what to comment please don’t even bother if you are not from crown heights, or if, like so many other misinformed members of our Shchuna, you never had the experience of being robbed, then keep your mouth shut. I’m sorry for sounding just like them, but that is what happens when you grow up amongst them.

  • 23. Radio Buff wrote:

    not to bash rba or the guy who is defending him but seriously u guys are way off key here. MANY people come to this website for MANY different articles. some are interested in divrei torah, and some are interested in seeing the crime that takes place here. seriously, i’m starting to think that rba and whoever is defending him are the same person, and probably not a very intelligent (adult?)person.

    oh, and by the way, I am from crown heights.

  • 26. chose to live here wrote:

    in defence of rba:

    You’re so right! “Foreigners” don’t have the right to criticize…put your money where your mouth is & move here! THEN, and only then, can you criticize us.

    We’ll take praise…after all, we put up with this garbage every day! We deserve points (a bonus??) for NOT QUITTING!!!

    PS…It’s perfectly OK to attack Rubashkin etc…they’re the ones who’ve hung us out to dry & enjoy their political perks while the rest of us look over our shoulders with every step.

  • 27. EMS on scene wrote:

    To those people who don’t think it’s important to know what goes on here, or who say people are not interested in knowing….

    you are so very wrong! it is VERY important to keep informed on you’re local crime, and yes, MANY people are VERY interested and need to know what is going on in the neighborhood around them!

    just look at how many people visit this site daily, what do you think they are coming here for? they enjoy what webby puts up and that includes the crime info
    (webby, maybe to please (less then a fraction of you’re viewers) people, you should make a seperate website for the crime that happens in ch, like "http://www.crownheightCrime… lol i’m joking, keep it here).

    so mister RBA and whoever is defending you (probably the same person because no one else agrees with you), i understand you’re opinion, but i don’t agree with it at all. (which is fine, i don’t have to).

    and one very more important thing, i live in crown heights too believe it or not.

  • 28. in defence of RBA wrote:

    To all you who live in CH:

    If you don’t seem to get it, it may be very interesting to be informed on the crime in the neighborhood, and on the issues of our fellow neighbors, like to know the forecast on safety, like today we have to take an umbrella, and mace. But I do not believe that someone who was brought up in crown heights, who has been exposed to wildlife, would not at the same time be disgusted by what goes on behind the thin walls to our fellow peoples. It is low, not worthy of mentioning, and attracts the type of people who are not of a higher intelligence. And MR. coffee beans, put your coffee down for a second. You are right that the news here is awesome, and that is why I like this site, and it is not published in the post. But news of crime of any sort is NIDERIK! And although it may be a bit entertaining, especially when describing the graphic details of the fighting’s of animals, it is still a subject that deserves to be in a category of street level stuff! If you are from crown heights, then I’m sure you had the experience of having something stolen from you, or of a relative, enough to be turned off by some of these hoodlums. If you haven’t been mugged, you are not from crown heights. If you have been, but do not realize how much of a higher level you are at, then of a goy, then I question your sanity. Maybe you are from those who believe in stuff like peace amongst Arabs and multicultural integration. Maybe you are not a Yid!

    So EMS, (It is possible that I have worked with you in the past, but I’m not sure) of course we all agree that crime publishing’s are important. And you are also, because you provide treatment to the sudden illness and injury’s of these crimes. But crime still doesn’t deserve the honor that a new Chabad House deserves!

  • 29. not a way to live wrote:

    no names, but somebody up there seems to be very concerned about the safety of our neighborhood, and he/she is right, we all are. but by being afraid and locking your self up at home and not allowing your teenage bochur out at night is not a way to live. just dont hold on that tight, eventially the kids grow up and fly away.

  • 31. coffe beans wrote:

    to: "in defence of RBA"

    that was pretty fun about the umbrella and mace, cute.

    i realize that we live in the wildlife here in crown heights, (don’t feed the animals), but i appreciate it when webby brings us info on whats goin on around us, even if no jews were directly involved. also, keep in mind, many non jewish people come to this website too.

    keep in mind that this comment section is a courtesy. what if you didn’t agree with something that the new york post published? do you think they would care if you called them or wrote to them to complain?

    basically, what im trying to get at is that webby will put up what he feels like putting up. the fact is, alot of people enjoy what he puts up. yes it’s true that this particular article has no jews involved, BUT, it IS in THIS community, and this has alot of JEWS (duh)lol.

    now this is very important: (please note: it’s in CAPS not out of anger, but out of seriousness).


    people, don’t lie to yourself, if you cant afford to move out, or you just don’t want to, then thats fine. the more people here, the better. but don’t deny that crown heights is a low, disgusting place. too bad if you dont like reading of what goes on here, it comes with the news.

    have a good shabbos everyone.

  • 32. in defence - never mind wrote:

    A gut voch everyone, ok, alright alright, you win. Crime is important!

    It is. That is why I come to visit the site everyday, and a thousand others. And keep it up, webby – you get this info first hand, you can’t get it anywhere else!

    – I never worked the KBJ bus, but I worked with so many EMT’s so it’s possible I ran into you. (I’d like to keep anonymous)

  • 33. in defence of myself wrote:

    I would just like to say that I have come to the realization that these pages are open to many visitors of all backgrounds who have not been around our culture for long, so they are maybe not so familiar with some of the terms we CH’rs use in Yiddish, like Beheimes and schvartze, (there is something I like about that spelling) etc, so please understand that the remarks made by many may come across as racial but in no way are we disrespectful, it is the informal slang we use in the hood and in many cases it is like we are kidding with each other. as Avremel Shemtov used to say "we’d like to thank the 71st precinct for all of their assistence, yemach sh’mom!" (may they be blessed)


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