When Jewish Life Goes Viral: A Quiet Goodbye

In this multimedia mini-series, we look at Chabad’s response to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on Jewish life events. As people die and are buried with no family to see them off, we examine how CDC protocol is causing Judaism’s sacred burial societies, to dramatically alter traditional practice.

Mafteiach Of Maamarim Discovered

A copy of a mafteiach of the maamarim of the first four Rebbeim on the 5 Meggilos, Teffilah, Yomim Tovim, and Gemora, was recently discovered. The discovery appears to have been written by either the Rebbe Maharash, or the Rebbe Rashab, with additions written by the Friederker Rebbe.

Kovetz On The Rebbe’s New Kapital Published

A recently published Kovetz, which was produced by the students of the Rabbinical College of America – Morristown, contains a selection of the Rebbe’s sichos, maamorim and letters on kapitel 119 – the kapitel that chassidim will start reciting this year on Yud Aleph Nissan.

Obituary: Soviet Jewry Activist Gedalya Korf, 90, ‘Said Little, Did Much’

He was the bane of journalists and interviewers, a tight-lipped, Soviet-born Lubavitcher Chassid whose poker face belied the horrors he had seen and the secret work he spent decades immersed in. Rabbi Gedalya Korf earned a reputation as a man who “said little [but] did much.” Korf passed away from COVID-19-related complications on March 30 (5 Nissan), at the age of 90, having kept most of his life’s work classified until the very end.