Gemach Loans Megillos in Memory of Beloved Sofer

For eight months, Rabbi Mendy Gorman, OBM, fought for life. He fought it both physically — with the care of medical professionals, and spiritually — with the support of family and friends worldwide. Through it all, Mendy’s Yiras Shamayim only strengthened; with good news a “Baruch Hashem,” and with setbacks a “Gam Zu L’tova.”

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M.A.S.K. Celebrates 20 Years of Saving Kids

M.A.S.K. , Mothers and Fathers Aligned Saving Children, celebrated its 20th Anniversary on Feb 12, at the new Bison & Bourbon on 7th Street in Brooklyn, hosted by Jay Buchsbaum.  N.Y.C.’s First Lady, Chirlane McCray, was the guest speaker.  Many community leaders and elected officials were in attendance, as well as many grateful parents.

BDS Actor’s Film Turned to Israel’s Advantage

A Hollywood actor’s BDS activism is producing a donation to a nonprofit organization battling the boycott movement on college campuses, thanks to an Atlanta Lubavitcher on whose property the actor is filming his latest movie.

New Montana Gemach in Memory of Zayde Shimon

A campaign has been launched to create Montana’s first Gemach, providing interest-free loans to Jews throughout Big Sky Country.  The Gemach is being dedicated in loving memory of legendary Crown Heights activist Rabbi Shimon Goldman, OBM, who recently passed away, and who, together with his wife Mrs. Esther Goldman, spent over forty years overseeing Gemilas Chessed Shomrei Shabbos in the community.

1,500 Jewish Teens on Spiritual Tour de Force in NYC

“How many people can rent out Times Square and have a mad Jewish party there?” asks Koby Lerner, rhetorically. The 16-year-old from San Diego will be one of more than 1,500 other Jewish teens from countries around the world to share in a Havdalah ceremony and spend Saturday night in New York’s iconic neighborhood at Broadway and Seventh Avenue as part of the ninth annual CTeen International Shabbaton, to take place Feb. 24-26. And that’s after a weekend of spirited (and spiritual) celebrations, learning, touring, socializing and more.

Ukrainians Face Daily Artillery ‘Orchestra’ Once Again

They hear Grad missiles when they walk to synagogue on Shabbat, at a Torah class, during a youth club meeting. At night, when they put their children to bed, tucking them in and saying everything will be alright, they hear heavy artillery then, too.

Chasidic Fashion Reaches Down to the Button Holes

“To an outsider, it might be difficult to distinguish any differences in the way the herds of Hasidic men lingering outside 770 Eastern Parkway are dressed. But not everyone is wearing the same exact white shirt, black suit, and black hat,” writes Madison Margolin for The Times of Israel in a feature article on the nuances of Hasidic fashion.